Air Conditioner Repair | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Repair | Arlington, TX

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A typical summer’s day in Arlington, TX will see temperatures climb above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and stay that way for days on end. Your air conditioner is likely to be switched on day and night, to keep the heat and humidity at bay.

The summer is the busiest time for any company offering an air conditioning repair service, and it will not always be too easy to get somebody to come around and repair any broken-down unit.

Fortunately, the people of Arlington, TX have Minuteman Heating and Air to rely on. We have expert technicians on hand 24/7 ready to come to your aid.

How to Decrease the Need for an Air Conditioner Repair 

Once your air conditioner breaks down it does not take long for the heat levels and humidity in your home to rise to dangerous levels. You have to open your windows, but this will let pollen and other pollutants inside your home, not ideal if you suffer from a chronic breathing condition such as asthma. All you can now do is call and wait for that repair person but is there a way to lessen the chance of this happening?

Have Your Air Conditioner Regularly Serviced

We at Minuteman Heating and Air advise all our valued customers to have their units serviced at least once a year. This is best done in the early spring when things are a bit quieter and you can schedule an appointment at a time that best suits you. In case you are thinking of skipping your service, remember that the average cost of an air conditioner repair can run into hundreds of dollars.

Having the service early will mean it is in tip-top shape ready to meet the challenges of the long hot summer. This will give you greater peace of mind that you and your family are safer as there is less chance of things going wrong and you will need an air conditioner repair. The service will ensure that your unit is more energy-efficient, but more importantly, pick up on any problems and allow you the chance to have them corrected.

As we all know nothing is perfect in life, and even after a service your unit may still break down and need an air conditioner repair. But if you are vigilant and keep your eyes open for the following signs you can call Minuteman Heating and Air before the need for an emergency callout.

First Signs of Problems with Your Unit

The most common sign of trouble brewing with your air conditioner are:

  • Evaporator coils have frosted and iced over
  • The cooling effect is decreasing
  • Humidity level is going up
  • Energy bills are soaring
  • You see water leaking from your unit

Should you ignore these signs there is a good chance that your unit may break down and you will have to call for an emergency air conditioner repair.

Evaporator Coils Have Frosted and Iced Over

A fan will draw the warm air from your home and blow it over the evaporator coils. The coils contain coolant that absorbs the heat from the warm air and the fan now blows this cooler air back into your home.

If you see frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils, it means that the coils are not receiving as much heat as they need and will start to freeze. The coils need both a sufficient flow of warm air blown over them and enough coolant inside them as well. If there is a problem with the fan or that the air filters are dirty this will restrict the airflow. Without enough coolant in the coils, less heat will be absorbed from the warm air. Either way, less heat is supplied to the coils.

Unless action is taken there is an increased likelihood that the evaporator coils will completely freeze over, and this will cause your air conditioner to shut down. If you allow this to happen too often, your unit will need an air conditioner repair. Replacing or cleaning air filters is a task that you can do yourself, and this will improve the air quality in your home as fewer dirt particles will enter your home.

The Cooling Effect Is Decreased

Low levels of coolant will reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the warm air, so any air blown back into your home will be warmer.

Humidity Level Is Going Up

Warmer air contains more moisture than cooler air. The warmer the air that is blown back inside your home the more moisture it will contain, and it will feel more humid.

Energy Bills Are Soaring

Your energy bills will go up during the summer as you use your air conditioner more, but if you notice a sharp increase there may be a problem with your unit. As your unit gets older components like the compressor will show increased signs of wear and tear. They will not be as efficient and as a result, will use more energy.

If the evaporator coils start to freeze the other components will work harder to try and compensate for any reduced cooling effect. Any component that works harder will use more energy and is more likely to overheat and need replacing during an air conditioner repair.

You See Water Leaking from Your Unit

Any water leaking is not a good sign as it is likely to cause an electrical short and you will require an air conditioner repair. This leak could be due to a faulty water valve or a loose connection within your unit. It could also be due to a blocked drain pan or AC drain line. These will be checked and cleaned during the service from Minuteman Heating and Air.

A Trusted Air Conditioner Company

Minuteman Heating & Air has been serving the people of Arlington, TX for many years. We realize how important it is to offer a speedy air conditioner repair service during the long, hot Texas summers. That is why we have technicians on standby all day every day waiting for your call.