Air Conditioning Repair 8 Common Air Conditioning Repairs Homeowners Should Know About | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Repair 8 Common Air Conditioning Repairs Homeowners Should Know About | Mansfield, TX

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of inducing indoor comfort for the quality of air supply in home premises. It addresses the particulate composition, temperature, and humidity conditions. That’s why 2 out of 3 U.S. homes have air conditioners to filter and clean the air we breathe to eliminate dust particles, allergens, and excess moisture, among other contaminants.

As a homeowner in Mansfield, TX, you probably have your air conditioner to thank for keeping you fresh during the hot, humid summers. Different components constitute a functional AC system, working in harmony to purify the air from outside and supplying it to different rooms in your house via ducting or ductless systems.

If your air conditioner runs continuously for several months of the year, it’s inevitable for these components to malfunction at least once during its lifetime. There are possibilities of encountering problems such as blockages, loose connections, leaks, and wear and tear. This comprises the performance of your air conditioning system.

If you encounter such cases, do not hesitate to seek a HVAC expert to fix them and restore normalcy. Here are some common air conditioning repairs that homeowners should be conversant with.

Leaking drain lines

Air contains moisture in the form of water vapor, and an Ac serves to remove it during purification. Through some drain lines, the humidity is directed to the pan and eventually joins your main drain pipes. This infers that if there’s a leakage along the drain lines in your HVAC system, it could damage the ceiling, walls, and furniture in your house.

You could also encounter mold growth as a result of the conducive environment caused by the leaking moisture. In other instances, the drain channels could become blocked, cause the backflow of water into vital components of your air conditioner, and damage it. Air conditioning providers are experienced in unblocking and also fixing leaking drain pipes. In cases where the extent of damage is irreparable, they usually recommend a full replacement.

Refrigerant leaks

A refrigerant allows the air conditioner to cool air in your house by drawing heat from it and expelling it to the outside via the condenser. It does not get used up since it’s always in circulation between the indoor evaporator coils and the outdoor condenser.

Having your AC run on refrigerant levels that are lower than that specified by the manufacturer hampers efficient air purification. The most likely causes of low refrigerant levels are undercharging at the time of installation and leakages along its circulatory pathway. These can easily be fixed by qualified air conditioner repair experts who will also assist with adding the refrigerant.

Smelly air conditioner

Air conditioning repair is inevitable once you notice foul smells in your HVAC system. They are usually as a result of the buildup of bacteria. The excess moisture removed from air propagates their growth. Thus your air conditioner starts to produce a smell resembling that of urine or vinegar. A repair technician conducts a thorough inspection to identify the root cause and undertakes appropriate repair measures, including cleaning and decontamination.

Faulty AC fans

In most air conditioning units, there are usually two fans or blowers. They are located in the outdoor unit, housing the condenser, and the indoor unit containing the evaporator coil. With the help of a motor, these blowers expel warm air from the house to external surroundings and propel fresh air from outside into the air handling unit.

You should consider reaching out to an air conditioning repair expert when your AC fans malfunction to avoid total compressor failure. The fans are responsible for the quantity of air being purified, thus if they’re rotating slowly, your system becomes overworked and drives up your energy bills.

Problems with blowers include faulty motors, accumulation of debris in the filters, and inadequate lubrication.

Electrical components

Most air conditioning units use electricity as a source of fuel to carry out the air purification process. Their models incorporate various safety protocols and features, including a series of breakers and fuses to protect the motor in your AC from overheating.

In case the electrical components in your system overheat, the air conditioner will shut down, exposing you to inclement external weather. Be sure to have experienced professionals in air conditioning repair come over to service your air conditioner. In most cases, they may replace the worn-out fuse and run diagnostic tests to fish out other concerns.

Thermostat settings

The thermostat regulates the air temperatures being supplied in your house. It’s set at an appropriate temperature to induce optimal comfort levels even in seasons with extreme weather conditions.

However, it may accidentally trip, or someone could tamper with the control system and turn it into incorrect settings. Air conditioning repair experts can resolve such issues, including validating the thermostat’s calibration to ensure that its readings are accurate.

Failed compressor

The compressor in your AC unit plays a vital role in keeping you comfortable. It’s mostly stationed outside the house to remove excess heat from the indoor air. Air conditioning repair addresses instances of faulty start capacitors and the presence of liquids in the compressor, including leaked refrigerants that cause mechanical damage to internal components.

A defective compressor has a significant impact on the quality of air circulating in your house due to reduced capacity to remove all the heat and drives up its energy consumption by being overworked. You should seek professional assistance once you notice reduced performances in cooling the air inside your house before it’s too late.


AC filters are available in different versions; for instance, some are replaced after a certain period, usually three months, whereas others support long-term use as long as they remain clean. It’s more economical and less tedious to use the latter version.

However, they require regular maintenance for your AC to operate at optimal capacity. An air conditioning repair company could handle cleaning blocked filters and routine maintenance through a professional maintenance schedule. As a homeowner, you could maximize such a plan by learning a few tips from the professionals so that your filters remain healthy and efficient.

A reliable residential HVAC repair company

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