Air Conditioning Repair: Air Conditioner Cooling Power Basics | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Air Conditioner Cooling Power Basics | Arlington, TX

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When you turn on your air conditioner, you expect to get a blast of cool air in your home. The problem is, that’s not going to be the case if your air conditioner is too small and not powerful enough for your home. Fortunately, there isn’t a whole lot to understand when it comes to air conditioner cooling power and avoiding costly air conditioning repairs. If you want to make sure the air conditioner in your Arlington, TX, home is providing enough cooling power, we’ve got you covered.

Sizing an AC

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to the cooling power of your air conditioner is the fact that air conditioners come in different sizes with different cooling capabilities. When you buy an AC, you should always work with an air conditioning repair expert to make sure it’s properly sized. This takes into account the size of your home, the quality of insulation and more.

It’s important to make sure your air conditioner is large enough to cool your home. If your AC is undersized, you’re going to end up running it a lot more than you should, which leads to increased wear and tear. Plus, an undersized AC won’t be able to effectively cool your home.

The other thing to remember is that you don’t want an AC that’s too big, either. While a bigger AC won’t lead to more frequent air conditioning repairs, it will cost a lot more to buy and operate a larger AC. If you want the best combination of savings and comfort, your first step to buying an air conditioner should always be figuring out what size you need.

AC Efficiency

Efficiency is another important thing to consider when it comes to cooling power. While efficiency is mainly an issue of operating costs, a less efficient AC may also have a tougher time getting your home to a comfortable temperature. In any case, it’s important to make sure you’re getting an efficient air conditioner if you don’t want to spend a fortune running it.

When it comes to AC efficiency, the SEER rating is what you need to look at. While air conditioners manufactured today have a minimum SEER rating of 13, it was common for AC repair companies to install less efficient AC units back in the day. It could be that the AC in your home has a low SEER rating that’s causing it to work too hard to cool your home.

A SEER rating of 13 is fine when it comes to efficient operation, but it’s far from the best you can do. There are lots of 21 SEER rating air conditioners on the market now that will save you a significant amount in cooling costs. If you want to learn more about AC efficiency and choosing the right AC, you can always ask an air conditioning repair expert.

Thermostat Accuracy

The only way your AC knows when it’s time to turn on is because the thermostat measures the temperature in your home and sends a signal. If your thermostat isn’t accurate, you’re going to have a lot of trouble keeping your home at a cool temperature. In some cases, you may need to have an air conditioning repair company replace your thermostat or calibrate it to ensure it’s accurate.

The good news about thermostat accuracy is that it’s not the end of the world to have a bad thermostat. Not only can some thermostats be fixed by calibration, but you also don’t have to spend a lot to get a brand-new thermostat for your home. As a matter of fact, there are even lots of affordable smart thermostats on the market that allow you to set the temperature in your home using an app on your smartphone.

Insulation Quality

Insulation also plays a big role in how well your AC can cool your home. If your Arlington, TX, home isn’t properly insulated, there’s going to be a lot of heat loss. Not only does this make it difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures, but it also means your AC will cycle on more often, which can lead to frequent air conditioning repairs.

If you have old single-pane windows with aluminum frames in your home, upgrading to double-pane windows can give you a big boost in terms of insulation. You may also want to consider installing draft stoppers and upgrading any sliding glass doors you may have in your home.


As important as it is to filter the air that comes out of your AC, too much filtration can lead to air conditioning repairs. One of the most common causes of an AC blowing warm is a lack of airflow caused by a dirty air filter. However, choosing a filter with a high MERV rating or a HEPA filter can lead to restricted airflow that makes it tougher for your AC to cool your home.

No matter what kind of air filter you have, make sure you’re changing it on a regular basis. If you notice your AC blowing warm air, that’s a sign that you’re not changing your air filter often enough. Most air conditioning repair experts recommend changing your air filter at least every six months, with three months being the preference.

Get Some Help

If you don’t feel like your AC is doing enough to cool your home, it could be that you’ve got an old unit or one that’s undersized for your home. Making sure you have the right air conditioner is a critical part of keeping yourself comfortable and saving money.

When you need help finding a new AC or diagnosing problems with yours, Minuteman Heating & Air is here for you. Whether you need air conditioning repair, maintenance or installation, we’ve got you covered. Call Minuteman Heating & Air at (817) 284-2569 today.