Air Conditioning Repair: Air Handler Issues Affecting The Performance Of Your AC | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Air Handler Issues Affecting The Performance Of Your AC | Arlington, TX

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The air handling unit is an essential part of the air conditioner. It is a large metallic box that HVAC contractors install in the attic or a convenient part of your Arlington, TX home. The air handling system contains several components, including a blower, sound dampers, filter racks, drains and drain lines, and evaporator coils that work together for peak performance of your AC. It regulates and supplies conditioned air in your space for maximum comfort.

Like other machinery or appliances, the handler of your air conditioner wears down due to diverse reasons, thus the need for air conditioning repair services. Read on to learn some of the air handler problems that affect the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Electrical Issues

You are probably facing AC problems because of the electrical problems in your air handler. The issue makes most homeowners call their HVAC technicians for air conditioning repair services because of the sensitive parts that require experts to handle to prevent additional problems. The reason behind the electrical setbacks might be:

  • Loose wires: As your blower, evaporator coils, and other parts in the air handler operate, the electrical wiring is prone to become loose over time.


  • Frayed wires: The air handling unit has numerous electrical wiring that can fray due to corrosion, heat, or old age.


  • Faulty blower motor: It can make the fuses blow because of straining to pull heat, resulting in a short circuit. The capacitors in the motors can also wear out and cause electrical setbacks.

The loose wiring, damaged insulation, and motor issues can lead to electrical accidents such as short circuits in your air conditioner. An electrician or a technician with expertise in AC repair services has the skills to check for any electrical problem regardless of the root cause and adjust or fix them to end the electrical risks in your residence.

Fan Blade Problems

The blower in your AC handler uses fan blades to circulate air in one direction towards your rooms for comfort during scorching hot days. The fan blades are susceptible to wear and tear, causing diverse issues that will hamper the proper operation of your AC unit.

They need regular maintenance to avert setbacks that can compromise the efficiency of your air conditioning system and need costly repair services. Some of the problems are:

  • Dirty fan blades- they are prone to get dirty due to dust, debris, and other contaminants that can lead to clogging and supplying contaminated cool air that can cause allergies for your family and other inhabitants.


  • Damaged or broken fan blades can destroy other components of the air handler.

The damaged or dirty fan blades can compromise the efficiency of air flowing to your home, increasing temperature-related discomfort during summer. Qualified and certified air conditioning repair experts in Arlington, TX, can either clean the clogged blades for continuous flow of clean air or replace the broken parts.

They can help you find the best replacement parts for the damaged fan blades in terms of sizes and directional rotations. One of the signs of malfunctioning fan blades that should compel you to call for AC repair services is the rattling, buzzing, or ticking sounds from the air handler.

Faulty Limit Switch

The limit switch in the blower is an essential component of the air handler because it protects the capacitors, ensuring your house does not receive cold air during the cold season. It links the AC to the thermostat to regulate temperatures when the weather changes.

The limit switch helps the blower stop producing cold air when the thermostat senses that the temperatures are optimal to warm the entire house. When a faulty limit switch fails to stop the blower from running, the AC starts to provide warm conditioned air instead of cold, hence the need for repair services.

The malfunctioning limit switch can also make the blower operate constantly or intermittently, affecting the functioning of the AC system. Failure to address the problem as soon as possible will lead to the sudden malfunctioning of the blower and the air handler. Therefore, you should be quick to call for reliable air conditioning repair services when your AC starts producing warm instead of cold air.

Leaking Condensation

Another problem in your air handler that affects its peak performance is the condensation leaks that require prompt air conditioning repair services. The problem is common during hotter days when the air conditioner works harder to supply sufficient cold conditioned air in a home. The more the AC works harder to provide cool air, the condensation on the drain pan under the air handler increases.

An issue might arise when the drainage connecting to the drain lines clogs due to dirt, bugs, mice, vermin, and dust. Algae and mold can also grow in the drain line, causing a clog that prevents the extra condensation from getting into the drainage system.

Urgent air conditioning repair services are appropriate to prevent the condensation from overflowing that can cause costly water damage. The air conditioning repair experts use advanced tools and equipment to remove contaminants in the drain line for the proper functioning of the AC.

Evaporator Coils Issues

You might also experience problems with your air conditioner because of dirty evaporator coils. The coils in the air handler can cause severe issues in the AC when frozen, creating a sizable dent in your pocket for air conditioning repair services. The frozen evaporator coils can cause immense damages to the compressor of the AC, leading to complete failure of the air handler and the AC. So, it is wise to ensure your evaporator coils are clean by using clean air filters that prevent dirt from getting to the coils.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters ensure the air handlers supply in your home is clean and fresh, increasing comfort and preventing allergies that arise from contaminants. If the air filters are dirty and clogged, they can obstruct airflow, affecting the efficiency of the air handler. The dirt will move to the evaporator coils, blowers, and other components in the air handling unit, causing more AC issues.

Though the dirty filters can cause severe AC issues, they are easy to fix. The air conditioning repair service professional has to clean or replace the air filters to protect the air handlers and the air conditioner from dirt-related problems.

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