Air conditioning is no luxury when you’re smack in the middle of the hot and humid North Texas summer. Is your Aledo air conditioner giving you trouble? Don’t put off a minor problem – call for air conditioning repair in Aledo, TX, before you face a majorly expensive breakdown. 

In Aledo, Texas, Parker County, or anywhere else in the Fort Worth region, Minuteman Heating & Air ensures you have prompt, cost-efficient air conditioning repairs with complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule services (or call for emergency repairs around the clock!).


Our Aledo professionals see several air conditioning issues during these routine repair calls. For example:

  • Poor cooling. If your Aledo air conditioner blows only warm air or delays cooling, it could be leaking refrigerant or having a compressor problem. If your AC systems vent cool air that is unevenly distributed, there might be insulation issues or leaks around your windows and doors.
  • Excessive cycling or electrical problems. Does your air conditioner run constantly or short cycle? Your unit’s thermostat or circuit breaker switch could be malfunctioning. 
  • Strange odors and noises. Mechanical problems, overheating, and refrigerant leaks can cause unusual smells or banging or squeaking sounds from ductwork or air conditioning units. 
  • Excess humidity. Dirty or damaged evaporator coils can lead to poor humidity control when air moisture cannot transfer to the outdoor air.


So, what can you expect from air conditioning repair in Aledo, TX? The Minuteman Heating & Air experts offer top-notch customer service from certified, experienced technicians with top-rated equipment and technology. Count on us to listen carefully to your concerns and effectively analyze your air conditioning system to pinpoint its underlying problems. 

Once it’s clearer what the system needs to run efficiently, we’ll discuss your options and our recommendations for the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution. We can fix existing problems to extend your air conditioner’s useful life and, wherever possible, prevent future repairs. With repairs provided by Minuteman Heating & Air, expect greater energy efficiency, better cooling from your air conditioner, and improved indoor air quality!


In addition to providing complete repair services in Aledo, we also offer regular professional maintenance to keep your air conditioner running properly for as long as possible. We’ll come on-site as scheduled, keep the internal components of your air conditioner spotless, and fix any issues we find. Then, between these visits, you can change your unit’s intake air filters and keep the ground around your outdoor unit debris-free. 

The maintenance visits will also deep clean coils, ductwork, and components, check refrigerant levels, test for leaks, and check your air conditioner’s thermostat.



Since its founding in 1879, the Parker County-based city of Aledo, like many other North Texas communities, started as a farming and ranching community. Lying between Fort Worth and the Parker County seat of Weatherford, Aledo is only a medium-sized census location. 

The climate follows the typical patterns of Texas, with hot summers and fairly mild winters. That’s why outdoors enthusiasts often travel year-round to nearby Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway for hiking, fishing, and camping trips. As a close-knit and welcoming suburban community, Aledo also takes advantage of this climate by hosting local events and activities at the Aledo Community Center and Bearcat Park.

Nearby, Weatherford hosts the renowned and beautiful Clark Gardens Botanical Park and the Doss Heritage and Culture Center, a museum that preserves the history and culture of Parker County. For those interested, Aledo’s pioneer days and Native American history are fascinating.

Make Minuteman Heating & Air Your Trusted Partner for Air Conditioning Repair in Aledo, Texas, and Beyond

The well-equipped team at Minuteman Heating & Air works daily to build on its reputation in Aledo and deliver some of the best customer service available anywhere in Texas. Our team of air conditioning, heating, and air purification experts considers every customer a neighbor. If you entrust us with your home comfort systems, you can be confident that in return, you’re receiving our full attention and commitment to developing long-lasting customer relationships with every job we do.

Do you need thorough, straightforward, and transparent advice? Would you like to find the most cost-efficient solution to any heating and cooling problem that pops up? Give us a call.

If you need to discuss air conditioning repair in Aledo, TX, or ask about available coupons, call Minuteman Heating & Air today at 817-563-1660

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