Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

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Just because the temperatures are starting to cool in Arlington, TX does not mean that you should stop thinking about your HVAC system. You may not need to run your air conditioning around the clock anymore, but there is a good chance that you are still going to flip it on some days. That is why you need to be familiar with signs that it may not be functioning properly. After all, you don’t want to flip the switch on a warm day only to find that something is wrong with the system and it no longer works. You can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road by learning the signs that it is time for air conditioning repair before your system completely breaks.

The truth is the best way to fix something is by never letting it break. If you learn the signs that you need repair all of your repairs can become proactive. Most HVAC systems don’t just stop working. They usually leave you plenty of warning signs, if you know what to watch for. Not only is a repair cheaper if you call sooner than later, it usually will help you elongate the life of your HVAC system. Given the large expense of an HVAC system, you want to maximize the lifespan of your system.

Warm Air Coming Out of the Vents

While this may seem quite obvious, if warm air is blowing out of your vents and the air conditioning is one then you have an issue. The first thing you should do is double check your thermostat to ensure that it is set to cooling mode. Then make sure that the temperature is set lower than the temperature outdoors. While this may seem silly, a lot of times a simple mistake can solve the problem. However, if you double-check all of these factors and your vents are still pushing warm air through them there you need air conditioning repair.

In most cases, if your vents are blowing out warm or room temperature air then there is a problem with your compressor or the airflow is getting restricted along the way. A home cooling system is a very precise and complex piece of machinery so it is a good idea to call a professional to come out for air conditioning repair. They have the skill and training to repair your system without causing any other damage.

Constant Cycling

If your AC is blowing cool air but is cycling a lot more frequently than it used to, this is another sign that it is time for repairs. A cycle is when the system turns on and then turns off again. Ideally, your system should cool the air in your home within a degree of what you have the thermostat set at. After it reaches that temperature you should not hear it blow again for a while. Systems are programmed to either blow cool air repeatedly or to turn off when there is a reasonable expectation that the temperature will hold. If you start to notice that your AC is always cycling (flipping on and off) then something is wrong with the system. Sometimes a quick tune-up is all it takes to get your system back to its previous performance levels. Other times this can be an indication that it is time for a new HVAC system. Until a professional takes a look you won’t know which it is.

Poor Airflow

When you stand near a cooling vent does it feel like you aren’t getting enough air? If your AC is not putting out as much air as it used to then you probably need to call an Arlington, TX HVAC specialist for air conditioning repair. There are a lot of reasons why your airflow may be reduced, but some of the most common reasons include a broken motor, a clogged air filter, or a larger issue with the compressor.

Sometimes this also happens if your system was not sized properly for your home. This is a common occurrence when people attempt to install their own systems to save money. While you probably don’t want to install a new system, you can call an air conditioning repair technician for help. One thing you can do is purchase an energy-recovery ventilator to help things along. This nifty little tool exchanges stale air for fresh hair while the system is cycling which boosts its performance and helps spread the air around a home better. If other air conditioning repair tactics don’t help, you also may want to talk about zoning systems with your HVAC specialist to help distribute the cool air where you need it most.

High Levels of Humidity

During the hot, humid months of Texas, you expect to be sticky and sweaty outdoors, but if you are still sticky and sweaty while sitting inside of your home that is a big problem. If your AV is working correctly it should be able to moderate humidity levels and keep it at bay. If you are finding that it is incredibly humid inside or are noticing your dehumidifier is practically always running then it is time to call for air conditioning repair. Sometimes you just need to have your system re-calibrated which any trained air conditioning repair technician should be able to do. Other times, the constant humidity may be a sign that it is time to install a whole-house dehumidifier.

If you have noticed any of the above signs of trouble in your home then it is time to call a trained HVAC technician to inquire about air conditioning repair. Minuteman Heating & Air Repair is a trusted name in the Arlington region and would be happy to help get to the bottom of any AC issues in your home.