Air Conditioning Repair Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Repair Arlington, TX

Today’s central air conditioners offer significantly more energy efficient choices than those manufactured 5 to 10 years ago. In fact, recent model’s of AC consumes up to 40% less energy, while producing the same amount of cooling. When selecting a new unit for air conditioning installation, the factors you will want to consider are energy efficiency, proper sizing, and your budget. Variable speed motors are one of your options for saving energy. Whether you need a new installation or air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, Minuteman Heating & AC can provide the quality HVAC services you need.

Modern technology used in heating and air conditioning systems can deliver a new plateau of energy efficiency, with a number of features to select from. One of the technologies responsible for the higher efficiency is the variable speed blower motor. This motor moves at the speed required based on indoor temperature and humidity as determined by sensors. This means the unit provides the level of fan speed you need, rather than the typical full speed of the standard unit. The variable speed fan is one component available for providing increased efficiency, while reducing the frequency of  air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Air Quality Upgrade

Variable-speed motors use humidistats to control the humidity levels in your home. For optimal comfort, the recommended relative humidity lies between 30 and 50 percent, improving your air quality. Dust mites along with specific bacteria thrive in humid conditions,  and a variable speed motor helps to ensure those conditions are kept under control.

Energy Efficiency

At half speed, variable-speed motors consume about one-eighth of the electricity in comparison of a conventional fan motor blower. Because of the reduced speed when needed, the variable speed motor can outlast a conventional motor, reducing the need for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Good for Zoning

Variable speed motors and zoned systems work hand in hand providing energy efficiency. A zoned system allows you to provide different temperatures in different areas in the home independent of each other. You can heat and cool just the rooms you choose. When a variable speed motor is combined with a zoned system, your comfort is achieved, while providing higher energy efficiency for a system that is already extremely energy efficient on its own. Our technicians offer the installation, and the air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX that you need.

How it Works

A variable speed motor does exactly what the name says – it provides variable speeds of operation, and delivers the speed required for the minute to minute needs. For example, when temperatures are extreme, the motor operates at a higher speed. On the other hand, when temperatures are mild, the motor operates at a slower speed, conserving energy. And reducing wear and tear on the motor. Conventional fans operate at a single speed, consistently consuming a higher rate of electricity than a lower speed fan would.

The variable speed fan differs from a single, two or three speed fan, which operate at a set RPM for each fan speed. A variable speed motor operates from 0 RPM to full speed and everything in between. The fan sensors determine the airflow and dehumidification your home needs, and provides it precisely. When increasing comfort and saving energy are important to you, consider the benefits of a variable speed fan. Contact our HVAC technicians for additional information, or to schedule installation, maintenance or air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

A variable speed motor utilizes sensors which automatically detect the conditions inside your home, and provide the amount of airflow according to them. Furthermore, your existing system may be compatible with the installation of the fan. Minuteman Heating & AC NATE certified technicians can provide the fan installation after determining your system is compatible. You can rely on us for quality HVAC installation, maintenance and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Humidity Control

Compared to conventional fans, the variable speed fan removes a higher degree of uncomfortable humidity from the air in your home. It accomplishes this by operating at a slower speed when the compressor first begins operation, allowing a greater amount of humidity to be removed in the cooling mode.

Air is cooled as it moves over the coils, activating the fan speed to increase, delivering cold, and dehumidified air throughout your home. A variable speed fan motor increases your comfort by providing dryer air, and reduces fan wear by operating at a lower speed,  reducing the need for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. Don’t forget, dryer air is less inviting for the development of dust mites, mold, bacteria and other environmental pollutants.

Humidity affects your comfort by causing the air temperature to feel hotter than it actually is. Humidity is also a cause for the development  of mold and mildew in your home. A variable speed fan motor prevents these issues by limiting the air flow, which removes a higher amount of moisture versus a high fan speed. As the moisture is removed, it exits your home through a drain.

Minuteman Heating and AC can provide you with a new installation featuring a variable speed motor, or our NATE certified technicians can potentially install the fan in your existing unit. Give our technicians a call to schedule heating and air conditioning installation, professional service and maintenance, and air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. We offer reliable services in Arlington, Fort Worth, Southlake, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. Minuteman Heating & AC is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.