Air Conditioning Repair: Common Problems You Can Expect If Your Home Uses Forced Air Systems | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Common Problems You Can Expect If Your Home Uses Forced Air Systems | Mansfield, TX

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Most multi-family homes in Mansfield, TX, which have decentralized HVAC systems rely on forced air systems for temperature-related comfort. A forced-air system is HVAC equipment that uses air ducts and vents to provide cooled and warm air in homes. It also relies on multiple components, including ductwork, vents, blowers, evaporators, and air filters, to provide conditioned air to your house. It can either heat or cool your home by carrying air from vents to the air handler, which is beneficial in providing heat to prevent winter chills and cool air for the scorching hot summer season.

A forced air system has room for filtration upgrade, which is efficient for providing cool conditioned air adequate for your entire house. It is also perfect for places with high humidity because it naturally dehumidifies your indoor air, enhancing indoor air quality and eliminating pollutants that can be dangerous for your health.

However, forced air conditioners are not perfect, and you are bound to expect problems in one way or another while using them. It is prudent for you to have the contact details of at least one air conditioning repair expert to come to your aid whenever you experience any of the following problems.

Damaged or Clogged Filters

A filter is a disposable fiberglass or polyester element that is either pleated or electrostatic that prevents dust, grime, and other particles from entering the forced air system. Air filters are an essential part of any air conditioning unit since they help provide clean and healthy conditioned air. They filter all dirt, debris, mold spores, bacteria, grime, and impediments from the air coming into your home, reducing allergy-related diseases such as asthma and colds. The repair professional you get should clean dirty air filters and replace the defective ones during tune-ups.

It will promote the circulation of fresh and clean air throughout the hot and cool seasons. The frequency of changing and cleaning the filtration system will depend on our external environment. If your house is near a dusty place or a construction site, you will need an air conditioning expert more often than a client living in a clean environment.

Without regular maintenance, the filters are prone to clog hence stressing your forced air system, and consuming more electric energy because of straining to meet your home’s cooling demands. The clogged filters can also cause a lot of damage to the system, which will require the expertise of an air conditioning repair technician to inspect, diagnose the problem, and fix it before it completely breaks down.

Incorrect Size

Another problem to expect while using your forced air system is linked to improper sizing of the unit in proportion to the size of your home. The sensible or total cooling capacity of your cooling and heating conditioning unit should meet the standards set by Air Conditioning Contractors of America. They should not be oversized or undersized to meet the heating and cooling needs in your home in Mansfield, TX. An oversized air forced system is most likely prone to create temperature swings in rooms making other rooms cool, as others remain uncomfortable with hot temperatures during summer.

It might also cause degraded humidity that will promote the growth of molds which can cause a lot of damage in your home. The incorrectly sized system might also use a lot of energy to function well, causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

An air conditioning repair professional might come in handy to help replace your incorrectly sized unit for the correctly sized forced-air system. The technician will make accurate load calculations for the right weather conditions. The repair professional should also be correct in analyzing the building efficiency upgrades and design to avert the possibility of getting inappropriately sized equipment for a big house. Another potential issue to expect from an oversized forced air unit is the need for larger ducts which might be costly to purchase and install.

Additionally, the incorrectly sized system will cause a huge dent in your pockets by paying an air conditioning contractor for new installations, consultation, and replacement services.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A smoothly working forced air system ensures the indoor air is fresh and clean, ensuring the residents in your home experience a clean and healthy living environment. But, a worn-out, damaged, or old unit will not be able to remove all the allergens and pollutants in your home. The dust, bacteria, mold pollens, and debris will circulate in your home, giving rise to allergies and upper respiratory tract infections.

The condition might worsen for residents with asthma and breathing complications. Having an air conditioning repair contractor replace the old or worn-out forced system is essential in restoring the indoor air quality of your home.

Dirty Air Ducts

Since forced-air equipment that cools and warms your home uses vents and air ducts to produce conditioned air, the ducts are prone to become dirty. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that air conditioning repair contractors should only clean the ducts when there is substantial mold growth on the surfaces. They should carry out mold inspections to detect the molds and cleanse the place before it causes massive property damage. Another reason to clean dirty ducts should be the vermin infestation, which shows the presence of rodents and insects around your house.

The air conditioning repair technicians should also clean or replace the air ducts if they have accumulated excessive dirt and debris. To prevent the recurrence of mold, dust, debris, rodent and insect infestation, the expert must correct the underlying conditions comprehensively. In addition to that, the air conditioning repair expert can replace, clean, and retrofit the air ducts to keep the pollutants at bay.

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