Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX – Warm Air

Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX – Warm Air

Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX – With fall setting in, temperatures are getting lower, but there are still days you may require air conditioning. One of the most common problems Minuteman Heating and Air receives phone calls for is air conditioners generating only warm air. If you are having this problem right now and just came across this article while searching for help with Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX , you can give us a call now and we will gladly schedule an appointment with you and get your AC back up and running in no time.

However, if you are just looking at ways to decrease your dependence on air conditioning and / or decrease your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy your home consumes, then keep on reading. With the cost of electricity continually on the rise, many homeowners are looking for methods in which they can reduce their dependency on electricity. In the following sections we will look at some options that will assist in keeping your home cool and reduce your dependence on electricity without the usage of air conditioning, especially during the fall.

If you have a well-insulated home, then the inside temperatures should only rise about a degree per hour as the temperature outside climbs. Whenever the nights are coo, open your windows and allow that cool outside air during the evening and morning to circulate throughout the home. To yield the best results, open windows on opposite sides of the home to create a cross ventilation.

Some homes will have cupolas, clerestory windows, vented skylights and even attic vents. In houses such as these, when the windows or other openings located at the top of the house are opened it will allow heat to escape from the home. To create a siphoning effect, open windows at the bottom of the home where temperatures will be cooler. This will pull in cooler outside air and that cool air will push the warmer air higher up into the home and outside once it reaches the openings at the top.

If your home does not have any of the features listed above then there are other options you can take advantage of. If you do not have an attic fan, you should consider having one installed by a company that specializes in Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX. An attic fan is installed in the gable of a home with a large ventilation panel which will be located on the opposite side. An attic fan will pull heat out of the attic and draw cooler outside air into the attic, this will reduce temperatures in the attic and thus reduce the temperatures inside the home.

A whole house fan is also another option to decrease temperatures inside of the home. These powerful fans draw the cool, crisp early morning and evening air into the home through open windows or doors. The whole house fan draws the inside air up through the attic and out through the roof vents. These types of fans are usually mounted in a hallway ceiling or in the stairwell upstairs and they will require a minimum clearance of generally around 3 feet. They are available in many different sizes and provide the effectiveness that you will need for size of the home. If you are looking for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX then give Minuteman Heating and Air a call today to schedule an appointment.

Another method for pulling in cool morning and evening air that is quick to set up is a window fan. Depending on the size of your home and the size of the window fan’s motor will determine how much of the home can be cooled. You will possibly need multiple window fans in order to do this. Most window fans that you will find available at home improvement stores will not have a powerful enough motor to accomplish but only cooling one room or small area of the home. Looking for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, give Minuteman Heating and Air a call.

If you have ceiling fans installed in your home, these too can help circulate air in the home, making the indoor air feel cooler. Fans with strong motors can circulate the air making the area they are found in feel quite a bit cooler. You should ensure that these fans are not within reach for small children in order to prevent the possibility of injury.

These tips listed above can help you with keeping your home cool this fall without the need of air conditioning during parts of the day and evening by taking advantage of the outside temperatures during the early mornings and late evenings. If you need assistance and are looking for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, give Minuteman Heating and Air a call.

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