Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

Turning the air conditioner on for the first time in late spring and not receiving cool air is a common reason homeowner’s schedule an air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. There are a variety of reasons it can occur, and before calling Minuteman Heating and AC for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, check the following:


Check the settings on the thermostat. If it isn’t set to ‘cool’ it can’t operate. In addition, ensure the fan is set on automatic, otherwise, when the compressor isn’t running, it will only blow warm air. Furthermore, changing the batteries may take care of the problem. As with any mechanical device, a thermostat won’t last forever, our HVAC technicians can provide a new thermostat installation for you.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

The air conditioning system is hardwired into the home’s electrical system, with its own dedicated circuit. When a problem occurs, the breaker shuts down the flow of electricity to the air conditioner, commonly called a tripped breaker.

A tripped breaker may indicate a problem with the HVAC system, the electrical wiring or potentially, a failing breaker. It can also be tripped due to a power surge. Push the breaker back in the ‘on’ position. Unless the breaker trips again fairly quickly, the problem is solved. Contact Minuteman Heating and AC when the circuit breaker that continues to trip for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

Your HVAC system may have circuit breakers built into the system. Problems, or even a clogged filter may cause the in-system breaker(s) to trip due to overheating.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter should be changed monthly for the optimal performance of your air conditioner. If you use pleated filters in your system that require changing every three months, check them each month and change if necessary. A clogged air filter will affect the performance, energy efficiency and can cause the system to overheat, resulting in damage, the need for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, or even a fire. In addition, a clogged air filter causes unnecessary wear and tear on the system, and also results in a dirty coil affecting the unit’s performance. An excessively dirty filter can cause the AC blowing warm air, so check and change it if necessary.

Clogged Evaporator Drain

A split system is comprised of the outdoor condenser and the indoor fan blower and evaporator coil. As the coil sweats, the condensation drops into an evaporator pan. From the pan, a  drain carries the accumulating condensation outside of the home. The drain can clog, often due to algae,  resulting in water overflowing from the evaporator pan. Overflow  can result in damage to the flooring and the home’s structure, as well as mold and mildew. Contact Minuteman Heating and AC to schedule air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX when your evaporator drain isn’t draining.

The following require the services of a certified HVAC technician. Minuteman Heating and AC employ NATE certified technicians, with the highest training and demonstration of proficiency available.

Refrigerant Leak

A common cause of the AC blowing warm air is refrigerant leaks. The refrigerant lines may be iced or frosted over when a leak has occurred. You will require a certified HVAC technician for leak repair, and proper recharging of the system.

A Failed Compressor

The compressor pumps the refrigerant throughout the system. Without the compressor, the AC is unable to perform its job of providing cold air for your home. When the compressor fails, there are two options, replace it, or provide new air conditioning installation. Most homeowner’s choose to replace it,  especially when the system is 10 years old or older. Replacing a compressor in an aging system can result in additional problems, such as an increased frequency of refrigerant leaks in worn coils. We can provide the reliable  air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX that you require.

Electrical Malfunctions

Faulty switches, damaged wiring, faulty capacitors and other electrical components are often the  cause of the AC blowing warm air. The HVAC system contains numerous components, and when one fails the entire system can fail. Wear and tear due to age and/or a lack of routine maintenance are a common cause of problems. In addition, don’t delay air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. The longer you wait for repair, the more likely it is that other components will fail in a domino effect, so it’s best to call at the first sign of a problem.

Dirty Coils

Routine changes of the air filter can delay dirty coils for years. Dirty coils are a potential cause of the AC blowing warm air. Not changing the air filter as required allows soiling of the coils, and over time the coating that develops prevents its proper operation. Professional maintenance ensures all aspects of the air conditioner receives a comprehensive inspection, and service for a reliable tune-up that ensures the best possible performance and energy efficiency. The inspection will reveal if the coils require cleaning, and the service can be provided while the technician is on site. Maintenance can also identify developing problems, such as weakening and failing components. Our technicians can provide the air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX you need.

Minuteman Heating and AC technicians’ provide professional residential and commercial heating and air conditioning services, including air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. Contact us today, to schedule reliable AC service with our NATE certified technicians. We serve Arlington, Mansfield and the surrounding areas with quality you can rely on. Minuteman Heating and AC is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.