Air Conditioning Repair in Mansfield, TX: Rely on Top-Notch Professionals Only!

Air Conditioning Repair in Mansfield, TX: Rely on Top-Notch Professionals Only!

The summer season is upon us and the only device that can successfully combat it is a fully functional air conditioning unit. Here, there is plenty of stress on the term ‘fully functional.’ An AC that does not cool properly is nothing more than a decoration piece. Unfortunately, many AC units that have not been switched on since last summer don’t work properly anymore. There is no need to be baffled about this because lack of use can easily allow the AC’s cooling gas to stagnate. Once this happens, the AC will not be able to function properly, and you will need to hire the services of the experts at air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. These people will have your system up and running in no time at all.

However, before calling the professionals for air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX, you should try out a few of the more basic troubleshooting tips in order to ensure that the situation really is outside your control.

•  Troubleshooting Tip # 1: Check the Controls

Sometimes, when you switch on your modern heat-enabled AC unit, it may start working on its ‘heating mode’ that you had last used in mid-winter. In this case, it will only dispense warm air until you have changed its settings from ‘hot’ to ‘cold.’ At other times, the AC itself will be switched off and only the fan will be working. This is again a simple control panel issue, and you can simply check your remote control to see if the AC is working or not. If it is not, then switch it on and set your desired temperature setting. Doing so will fix the problem.

•  Troubleshooting Tip # 2: Check the Remote-Control Unit

If your AC works only through a remote-control unit, but refuses to work even when you hold the remote right next to your AC’s receiver, then the odds are that the AC itself is not at fault. On the contrary, your remote-control unit may be the culprit here. You should check the batteries and see if they are properly aligned. The best course of action is to replace the old batteries with fresh ones, even if they have been used quite sparsely.  If this step does not solve the problem, it is time to move on to tip # 3.

•  Troubleshooting Tip # 3: Check the Power Mains

You should also check to see if the main power line has been disconnected. If the plug is hanging loose outside its socket, then you should connect it and turn on the switch. If the AC still does not work, then you can check the main fuse box in case there is a blown fuse. (Note: always be careful of live wires, and if you find any, just step away and call in the experts at air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX).

If none of these tips work, then this is not a job for a layman, and you should desist from dissembling your AC to look for the problem. Rather, you should call the highly skilled professionals adept at air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX, to come and take a look at your unit. They will both service and repair the unit so that it is as good as new. Some of the actions they will perform include the following:

•  Sprucing up the Main Blower

All air conditioners are equipped with a powerful fan or blower that throws cold air into the room. If you feel that the air thrown is sluggish, then the odds are that the blower fan is not working properly.  Not only will it impair the cooling efforts of your AC, but it will also decrease the service life of other important components such as the compressor and the evaporator.

The people responsible for air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX, will dismantle the blower system and thoroughly clean the fan’s blades with soft non-corrosive detergents. They will also clean the fan’s motor as well and then re-assemble the whole unit and put it back into its proper place.

•  Taking Care of the Condenser

The condenser is equipped with very thin slices of delicate aluminum. These fins have to be cleaned with powerful jets of water and air. After that, the bent fins have to be deep cleaned with a tool known as a ‘fin comb.’ This is a highly specialized instrument available only with the experts responsible for an air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. Not only will this comb straighten all the bent fins till they are back to their original shape, but it will also remove any rust, grease and grime from the whole condenser unit so that airflow is enhanced and the unit is as good as new. Once the condenser has been satisfactorily cleaned, the unit will be dried with powerful jets of air and then will be reinstalled.

•  Conclusion

It is possible to find plenty of information on air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX, by calling the widely acknowledged experts in this field, i.e., the professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air. These people have an absolutely amazing track record with regard to air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. If your AC requires servicing or repairs, you can call them, and they will be sure to provide satisfactory service.