Air Conditioning Repair: Keeping People Safe | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Keeping People Safe | Mansfield, TX

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Summers in Mansfield, TX, are often very hot and humid. This can be a dangerous period for both the young and elderly as temperatures often above 90 degrees. It is not unusual for people to suffer dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke and therefore it is important for everyone to keep cool and safe.

A dependable air conditioning repair service is vital for both families and businesses if something goes wrong. But who do you turn to when your air conditioner is not working? You want somebody to repair it quickly, on a hot summer’s day, it will not take long for your home to become unbearable to live in.

An online search for “Air Conditioning Repair”, will bring back many results with everyone claiming to be the best and cheapest. You want a company with many satisfied customers and five-star reviews on Google and Home Advisor, you want Minuteman Heating & Air.

Minuteman understands just how vital it is to have reliable and working air conditioning, during hot Texas summers. They are dedicated to bringing the very best air conditioning repair service to the people of Mansfield, TX. Like the Minutemen of old, we are ready “at a minute’s warning” to come to your aid.

How Does an AC Unit Work?

The air conditioner in an HVAC system provides cool air through ductwork inside your home. Warm air is removed from a room and blown over an evaporator coil in the unit. These coils contain a volatile coolant in a liquid state. As the coil absorbs the heat from the warm air, the cold liquid warms up and changes to a hotter gas. The warm air is cooled and blown back into the room. The hot coolant gas is pumped through a compressor and is squeezed into a higher-pressure gas. This now passes outside the house through a condenser. The condenser is surrounded by cooling fins which help to radiate the excess heat to the outside air. The gas is cooled and changes back into a liquid and the coolant continues in a loop back to the evaporator coil and this cycle is repeated.

Warning Signs of an Impending Air Conditioning Repair

Several elements in an AC unit could go wrong and need an air conditioning repair. Warning signs include:

Less Cold Air

The coolant in your AC unit removes the excess heat and humidity from the air in your room. The correct level of coolant is critical to the unit’s successful operation. Less coolant means cool air. Topping up the coolant level is important and so is finding and repairing any leaks. Low levels of coolant can lead to frost forming on the evaporator coil. This can not only damage the coil but cause the AC unit to work harder. This in turn will lead to increased energy bills and maybe an air conditioning repair due to the extra wear and tear on the unit.

Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

An evaporator coil may also freeze due to not having a continuous supply of air flowing over it. If it starts to freeze you should turn off the AC unit immediately and let it thaw. A frozen evaporator coil will make the compressor work harder, and it may overheat and burn out, which leads to an expensive air conditioning repair. Not replacing your air filters, or regularly cleaning the evaporator coil, will restrict the airflow. Such cleaning is part of Minuteman’s annual AC maintenance.

Dirty and Blocked Condensers

Being outside the home the condenser or cooling fins will have dirt or grime accumulate over them. Weeds, moss, and plants may also grow on them, forming an insulating layer slowing the transfer of heat to the outside air. If this material is not cleaned often it will build up and this means that the condenser must work harder, and it may burn out.

Leaking Ducts

Have you noticed any damage to joint seals, or the air ducts themselves? Any damage will allow any cool air to escape, this is wasted energy and means higher energy bills for you. The AC unit will also have to work harder to maintain the temperature you have set.

Strange Noises

A damaged fan or a worn-out belt may cause strange noises or vibrations to come from the unit. A damaged fan will not be as efficient and the reduced airflow can cause problems like the evaporator coil freezing.

Clogged AC Drain Line

The moisture from the warm air will be removed via a drain line running from the condenser. Check the line periodically as mold and mildew can grow and cause the line to clog. Leaves, branches, and sticks can easily gather around your AC drain line, and these need to be removed. If your HVAC unit stops working on a very cold day, it is worth checking whether the drain line has frozen.

Air Conditioning Repair and Regular Maintenance

We at Minuteman Heating & Air recommend the regular maintenance of your HVAC unit. This will keep everything running at an optimum level and identify any potential problems, saving you from an expensive air conditioning repair.

Is Your Aging Unit Needing More Repairs?

If your AC unit needs to be repaired and more often then it may be time to replace it. A newer model will be more energy-efficient and you will save money in the long run. Older HVAC units probably use R22 coolant, this was phased out by 2020 and it will be increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain this coolant in the future. You could change to a different coolant, but it may be more cost-effective to replace the whole unit.

Why Choose Minuteman Heating & Air?

Minuteman Heating & Air knows only too well the dangers of an AC unit breaking down on a hot summer’s day. We have a dedicated team always ready to come to your aid. One of our NATE-certified technicians will have your AC unit back up and running quickly. Our vans carry a full range of spares for the most common kinds of AC units.

Your family’s safety is our main concern and living without a working AC unit would be unimaginable for most people, so call Minuteman Heating & Air without delay.