Air Conditioning Repair: Know When It Is Time To Change Your Air Conditioning System | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Know When It Is Time To Change Your Air Conditioning System | Mansfield, TX

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An air conditioning system is a significant purchase. Many homeowners would rather repair air conditioning devices frequently rather than replace faulty units with newer models. Unfortunately, it becomes inefficient, and costs start to go up fast. So, when do you replace an air conditioner? These are some signs that indicate that you need to replace your unit.

The Air Conditioner Is Over 10 Years Old

Well-maintained units should last for over 15 years. However, as the years pass, new, efficient models come to the market. These new models save more energy than your 10 +-year old units do. On the other hand, if you need regular air conditioning repair and your device is over ten years old, consider replacing it rather than having it fixed. You will be amazed by the value for money from recent innovations.

You Have an Inefficient Air Conditioner

An efficient air conditioner has a SEER rating of at least 13. If the SEER rating is low, it will cost you a lot to run such a unit, and you should consider replacing it with a more efficient model. Besides, over time, some units become inefficient. You may notice this trait by their inability to warm or heat your home effectively even when you have not changed the temperature settings. If you notice this behavior and air conditioning repairs and inspections do not detect faults, it may be time to replace it with an efficient model.

Regular Breakdowns

If your unit keeps breaking down, it means something is awfully wrong. It can also be so inconvenient, especially during very hot or cold seasons. Besides, emergency air conditioning repair is usually much more expensive than regular repairs or maintenance. Do you call the air conditioning repair teams each month? We recommend that you consider getting a new unit. It does not matter whether the repairs do not cost so much. They quickly add up to a significant amount that dents your finances.

Expensive Air Conditioning Repair

Sometimes the cost of air conditioning repair goes past half the amount spent on buying a new unit. This is true, especially for power-related damages. It is good to weigh the cost of repair against the price of a new unit. If the expensive repair is part of several regular fixes or the unit shows any of the signs listed in this article, it makes sense to get rid of the current device and get a new, better model.

The Unit Uses R 22 Freon Refrigerant

The federal government phased out R 22 Freon a year back to conserve energy and the environment. Given the fact that several units still use the refrigerant, you can get a few cans in the market. However, since no new units will use it and its production has been halted, getting a new can is hard and expensive. Should you seek air conditioning repair for leakages, you may be forced to buy recycled Freon. Eventually, everyone will be forced to switch over to the new, eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. If your air conditioner has any of the signs in this list and you need additional refrigerant, it may be time to change to a unit that uses the new refrigerant.

There Are Cold and Hot Spots in Your Home

The air conditioner should provide uniform temperature across the room. However, it may start creating hot and cold spots at different points in your home. Before you consider replacing it, you may ask a technician to check what is wrong. Sometimes a thermostat fails to work, or one of the ducts is blocked. A comprehensive air conditioning repair can fix these issues. However, if none of these helps resolve the issues of hot and cold spots, it is an indicator that your unit is failing. In such a case, it would be good to have it replaced rather than look for modifications to your unit.

The Energy Bill Has Been Climbing Steeply

If there has not been a significant increase in the hours that you use your conditioner, your energy bill should not rise at all. Sometimes the power consumption may go up if the filter has not been changed for long or the refrigerant levels are low. However, if you have had all these checked and the bills do not seem to come down, it means that the unit is overworking to cover its inefficiencies. The best remedy for the problem is to replace it with a new model. Remember that saving energy works for the wallet and environment.

You Recently Expanded Your Home

Your Mansfield, TX technician calculates how much conditioned air you need for your living spaces and recommends a model with the capability. Rarely would any homeowner go for a unit that surpasses their need by a significant margin. Therefore, when you extend your home by adding new structures or enlarging rooms, you may have to replace the AC unit with a bigger model.

It is good to have the current system checked for capacity against the expanded room. You may consider small units for extra structures that you have built or just replace the central air conditioning unit in case you have made extensive renovations.

Your System Is Not Matched

Sometimes, homeowners replace one part of the air conditioner and not the entire unit. You or a previous homeowner may have replaced the indoor or outdoor unit to cut costs. However, this leads to an equipment mismatch sometimes. Equipment mismatches may lead to low efficiency, high operating costs and may cause you to void the warranty of the new unit. You may experience all these problems even when the new unit is the same model as the old one as the performance of the two units is different.

If your current air conditioner is mismatched, consider replacing the older unit with a matched part.

There you have them! A list of signs that point to the need to replace your air conditioning unit. If you find one or a few issues discussed above, consider contacting Minuteman Heating & Air Mansfield, TX. Their professional team of HVAC and AC technicians will check your unit, do air conditioning repair where necessary, and advise on the best action to take. Contact them today for HVAC and air conditioner inspection and advice.