Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioners | Insight from Your Trusted Arlington, TX Air Conditioner Repair Service Provider

Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioners | Insight from Your Trusted Arlington, TX Air Conditioner Repair Service Provider

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When summer rolls around and temperatures in Arlington, TX, begin to soar, there’s nothing better than having a good air conditioner in your home. What’s equally important is taking care of that air conditioner so you don’t have to worry about it not working when you need it most. However, keeping up with air conditioner repairs and maintenance can be a tough task if you don’t know what your responsibilities are. Whether you’re just investing in an air conditioner or you simply want to brush up on some air conditioner basics, we’ve got all the information you need to know.


Whether you’re trying to make an informed purchase or take better care of your AC, it’s important to know about the different types of AC units. Not only does the system you choose affect the price and efficiency, it also affects the cost of air conditioner repair and more.

Central air conditioning has been the most common whole-house setup for a while now. These units send cold air through ducts to deliver it to various parts of your home. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are becoming a popular alternative because they’re easier to install since they don’t require ducts. Both of these options are efficient and effective when it comes to cooling your entire home.

If you’re trying to save money on your AC unit or air conditioner repair costs, a window AC or portable AC might be best for you. These units are a lot more affordable than whole-house air conditioning, plus you don’t have to worry about paying for complicated installation.


One of the most important parts of making sure your AC unit is right for your Arlington, TX, home is properly sizing your AC. A lot of homeowners may be tempted to simply go for an oversized AC unit with too much power, but it’s always best to size your AC right.

If your AC unit is too small, you’re going to have issues with it keeping your whole home at a comfortable temperature. Because your air conditioning is going to have to work a lot harder to cool your home, it can also lead to more air conditioner repair calls. If your AC unit is too big, you waste a lot more money on cooling your home.


Nobody wants to spend a fortune to cool their home, but that can be an unfortunate reality if you’ve got an inefficient AC unit. Every air conditioner has a rating that tells you how efficient it is, as well as a sticker detailing the yearly cost of operation.

An efficient air conditioner is crucial if you want to make sure you’re keeping your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting money. While it might cost a little more to invest in a more efficient AC unit upfront, you’re going to save money on operating costs in the future. On top of that, a more efficient AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard, which means you can save money on air conditioner repair costs as well.

Air conditioners have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating that describes their energy efficiency. The higher the SEER rating of an AC unit, the more efficient the unit is. Ductless systems and high-efficiency units can have SEER ratings of 20 or more.


Spending money on expensive air conditioner repairs is a drag, and the best way to avoid that is to keep up with routine maintenance. Keeping your AC unit clean and making sure you catch problems early on is crucial when it comes to making sure it lasts.

According to most air conditioner repair experts, you should schedule seasonal air conditioning maintenance twice a year during the spring and fall. Most people rely heavily on their heating and cooling during the winter and summer, so it’s best to make sure your HVAC systems are ready to go before those seasons. Plus, you can make sure your air conditioner is in good shape before you retire it for the fall and winter.

One thing you can do for yourself is change your air filter on a regular basis. A bad air filter can cause your AC unit to blow warm air, which is a common air conditioner repair call we get. In addition to that, changing your air filter regularly improves the air quality in your home.


As hard as you try to keep your air conditioner in good shape, you never know when something is going to happen. The best thing you can do as a homeowner is understand the common AC problems and how to handle them.

If you notice your air conditioner blowing warm air, chances are it’s because of a lack of airflow. However, this could also be caused by a refrigerant leak. If your AC unit seems to be running too often even when it’s already cold in your home, you may have a problem with your thermostat.

No matter what’s wrong with your AC unit, it’s important to call an air conditioner repair expert as soon as you notice a problem. Even if it doesn’t seem like a very big issue, you never know what’s causing an AC problem.

The Right Way

Taking care of your air conditioning isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re not familiar with the basics of air conditioning. As long as you know about some of the common problems and what your responsibilities are in terms of maintenance, you’re doing your job.

At Minuteman Heating and Air in Arlington, TX, it’s our job to make sure your heating and air conditioning stay in great shape all year long. We know how tough summers can be without air conditioning, which is why we proudly provide some of the best air conditioner repair and maintenance services in the area. If you need your AC unit cleaned up or fixed, call us today at (817) 284-2569.