Finding Reliable AC Repair For Your Home | Mansfield, TX

Finding Reliable AC Repair For Your Home | Mansfield, TX

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Summers in Mansfield, TX, are very hot and humid. During the summer months, the temperature can reach 97 degrees. The nights are a bit cooler, and the temperature can reach 75 degrees. Because it can get so hot during the summer, you rely greatly on your air conditioning system to keep cool. The last thing you want during the hottest time of the year is for your air conditioner to break down. If this happens, it will be impossible to get comfortable in your home when it’s 95+ degrees outside. If you can recognize the signs that you need to call for AC repair, you can prevent an inconvenient breakdown.

#1 Warm Air Coming From the Vents

Warm air coming from the vents in your home is the most obvious sign that you should call a professional in AC repair. Before making the call, you should first check the setting on the thermostat. First, make sure that the air conditioner is set to the cooling mode. If it isn’t, the system won’t produce cold air. Next, you should make sure that the temperature in the house is higher than the thermostat setting.

If everything on the thermostat checks out, you should call a professional in AC units. There are several issues that could be causing the issue, such as a dirty air filter, a frozen evaporator coil, a faulty thermostat, or if the refrigerant level is low. A professional in AC repair will be able to figure out what is causing the problem and how to repair it.

#2 Poor Airflow

If the airflow coming from the vents is poor, your home won’t get as cool as you would like. If you have an airflow issue, you should call a professional in AC units. If there is dust, dirt, or other debris built up inside the air ducts, it can block the cool air from getting to the vents, resulting in poor airflow. If there is a leak in the air duct, the cold air will escape from the leak, resulting in poor airflow. If there are no issues with the air ducts, the issue could be with the air conditioner’s motor or fan.

Until you schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional, your air conditioner won’t be able to keep your home cool.

#3 Strange Smells When the AC Is Running

When you turn the air conditioner in your Mansfield, TX home on for the first time during the cooling season, it is not uncommon to smell dust. After a few minutes, when the dust burns off, the smell will dissipate. If you notice any other smells, you should call a professional in AC repair.

If you smell mold when the system is running, there could be mold built up in the air ducts or in the air conditioner itself. This is a serious issue. When the system is running, mold spores can get into the air, affecting your home’s air quality. Everyone in your home can be at risk for respiratory and lung issues.

If you smell something burning, there could be fried electrical wires, or the air conditioner could be overheating. This is a serious issue, and you should turn off your air conditioner as soon as you notice the smell. Allowing it to continue running can cause more damage to your air conditioner, or the issue can cause an electrical fire in the home. It is essential that you schedule an appointment with a professional in AC repair as soon as you notice the smell.

#4 Strange Sounds Coming From the AC

When your air conditioner is functioning properly, you shouldn’t hear anything more than a low-level hum. You might also hear a quiet clicking when the system kicks on and off.

If you hear any other sounds coming from your air conditioner, you should call a professional in AC repair. If you hear a loud buzzing sound, there could be a loose or broken part. A hissing sound could be due to a leaking or broken condensate hose or leaking refrigerant.

It is best to turn the air conditioner off and leave it off until a professional in AC repair makes the necessary repairs. Allowing the system to continue running while you wait for the HVAC tech can result in more damage to the air conditioning system.

#5 Moisture Around the Air Conditioner

There should never be water pooling or moisture around your air conditioner. If there is, you should call a professional for AC repair. The problem could be due to a loose, disconnected, or broken condensate hose. This issue should be repaired as quickly as possible. Allowing the problem to persist can result in water damage and mold growth.

The issue could also be leaking refrigerant, which is a serious problem. Refrigerants are toxic, and if you have children or pets, it can be very dangerous. Also, if there is refrigerant leaking, your air conditioner won’t work properly until the problem is repaired and the refrigerant is replaced. If you have an older air conditioner, this can be a problem. Many older units use R-22 Freon, which is no longer being produced. The Environmental Protection Agency deemed this Freon very toxic and harmful for the environment, so the government has ceased production of this Freon. This means that your HVAC tech won’t be able to find R-22, and if they can, it will be very expensive. If this is the case, you will need to have your air conditioner replaced.

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