Heating and AC in Arlington, TX | Trends and Upgrades for 2019

Heating and AC in Arlington, TX | Trends and Upgrades for 2019

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Technology keeps evolving and improving, year after year, giving rise to different trends and useful upgrades in various fields. And as with rest of the things, home equipment and machines including HVAC systems also keep getting better.

Half of the year 2019 is already through and here we are with some amazing trends in the HVAC industry. Most of these trends are simply old ideas with new approaches to pursue the goals that are expected from HVAC systems. These goals include:

·     Maximum Comfort

Of course, the first and most important goal of buying an HVAC system and paying for professional heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX is to make homes comfortable for living. In fact, it is safe to say that these products only exist because of the need for comfort.

·     Energy Efficiency

Another goal that homeowners seek from investing in heating and AC in Arlington, TX and their upgrades is reduced energy consumption. It is unquestionably a permanent goal of innovation in this particular area.

This goal is chiefly sought-after because less energy consumption doesn’t only lower our energy bills but also reduces carbon footprint.

·     Less Indiscreet

You would not want to invest in an upgrade that regulates indoor temperatures for you to be comfortable but simultaneously takes away the calmness of it; would you?

Unlike the initial forms of heating and AC in Arlington, TX, today’s HVAC system are far less noisy, tacky, and cumbersome. They consume less space, are easy to install, and keep homes peaceful by not making loud noises while making the indoors comfortable. This is another important goal that HVAC systems are expected to attain.

The above-mentioned goals compel homeowners to invest generously in HVAC systems and heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX. And if you are also surfing the internet in the hope of finding a solution to an existing problem, the following HVAC trends might fulfill the purpose.

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2019 HVAC Trends

·     Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been here for a while now but they just keep getting better. The professionals providing heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX suggest using these thermostats as they fulfill all the 3 goals explained above.

Starting with comfort, smart thermostats don’t bring huge shifts in temperature and keep homes comfortable. They measure temperature, energy consumption, and humidity together and adjust the heating and AC system accordingly. Furthermore, smart thermostats adjust themselves as per the schedule you set in order to achieve the second goal, i.e., cutting down on energy consumption and electricity bills that you pay.

Apart from these benefits, these useful devices are easy to access and use. They can be operated using smartphone applications, hence giving you the comfort to adjust the temperature without moving an inch. This feature also allows homeowners to be at peace knowing they can always turn their HVAC systems on/off in case they forget to before leaving the house or when coming back.

·     Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality has always been a priority for obvious reasons. No one would want to be in a home that is cool and comfy but has a bad smell in the air or allergens that keep irritating. Irrespective of the weather, home is where you spend most of your time and consider as your go-to when you need a break from everything. This is what makes it important for indoor air quality to be superior.

What’s more, bad indoor air quality can cause allergies and other respiratory disorders, especially among children and senior. And of course, health is the last thing anyone would want to compromise on.

So, what can you do to have superior indoor air quality? Professional heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX suggest adding air filters that catch dirt and other airborne particles that cause diseases and unpleasant smells or installing air purifiers.

As for filters, there are different grades and sizes that determine how effectively they will catch dirt and debris in the system. The better the filters, the better your indoor air quality, and the lower are the risks of airborne diseases.

On the other hand, air purifiers are slowly taking over the use of filters when it comes to improving indoor air quality. There are types that can be installed indoors to purify air and others that can be installed straight into the HVAC system.

If you are confused between the two options and their types, hire a professional for heating and AC in Arlington, TX to make the most appropriate decision.

·     Ductless Technology

Another technology that has been making rounds this year is ductless technology. Ductless HVAC systems are preferable as they offer amazing benefits including:

  • You don’t need tacky ductwork to install them regardless of how small or big your house may be
  • They are discreet
  • They offer better energy efficiency as compared to conventional HVAC systems
  • They can fulfill both heating and cooling needs

A lot of homeowners today are moving from duct-style to ductless because of the above-given benefits; however, it is advised you get in touch with an expert dealing and heating and AC in Arlington, TX to choose a suitable system for your home.

·     Connectivity

In today’s world, every technology revolves around the internet. ‘Smart Technology’ has taken over almost every gadget and the same is what the internet has done to the HVAC industry. There are modern HVAC systems on the market that supports Wi-Fi connectivity and can be easily operated using relevant smartphone applications. The same is what you can opt for to achieve greater comfort in addition to better performance and increased energy efficiency.


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