Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Texas has long, hot summers, and temperatures can often exceed 100 degrees. So, it is no surprise that for many who are young, have a chronic illness, or are in their golden year this can be a dangerous situation.

Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heatstroke can be fatal. It is vital to keep everyone cool and safe. That is why you must have reliable heating and AC repair service in case anything goes wrong.

If you live in Mansfield, TX, who do you turn to when the air conditioner is not working on a sweltering summer day? Well, if you want the best and most professional heating and AC repair service you turn to Minuteman Heating & Air.

We respond to emergency calls twenty-four hours a day every day. Whatever your heating and AC repair needs you can depend on us.

Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC System in TX

We at Minuteman Heating & Air would highly recommend that you have your HVAC unit regularly serviced by one of our specially trained technicians. They can spot any minor problems that can be dealt with before they become serious and expensive to fix.

There are many components in an HVAC unit that can go wrong, and regular maintenance can forestall a heating and AC repair.

Here Are Some Signs That You Should be Looking Out For

Refrigerant Leak – The refrigerant in your unit removes the excess heat from the air. Every HVAC unit needs an optimal level of refrigerant within it. If it falls below this level, major problems can occur.

You may notice less cold air coming from your unit. Frost and ice can form on the evaporator coil which can damage it.

Your HVAC unit will overwork to try to maintain the temperature in your home, this will increase the wear and tear and reduce the working lifespan of your unit. Heating and AC repair will be needed to locate and repair any leaks.

The Evaporator Coil Freezes – If the evaporator coil does not get enough airflow over it, it can freeze. If it does freeze you will need to turn the HVAC unit off to allow the coil to thaw before turning it back on again. Then you need to call Minuteman Heating & Air for heating and AC repair before there is any further damage done.

This is one instance where trying to fix the problem yourself could result in disaster and we have met with clients who believed they could fix the frozen coil. He didn’t, he broke it completely and managed to damage other components of the air conditioner too. In the end, he needed a brand new central air unit when the original one was only 3 years old.

Dirty air filters and a blocked air return grill will restrict the airflow, and these need regular replacing and cleaning. The evaporator coil can get dirty too, with the buildup of dirt reducing the heat transfer between the warm air and cold coil.

As the evaporator coil starts to freeze it can cause other components in the HVAC to work harder and possibly overheat and breakdown, meaning expensive heating and AC repair bills. One of Minuteman’s regular maintenance services will help prevent these problems by cleaning the evaporator coil and HVAC unit.

Dirty and Blocked Condensers – Like the evaporator coil, the condenser also needs plenty of airflow around it. The condenser also needs regular cleaning as it too gets covered with a layer of grime and dirt.

The condenser transfers heat to the outside air and this flow of heat is reduced when it is covered with dirt. This will cause the condenser to work harder and it may overheat and burn out.

Regular cleaning is a good idea and so is removing any plants, grass, and weeds from around the condenser. Cleaning the condenser is a job you can do yourself to avoid the need for expensive heating and AC repair.

Leaking Ducts – It is estimated that up to 30 percent of an HVAC’s energy is wasted by cold air escaping through damaged ductworks or loose joints. Not only will the HVAC have to work harder but it will drive up your energy costs.

Rodents can get into your crawl space and cause damage to the ductwork, so a regular inspection and cleaning is a good idea. You could do the cleaning and inspection yourself, but it is not a pleasant task as the crawl spaces are often confined and dirty.

You could further damage the ductwork and even injure yourself. Maybe it is a job best left to one of Minuteman’s professional technicians.

Fan Troubles – There are two fans in your HVAC unit, one to blow warm indoor air over the evaporator coil to cool it and the other to blow outdoor air over the condenser to remove the heat from inside the building.

Problems with the fan will restrict airflow over either unit. If you hear strange noises from the fans when you call us straight away, ignoring the problem will only make matters worse.

How old is your HVAC unit? Most HVAC systems will need replacing after 10 to 15 years. A problem with any of the components will cause the HVAC to work harder, increasing wear and tear and reducing the working life of your unit.

A simple problem like an uncalibrated thermostat will trick the HVAC into believing that the temperature is too hot or too cold, so overworking the HVAC. A regular service will prolong the useful lifespan of the HVAC.

A modern HVAC will be more energy-efficient than older models. They will use newer types of refrigerants that deliver greater effectiveness and comfort, but also decrease our contribution to greenhouse gases and global Mansfield’s

Premier Heating and AC Repair Company

We at Minuteman have been serving Mansfield, TX, and the surrounding community for many years. We understand that having any emergency work done to your HVAC can be extremely stressful.

We are mindful that a broken HVAC will be putting you and your family in harm’s way. We want you to make you feel safe. We will respond quickly to your call and have your HVAC system back up and running ASAP. Our highly trained technicians carry a comprehensive range of spares and we aim to fix any problem in one visit.

When your HVAC unit is not functioning properly or you just need the system serviced, Minuteman Heating & Air are here to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!