Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Texas has hot and humid summers. It is important that your HVAC system is working properly. A hot summer’s day can spell danger for the very young or elderly, and those with chronic breathing conditions. Higher temperatures can increase the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heatstroke and can be fatal. Therefore, it is important to keep everyone cool and safe.

But where do you find a reliable heating and AC repair service in Mansfield, TX, if something goes wrong? You could type “Heating and AC Repair near me” on your mobile and search the internet, but who do you pick from the page?

How do you know that any of them are any good? Are the ones at the top of the list paid adverts? You want a company with high customer ratings and many five-star reviews, you want Minuteman Heating and Air!

Minuteman Heating and Air have won a hard-earned reputation for the highest quality work at affordable prices. We have technicians on call to respond to emergency calls 24/7. If you want the most professional heating and AC repair service, then you want Minuteman Heating and Air.

Have Your HVAC System Regularly Maintained

The best thing you can do for your HVAC is to have it regularly maintained by one of our highly qualified technicians. This will mean that your system will be kept running safely and at its highest efficiency while saving you money on energy bills.

It will also give you peace of mind during those long summer months by picking up on any problems before they become serious enough to need what could be expensive and stressful heating and AC repair.

HVACs are normally very robust systems despite all the hard work they are expected to do but will break down occasionally. There are many components in any HVAC system so here are some warning signs that you should be on the lookout for.

Low Coolant Levels

The coolant in your HVAC removes the excess heat from the warm air and humidity in your home and transfers it outside. It needs an optimal level of coolant to work efficiently, and low levels of coolant will lead to less cold air coming from the AC unit.

Frost and ice can start to form on the evaporator coil so that other components in the HVAC like the compressor will have to work harder to provide that cooling effect. Harder working units mean larger energy bills and maybe even leading to them burning out needing a heating and AC repair.

Dirty Air Filters

Frost and ice can also form on the evaporator coil due to restricted airflow over the coil. The coil and the coolant inside it need a constant supply of warm air to be blown over it to work properly. Dirty air filters and air intake grills will restrict the airflow.

Ignoring this problem could result in the evaporator coil freezing, and you will need to turn the HVAC off to allow the coil to thaw. A dirty air filter will also allow more dirt and pollen to enter your home, degrading air quality. Replacing dirty air filters and cleaning the intake air grilles is a task you can do yourself but is part of a service from Minuteman. A service will also clean the evaporator coil, this is important as a layer of dirt on the coil will further reduce the HVACs operating efficiency.

Dirty Condensers and Cooling Fins

The condenser and cooling fins help to radiate the excess heat from inside your home to the outside air. As they are located outside, deposits of dirt and grime will collect on them. It is important to have the condenser and cooling fins as clean as possible. Any dirt layer will act as an insulator and reduce the rate at which heat is transferred to the outside air. Any moss and weeds that have grown will also need to be removed as they will obstruct the flow of air over them. Failure to keep them clean could cause them to overheat and burn out. Cleaning the condenser and cooling fins is a job you can do yourself and so avoid the need for an expensive heating and AC repair.

Leaking Ducts

It has been estimated that up to 30 percent of an HVAC’s energy output is wasted by either cool or warm air escaping through gaps in the loose joints or air ducts in your home. 30 percent is a lot of wasted energy and money, so a regular inspection and cleaning is a great idea. Clambering through narrow crawl spaces is not to everyone’s liking. It is almost certainly going to be dirty and unpleasant, and you may end up damaging the ductwork and even injure yourself.

Maybe it is a job better left to one of Minuteman’s professional technicians.

Problems with the Furnace

Like the AC part of the HVAC, the furnace also needs a filter to remove pollutants, and this too will need regular changing. If you use gas to power your furnace you will know that an air vent is needed to transport fresh air to the combustion chamber to enable combustion to take place and another to transport any exhaust gases formed in the combustion. The vents will need to be checked regularly to ensure they are not blocked. If not, the HVAC will shut down, a simple check and cleaning of the vents could avoid the need for unnecessary heating and AC repair.

How Old Is Your HVAC?

Most HVACs will need replacing after 10 to 15 years. Although initially expensive to install, a new HVAC will pay for itself by delivering lower energy bills. This will be more environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint.

Mansfield, TX’s Leading Heating and AC Repair Company

We at Minuteman have been proudly serving Mansfield, TX, and the surrounding community for many years. Losing your HVAC at a vital time is a very stressful experience and not one you do not want to prolong by waiting for it to be fixed.

You want a heating and AC repair company that will respond quickly to your emergency call and have the spare parts in the van for any repair. You want Minuteman Heating & Air to help.