Information Your AC Repair Provider Can Use To Get You Cool Again Faster | Arlington, TX

Information Your AC Repair Provider Can Use To Get You Cool Again Faster | Arlington, TX

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When you call Minuteman Heating and Air for AC repair in your Arlington, TX home, we respond quickly to get you cool again as quickly as possible. We know that in the summertime, the sun’s rays can heat your home while you wait, and we sent trained technicians with the tools and parts we need to make most repairs on the spot. Sometimes it can be helpful to find out more about what’s been happening with your system before it started to give trouble, including a change in how often it runs, sounds coming from the equipment, power problems you might have been having, and whether the unit received pre-season maintenance and checkout or not.

Warm Air From Your Vents in Summer

When the system is working, but it’s blowing warm air when the thermostat is set to a temperature that should initiate cooling, there’s likely to be something wrong in the cooling system which could be indoors or outdoors. Mentioning this to your AC repair technician can help them focus on certain parts of your system, possibly speeding diagnosis and repair.

No Airflow But the System Seems Otherwise Operational

If your system sounds normal outside, with the usual AC startup and operation sounds when your thermostat is set to cause cooling, that’s good news. If indoors there’s no air, though, either warm or cool, circulating, that can be an important clue for your AC repair person. With any luck, a fan motor or belt replacement could solve the problem, and our careful technicians will look for any other related problems so the fix is complete.

Frequent System Cycling

Frequent cycling of your system, rather than a period of blowing cool air followed by a period of rest, can indicate a number of problems, but if it occurs when the outside temperature is fairly low such as at night, that can be a clue. In that case, the evaporator coils may be frozen. If so, the problem may disappear before you have a chance to call for repairs, only to return another time when the temperature drops. You can ask for ways to help avoid this if it’s indeed the evaporator coils freezing, but it could also be a filter or mechanical problem that needs attention.

Not Enough Dehumidification from Your AC System

Air conditioning systems naturally reduce the air’s humidity. When your home’s humidity feels high it can be a sign that something in the system isn’t working correctly. Normally, as the system cools air for circulation around your home, water condenses from the air and drains away, reducing the humidity of the air. If you’ve noticed that the air feels moister or your skin doesn’t feel as comfortable as usual, that’s worth mentioning. If you have a hygrometer, measuring humidity, any data you have from that is also helpful. If you have system options installed, a humidifier and dehumidifier, to better control your home’s humidity, those could be the source of the problem, too.

Water and Fluid Leaks

Liquid on the floor around your indoor AC equipment could be a sign of trouble in several areas, especially blocked condensation drains. It’s important to identify the source of the leak and either clean out a drain or fix a hose or perhaps locate another source of condensation or leakage related to your system such as a leak from the water supply of your humidification unit if you have one installed. Problems with condensation drains can also lead to the growth of various organisms and resulting odors.

Bad Smells Can Indicate Blocked Drains and Other Issues

If your system doesn’t receive regular AC repair and maintenance visits, you could have several areas that haven’t received cleaning attention and are getting messy. Your air filters are one issue, and of course, it’s important to have a duct cleaning service every few years to get accumulated materials out of there, increasing airflow, decreasing allergens, and avoiding the growth of germs on organic materials that could result in odors. The most common source of strong odors is a blocked condensation drain that’s providing pooled water, often overflowing and leaking, and allowing germs, algae, and other organisms to grow and produce odors. This is a health problem and should be handled by your AC repair provider soon to keep germs out of the air you breathe.

Noises from Your Outdoor AC Unit or Indoor Air Circulation

Noises, such as banging and clanging outside and squealing inside, can indicate that something mechanical is failing or has been damaged. Squealing sounds when your AC system starts up can be a sign that fan belts need attention, an easy repair but a big problem until it’s fixed since your cool air won’t circulate. Other sounds or vibrations that seem to result from your system’s operation are important to mention, including outdoor noises that can include regular operational sounds getting louder, or banging and clanging sounds that can indicate damaged parts hitting others inside, or compressor failure in progress.

Electrical Issues That May Indicate Problems with Your Unit’s Operation

Frequent electrical issues such as the need to reset the system’s circuit breakers can indicate that motors and other electrical parts need attention and are drawing too much current when they operate. If you’ve been resetting your circuit breakers to keep your AC operating, that’s important to mention to your AC repair technician.

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