Signs That Your AC Coils Need Cleaning By An AC Repair Technician | Mansfield, TX

Signs That Your AC Coils Need Cleaning By An AC Repair Technician | Mansfield, TX

The effective operation of your system is facilitated by many parts working together to give out the comfortable temperatures you enjoy in your home. Although most people consider the condenser, evaporator compressor, and expansion valve the most crucial part of an AC, the fact of the matter is that each part is as crucial for you to get all the advantages an air conditioning unit possesses.

Your AC unit has two types of coils; the condenser coils and the evaporator coil. On the one hand, an evaporator coil removes moisture and heat from your indoor air, cooling it, while on the other, the condenser coil absorbs the removed heat and releases it outside. However, these coils can get dirty, interrupting their effectiveness and, in extreme cases, causing the AC unit to break down. Therefore, you need regular professional AC repair services to clean, maintain and check your coils to keep your home’s supply air cool and clean. Below are the top five noticeable signs your air conditioner will give when its coils need cleaning;

1. Increased Indoor Humidity

The evaporator coil regulates your Mansfield, TX, home’s humidity. This coil removes moisture and heat from the air supply and passes it to the condenser coil. Therefore, the process of condensation takes place whenever the heat is transmitted to the evaporator. However, if your evaporator is full of dirt, the heat transferred to the evaporator coil will be less, causing the AC unit to produce less condensation. Consequently, the excess moisture will remain in your home’s air supply and accumulate over time. Eventually, you will notice the high humidity through moist and clammy air and foggy windows. To avoid this eventuality and enjoy a cozy environment in your home, schedule AC repair and maintenance services for your AC unit.

2. Reducing Cooling Capacity

Another significant indicator that your AC unit needs cleaning from an AC repair expert is reduced cooling capacity. Since the evaporator coil’s primary role is to remove the heat from your house, having dirt on it limits its effectiveness. In turn, this affects the functionality of the AC unit, which leads to your home’s temperatures not being as cool as you would prefer them to be. You know your evaporator coils are dirty if you notice different temperatures in your house, with some rooms feeling warmer than others. Additionally, if your AC unit takes longer to release air at the set temperatures, your coils need cleaning from an AC repair expert since their cooling capacity is reduced.

3. Mildew, Musty Smell

Does your Mansfield, TX home have a musty smell you cannot eliminate? And does this smell get stronger when you turn your AC system on? The issue might be dirty evaporator coils. The evaporator coils of your home are placed in dark, humid locations, which is the perfect environment for fungus and mold to thrive, mainly if your AC system stays for long without being used. Additionally, dust, dirt, and germs in your evaporator coils facilitate the growth of fungus and other microorganisms. Therefore, when you turn on your AC unit, these substances are recirculated into your air supply, causing a disturbing odor.

It is also crucial to note that these microorganisms and fungi in your air supply pose a hazardous danger to the health of you and your family member. They cause various breathing-related problems, such as allergies and, in extreme cases, asthma. Therefore, you should contact an AC repair technician as soon as you notice these smells.

4. Presence of Ice on the Evaporator Coil

Ice on the evaporator coil is the next sign to look out for when checking if your coils need an AC repair service. During regular operation, the evaporator coil works with the refrigerant to remove heat from the air supply. Additionally, the evaporator coil should clear any substances on its surface. However, if your evaporator coil has dirt and dust substances, the refrigerant’s temperature reduces or drops to a freezing point since it is not picking as much heat as it should. This causes moisture to cool and freeze on this part of your AC unit. If left unattended, the ice build-up will eventually cause the air conditioning to malfunction or completely break down since hot air is recirculating in the system. Therefore, it is best to call an AC repair technician once you notice the presence of ice on your evaporator coil to avoid this eventuality.

5. Higher Energy Bill

When an air conditioning system works efficiently, its energy usage is normal, and your energy bill will be on the same level. However, when your air conditioner unit is dirty, the system works harder to keep up with your house’s temperature requirements, which affects your system’s overall efficiency. Lower efficiency means your AC unit draws more amperes than necessary to run. This drives your energy bills over the roof, necessitating you to dig deeper in your pocket. Therefore, if your current energy bill is higher than expected yet you have no drastic changes or increments in the usage of your energy, then it might be that your AC coils are dirty.

On the other hand, lowered efficiency not only reduces your energy bills but also lowers the lifespan of your AC system. The system overworks to the point that it overheats, damaging some of the components of your AC. Therefore, the frequent changing of parts compromises the life span. Therefore, when you notice a sudden unexplainable hike in your energy bill, contact an AC repair technician to check your evaporator coils.

When Was the Last Time You Cleaned the Coils?

For you and your family to get the best from your AC unit, it is advisable to care for all the system parts. This includes having regular AC repair services scheduled and performed by a reliable heating and air conditioning company in Mansfield, TX. Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air to get your coils cleaned.

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