Signs You Should Call A Professional For A High Static Pressure Inspection AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Signs You Should Call A Professional For A High Static Pressure Inspection AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Like in all other electrical appliances, heating and air conditioning will also develop problems now and then. The AC system comprises many electrical and mechanical parts that work in tandem to ensure that your home is sufficiently cooled during the hot summers. When either component runs into a problem, it can affect the efficiency of the entire air conditioner, necessitating an AC repair.

However, high static pressure is a less known issue affecting the air conditioner. Regardless of the problem, having a technician repair your unit is the only way to ensure you continue getting conditioned air. Having the technician offer routine maintenance is a sure way of ensuring that the unit continues serving your home.

What’s Static Pressure?

This is the measure of resistance to the airflow in various parts of the air conditioner, like the air ducts, the filters, and the vents. For example, when the air passes through the air ducts, it might encounter a lot of resistance if the ductwork walls are dirty or the filters are clogged. Static pressure problems result in discomfort and other issues in your home. When the static pressure is high, the Air conditioning unit is said to have high static pressure.

What Are the Causes of High Static Pressure

During the maintenance of your air conditioner, the AC repair technician will inspect the unit for static pressure at least in two places within your entire system. Doing so helps the technician narrow down the position where the resistance to airflow is happening. Below are some of the probable causes of high static pressure:

Poor Air Duct Design

Incorrectly installed air ducts or poorly designed air ducts have too many bending, too narrow air ducts, and those that are sagging or dipping, resulting in air resistance. Did you install the air ducts yourself or hire an inexperienced person? That might be the reason why the air ducts have a bad design. Always enlist a professional when it comes to AC repair and installation.

Dirty Air Ducts

If the air ducts are clogged, they also create significant airflow resistance resulting in high static pressure. Too much debris or dust in your air ducts will become narrower, inhibiting a balanced air movement.

Small Return Air Intakes

Undersized air intakes make it difficult for the AC unit blower motor to draw enough air into the air conditioning system. The issue is apparent whenever an AC repair technician installs a new unit, or the air ducts are repaired or sealed.

Single-Inch Pleated Filter

The normal one-inch pleated filter in your AC system could result in significant airflow resistance. The thicker the air filter, the higher the resistance. A good alternative is using a media filter that has a low-pressure drop or even upgrading to HEPA filters.

Does Your AC Unit Have High Static Pressure?

Uneven Cooling of Your Indoor Space

Uneven cooling arises when some sections of your home aren’t cooled to your preferred temperatures. Uneven cooling stems from weak airflow into the affected parts of your home. It so happens that high static pressure also occurs from restrictions in the airflow. Hence, it can be concluded that high static pressure can cause uneven cooling of your home. If you have noticed this problem in your Mansfield, TX, home, it is time to have an AC repair technician look closer. They will inspect your system and identify what is causing the problem.

When Your System Requires Frequent Repairs

Have you frequently had to call a technician to repair your heating and air conditioning system? Then it is a cue to have the AC repair technician inspect the air pathways for a cause of high static pressure. The last thing you want is to continue paying for repairs, but the problems don’t get resolved. The technician will use their experience to determine the cause of the underlying issue, even if it is a problem of high static pressure, and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

A Continued Discomfort

You could be worried about the consequences of allowing these issues to continue without being fixed. If static pressure problems persist, you won’t be able to feel entirely cozy at home. The house can always have uncomfortable hot or cold spots.

Further, the issues will worsen with the intensification of the static pressure. An AC repair professional will inspect the unit and execute the required repairs.

Water Leaks from Your Air Conditioning System

If you’ve observed pools of water around your Mansfield, TX, home or on some components of your HVAC system for no apparent reason, static pressure issues may affect your home’s cooling and heating systems. You should leave this issue to the experts in AC repair, regardless of whether the leakages result from problems with excessive static pressure. Think about the potential dangers that arise whenever electricity and water come into contact. Ask the experts what safety measures or safeguards you should take before arranging for a repair.

A Noisy System

Have you noticed the surge of air? Or perhaps you’ve heard loud mechanical noises. These are all signs that your HVAC system may be malfunctioning. As was already indicated, the furnace may work quite hard when there is air resistance. Therefore, you may notice or hear the problems mentioned above. The blower motor makes greater noise when working to its full potential. You may even hear air being sucked into or out of the vents in the meanwhile. When you do, call an AC maintenance specialist to examine the system and deal with the high static pressure.

Working with the Professionals

Even with the signs above, determining the static pressure in your HVAC system requires that you use specialized equipment and have training in AC repairs. Hence, it is better to leave any repairs or installations to the professionals. Do you want your Mansfield, TX, home’s AC unit inspected for static pressure? Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air today.

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