Where To Go For An AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Where To Go For An AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Mansfield, TX needs a company that offers a high-quality and affordable AC repair service, and it gets this from Minuteman Heating and Air. Just check all our online reviews, we have been established for many years and have many satisfied customers. We have highly trained technicians available 24/7 ready to help at a moment’s notice in sorting out any AC repair needs.

Can You Prevent an AC Repair?

The short answer is yes you can. Most people wait for a problem to occur before they call us, but many problems and breakdowns can be avoided if you have your air conditioner serviced every year. Each year an air conditioner will lose nearly five percent of its energy efficiency, and you can recover a lot of that with a service, reducing your energy bills.

A service from Minuteman Heating and Air will give you peace of mind during the long summer season, knowing that your air conditioner is less likely to break down and need an AC repair. Even a well-maintained unit can still break down but keeping a lookout for the following signs will allow you to act in time before you need an expensive call-out and AC repair.

Weird Sounds

Most machines will make some noise and your air conditioner is no exception. Eventually, you will get used to your unit’s normal working sounds. But any strange noises can set the alarm bells ringing. Sudden loud screeching sounds can be due to worn-out fan belts or bearings in the fan motor. A loud thumping noise could be due to a bent or damaged blade hitting some part of your unit. Noises like these require immediate inspection, the longer they go on the more damage will occur. You should call Minuteman Heating and Air if you hear any strange noises to avoid any AC repair.


Each air conditioner has its own unique cooling cycle. Normally a cooling cycle consists of the compressor being switched on for about ten minutes, then switched off for a further ten minutes. Should the compressor turn itself on and off before the cooling cycle is completed then you have short-cycling. Your home in Mansfield, TX will not get the full cooling effect and the increased switching on and off will add to the wear and tear on the compressor, eventually leading to it burning out and needing a replacement during an AC repair.

There are several likely causes for short-cycling and will include, dirty air filters, low levels of coolant, and problems with the thermostats. All these shortcomings will be addressed during a service.

Your Energy Bills Are Going Up Sharply

The elevated temperatures and humidity will force people to have their air conditioners on most of the time during the summer, including during the night. It should come as no surprise that your energy bills will go up at this time. If they go up unexpectedly, there may be a problem with the unit.

We have mentioned short-cycling earlier, this will result in a reduced cooling effect coming from your unit. The compressor is working harder and so will the other components to maintain the temperature you have set. As they work harder each component will use more energy and your bills will sharply increase.

Frost and Ice Develops on the Evaporator Coils

Frost and Ice will form on the evaporator coils for many reasons, and these include:

  • Your coolant levels are low
  • Fan not supplying enough warm air over the evaporator coils
  • Dirty air filters restrict the warm airflow
  • Dirt layers on the coils

It may seem a bit of a contradiction to see the evaporator coils starting to freeze on a hot summer’s day. But the coils will freeze completely unless they receive a continuous supply of heat. This heat is provided by the warm air extracted from your home by the fan and then blown over the coils.

The coolant inside the coils will absorb the heat from the warm air. Without enough coolant, not enough heat will be absorbed, and this is another reason why the coils freeze. The most visible sign of this is the frost and ice forming on the coil.

Dirty air filters and faulty fans will reduce the amount of warm air being blown over the coils, and this too will result in frost and ice forming. Any dirt that settles on the coils will also act as an insulating layer and further limit the heat flow from the warm air to the coils. If no action is taken the air conditioner will shut down, as the coils freeze. It will be out of action for as long as 24-hours, the time it takes for the coils to thaw.

If your air conditioner repeatedly shuts down, damage will occur, and you will need an AC repair.

Humidity Levels Increase

Warmer air carries more moisture and so if the cooling effect is reduced your home will feel more humid.

Your Unit Is Leaking Water

Have you ever wondered what happened to all that humid air? As the warm air cools the moisture condenses into water and is collected in the drain pan. This water then leaves your home via the AC drain line. If mold, or algae starts to grow on the drain pan or line, then they will become blocked. The water will overflow the drain pan, drenching the insides of the air conditioner and covering your floor. The water could cause a short circuit resulting in an AC repair.

Your Unit Is Over Ten Years Old

As your air conditioner gets older it becomes less efficient and becomes more expensive to run. It is likely to have more breakdowns and lesser cooling output. Rather than spend more on repairs, it may be time to consider a new installation.

A Dependable Air Conditioning Company

Once you have a problem with your air conditioner, please call Minuteman Heating & Air, and we will send a skilled technician around to your home in Mansfield, TX quickly.