10 Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

10 Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Ducts are essential and yet highly neglected parts of an HVAC unit. You can easily overlook the ducts since they sit out of sight deep inside your walls. Neglected ducts can affect your HVAC unit’s efficiency, reducing the indoor air quality and overall comfort of your house. No matter how clean you keep your home, dirt will still get into your air ducts. Any time you unroll a paper towel, sweep your carpet, or open the door, you contribute to airborne dust. Once you turn on your HVAC unit, it pulls indoor air with all the contaminants into the system. Although the air filters may trap some dust particles, some dirt ends up in the ductwork. Seek a professional air duct cleaning service if you notice the following signs of dirty ducts.

Increased Energy Bills

Dirty air ducts affect the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit resulting in increased energy use. When neglected, the debris may cause a blockage in the duct system, restricting airflow. As a result, your HVAC unit will have to work extra hard to attain the set temperature requirements. Such a unit may start to turn on and off often. The dirt in the duct system may also spread to other parts of the HVAC unit, like the AC evaporator coils. It acts as a barrier between the air and the coil surface, preventing sufficient cooling. This might strain the unit leading to faster wear and tear. A worn-out unit consumes more energy as well. Seek air duct cleaning service if your utility bills unexpectedly rise compared to the months before. A professional will also fix any leaks during duct cleaning to improve your unit’s energy efficiency.

Dust Accumulation in the House

If your Mansfield, TX house becomes dusty very quickly, this indicates a significant amount of dust accumulation in the air ducts. Once you turn on your HVAC system, it recirculates dirt into your house. No matter how much you try cleaning your house, there will always be dust on the surfaces. The only way to fix this issue is by scheduling a professional air duct cleaning service.

Mold Growth

Molds grow in warm, dark, and humid environments, and your ductwork may create the perfect conditions. If you have an oversized AC unit in your Mansfield, TX home, it might not efficiently draw humidity from your house. The excess moisture ends up in your ducts, attracting mold growth. If you set your AC at a very low temperature, the temperature difference between the vents’ cool air and the room’s warm air can cause condensation and attract molds which quickly spread into the ductwork. Leaky and poorly insulated ducts may also allow moisture into the ductwork creating a perfect condition for molds to grow. By the time you spot visible signs of mold growth, the infestation is quite severe, and you will need to seek an air duct cleaning service to get rid of the mold and prevent reoccurrence.

Poor Respiratory Health

Seek a professional air duct cleaning service if you or your loved ones have a cold that won’t go away. The HVAC unit draws pollutants like mold spores and other harmful particles into your ductwork. If they accumulate and the unit recirculates them, they may trigger respiratory illness. Prolonged exposure to such pollutants may exacerbate a preexisting condition. Breathing in mold spores may trigger allergic symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, and an asthmatic attack. Call a professional before the effects become more severe.

Clogged Air Filters

While you need to change your air filters often if they clog a few days after replacing them, this indicates a deeper problem in the unit. High levels of dirt and debris in the ducts may cause the air filters to clog more quickly. This is even worse if there is a leak in the ductwork. Call for a professional air duct cleaning service to clean the ductwork, and fix any leaks.

Dirty Vent Covers

Dirt accumulation on the vent grill indicates that you need an air duct cleaning service. Once you turn on your HVAC unit, it forces excess dirt from the duct to the vent, which might get caught on the vent grill or covers. Have a professional inspect the hidden parts of our ductwork for dirt build-up or leaks.

Inconsistent Air Flow

If some parts of your house appear colder or warmer than others, you might have a dirt build-up problem in the ductwork. Accumulated grime in the ductwork restricts airflow, creating temperature inconsistency. Schedule for air duct cleaning service to remove the blockage and improve your house’s overall comfort level.

Insects and Rodents Infestation

Neglected ductwork creates a perfect breeding ground for rodents and insects. Pests can crawl into your ductwork through unsealed gaps or tiny rips. Call for air duct cleaning service if you spot signs of pest infestation like mice droppings, ammonia-like odor, gnaw marks, scratching sounds, etc.

Recent Remodeling

Call for duct cleaning services if you recently finished a construction or house remodeling project. Construction dust can get into your ductwork. Renovation projects also involve using materials containing PVC, flame retardants, cadmium, and silica that may end up in your ducts. Exposure to these toxins can significantly compromise your health.

No Records of Prior Duct Cleaning

If you move into an old home and can’t find records of air duct cleaning, seek professional duct cleaning services. Although the system might not show visible signs, it has accumulated dust in the dormant period. You should clean your ducts every two to three years to prevent health and maintenance issues. So seek professional cleaning services if it’s been a while since you last cleaned your ducts.

Hire a Professional Duct Cleaning Technician Today

Duct cleaning isn’t something you can attempt on your own. It requires professional skills and experience to handle duct lining materials safely and prevent damage. You will also need special tools to clean the hidden parts of your ductwork. If you need professional duct cleaning services in Mansfield, TX, reach out to Minuteman Heating & Air.

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