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Your comfort is Minuteman Heating & Air’s first priority during the heat of a Texas summer. Our professional certified technicians recognize that each home is unique in its cooling needs, and for some homes, a central air conditioner is simply not possible. For those with this dilemma, ductless air conditioners offer a solution for your home’s Fort Worth air conditioning.

For homes where ducts are not possible, Minuteman Heating & Air can install ductless air conditioning systems, also known as mini-split systems. Mini-splits are an efficient means of providing Fort Worth air conditioning in your home, and offer a solution for homeowners who don’t want the added expense of duct installation, or whose home or room addition calls for an alternate solution for central air.

A ductless air conditioning system has two main components, an outdoor condenser and the indoor component that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The two are connected through the refrigerant lines. It is a compact and efficient system that is a great choice for any homeowner looking to have minimal modifications to their home.

The Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

It can be costly to add ducts to a home without them. A ductless air conditioning system provides the solution and offers a number of benefits:

Convenient Operation – Ductless AC systems are operated by remote control, allowing complete management of the room’s temperature.

Quiet Operation – A mini-split AC system unit provides quiet comfort and excellent performance.

Space Saving – The compact design of mini-split systems make them optimal for areas with limited space such as apartments, attics, basements, dorm rooms, bedrooms and room additions.

The Energy Efficiency of Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split systems consume less power than a conventional HVAC unit, saving money on the cost of energy. Utilizing a mini-split system provides you with better control over which rooms to keep cool. Mini splits offer the advantage of individual room control, so if you’re cooling a room seldom used, a mini split will save you money by controlling the temperature of an unused room, and the convenience of cooling when it is required. A mini split AC system will also benefit homes with hot spots due to inefficient conventional central air conditioning. Contact our experienced technicians for a free estimate regarding the best Fort Worth air conditioning applicable for your home.

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Minuteman Heating & Air is your reliable source for the installation of ductless air conditioners, and repair services for Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us. Contact us for quality HVAC services for your home or offices Fort Worth air conditioning.

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Fort Worth Air Purifier

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