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Duct Cleaning in Arlington, TX – Minuteman Heating and Air can significantly reduce indoor air pollution in your home by having our professional technicians clean your ducting system. When you take advantage of our duct cleaning services, you can rest assured knowing our certified technicians will remove your duct work of dust and other harmful airborne particulates. Minuteman Heating and Air proudly utilizes state of the art equipment in order to professionally clean your home’s ducts inside out, and all of our specialized equipment meets or exceeds NADCA, OSHA and EPA standards.

When you contact Minuteman Heating and Air to schedule for duct cleaning in Arlington, TX, our professional technicians will arrive on site at the scheduled day and time and connect a HEPA filtered vacuum system to the duct work closest to your HVAC system and with the usage of highly pressurized tools to remove contaminates in the ducting and the filtration system. Once your homes duct work is cleaned, only fresh, crisp and clean air will be distributed throughout your home’s heating and air vents.

A process much like this one can also be used to clean out your homes dryer vent, except a jet snake will be utilized in order to knock loose lint and other debris that is directly inside the dryer vent.

Indoor Air Quality in Arlington, TX

Believe it or not, indoor air pollution can be much worse inside of the home than the outdoor air surrounding the home. Air pollution is not exclusive to just the outdoors. A study performed at Yale University found that the indoor air pollution was worse inside of 19 of 20 homes than the air outside. There are many things that can contribute towards indoor air pollution; however, one of the largest benefactors to it is due to dust and airborne contaminants that get caught within the ductwork.

This is where Minuteman Heating and Air can come into play and save the day. Our professional duct cleaning in Arlington, TX can remove all of these harmful airborne particulates, dirt, debris and dust that may be lodged within your home’s duct system. When you have your home’s ducting professionally cleaned on an annual basis you prevent the possibility of mold, fungi and other harmful microbes from being able to proliferate within your home’s ducting. Additionally, the buildup of debris, dirt and dust, especially when it comes to the dryer vent is a possible fire hazard if it is not cleaned out often.

Indoor Allergies

When it comes to allergens, there are many different types that affect people. Some of the most common allergens that affect the most people, are dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander. Some of these allergens can be working against you all year round such as dust, molds and pet dander. If you or other members of your family suffer from some form of upper respiratory ailments such as asthma or allergies, then according to both the American Lung Association and the EPA, these indoor contaminants can further increase the risk to your health and exacerbate the symptoms you and / or your family member(s) may have. These indoor air contaminants can bring about allergy-like symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, coughing, chills and believe it or not even a fever.

There are very few allergens that are easy to ignore and indoor airborne allergens are not one of them. Whenever dust collects within your home’s ducting, it will get circulated throughout the indoor air whenever your home’s heating or air conditioning fan kicks in. Combine this with high humidity during the summer or a humidifying system during the winter and your homes duct work can also be a very accommodating nesting ground for harmful molds also.

Less common allergies such as yearly and seasonal ones will also produce symptoms identically towards the ones such as you can have with dust, pet dander, mites and the like. However, in both cases, having your home’s duct work cleaned on an annual basis by a professional company such as Minuteman Heating and Air will help prevent these allergens from spreading inside of your home, increase indoor air quality, and make life overall much easier.

If you have not had your home serviced for air duct cleaning in Arlington, TX in a while, or never, then do not hesitate to give Minuteman Heating and Air a call today in order to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. When you hire Minuteman Heating and Air for your home’s duct cleaning in Arlington, TX, you can rest assured knowing that you are in very capable and professional hands. Our professional and certified technicians will get the job done promptly, professionally and most of all with your family’s safety in mind.

Minuteman Heating and Air services both residential and commercial customers in the Arlington, Mansfield, and surrounding metropolitan area. For all of your heating and air-related needs you can count on us. Whether you need heating and cooling installation, maintenance or repair services, Minuteman Heating and Air has got you covered for all of your heating and cooling related requests. We are one of the most respected, and trusted HVAC service companies in the metropolitan Arlington, TX area. Give Minuteman Heating and Air a phone call today if you need professional air duct cleaning in Arlington, TX or for any other HVAC-related requests that you may have.

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