Furnace Installation

A furnace maintains your home’s comfort during the winter, and when it fails, delaying its replacement isn’t an option. Minuteman Heating & Air can accurately evaluate your home’s heating and air conditioning needs according to the industry standards, ensuring the correct furnace for your home. We will provide information on each furnace option, enabling you to make an informed choice, and a free estimate. Our expert technicians consider all of the involved factors when assisting you in the selection of a new furnace installation for an existing home or for a new home build.

Selecting the Furnace Type

Once the process of furnace selection begins, your first decision will be the type of fuel or energy. While homeowner’s will typically select the same energy source as the existing furnace, change is an option. In a new home build however, you should check for the availability of the fuel type of your choice if other than electric. The options include natural gas, propane or electric. However, those who live in rural areas may not have the option of natural gas. If propane is the only fuel available, consider an electric heat pump, which will likely operate with greater efficiency than dealing with the high cost of propane.

Minuteman Heating and Air recommends the purchase of the highest energy efficiency furnace or heating and air conditioning system your budget will allow. The higher the efficiency, the lower the operating costs will be. While the initial cost may be higher for the purchase of a high efficiency furnace, you will save money over time. Furthermore, consider an Energy Star qualified system, which may qualify for tax credits, and/or rebates from federal, state, local or utility company programs.

Furnace Installation Costs

The cost of a furnace will vary depending upon the system selected and other factors. A brand new furnace or heating and air conditioning system will have greater energy efficiency than an older system by conserving energy, and providing proper operation. Minuteman Heating & Air offers free estimates on new installations, so be sure to mention if you’re interested furnace installation.

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Don’t suffer the cold with an aging, unsafe or unreliable furnace. Minuteman Heating & Air can provide you with a reliable new furnace or other heating and air conditioning system, installed by our certified and experienced technicians, dedicated to providing you with comfort. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for a professional furnace installation.

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