Signs that Your Home Furnace Needs a Professional Checkup | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Signs that Your Home Furnace Needs a Professional Checkup | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Texas doesn’t experience the wrath of winters like the east coast. However, heating is still required for homes during peak season. In Arlington particularly, where temperatures during the month of January drops below 40-degrees Fahrenheit, heating systems become an essential amenity for households.

This is the reason why any expert heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX suggest homeowners to buy a complete HVAC system. This way they don’t have to worry about indoor temperature and comfort all through the year.

Winter in Arlington is considerably shorter than the long spell of summer. Therefore, cooling part of an HVAC system remains operational for the most part of the year. This means homeowners are well-versed in different air conditioning issues and troubleshooting.

On the other hand, heating system is turned on for a month or two and that too only for a particular time in the day. Therefore, it is only natural for homeowners to not fully understand all the issues pertaining to heating.

Heating component of an HVAC system is primarily powered through a furnace. Over the course of time, it can experience several problems. According to professional heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX, there are some significant signs that suggest that your furnace and heating system needs professional intervention.

In this article, we are going to discuss all such instances where one must call any reputable heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to deal with the troubling heating component of his HVAC system.  We will discuss these issues by taking one component of the furnace at a time.

Heat Exchanger

A heatexchanger is like the evaporator coil of a furnace i.e. it is responsible for producing warm air through a mishmashof heat conducting tubes. Heat exchangers dropits efficiency exponentially when it’s conducting tubes start cracking.

Why Do the Heat Exchanger and Tubes Crack?

Professional heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX has inferred two major reasons behind the deteriorating and cracking heat exchanger tubes.

  • When a furnace hasn’t received a professional service for very long
  • When a furnace is about to complete its operational life

Signs of a Faulty Heat Exchanger

Professional heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX have compiled several indicators, showing that the heat exchanger of a furnace is not working properly.

First of all, regular wear and tear of the conducting material is the reason behind faulty heat exchangers and furnaces.  This wear-and-tear happens over time due to repeated contraction and expansion of conducting tubes. This is a result of continuous heating and cooling cycles.

You can also identify a heat exchanger problem through two visual signs. Cracked heat exchanger results in the production of black carbon buildup outside of the tubing. It shows that the furnace couldn’t conduct the process of combustion properly, which, in turn, results in poor heating.  Moreover, if you notice dampness beneath the furnace, it also points towards some heat exchanger issue.

A broken down heat exchanger sometimes result in the leakage of organic compound formaldehyde. This results in an unpleasant odor around the furnace.

Inspect your furnace for all these signs. If you come across any of them, immediately call for the help of any good heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

Furnace Flame

Gas flames are usually blue and so is the furnace flame. However, this can change its color when carbon monoxide starts building up within the furnace. This majorly happens due to overheating.

Why Furnace Overheats?

A furnace can overheat because of the deformed shape and size of its orifice or because of abnormal gas supply to it. A yellowish or orange flame indicates the problem of overheating. This problem might not trouble you immediately, but it will speed up the deterioration process of the heat exchanger.

It would be better to not persist with the issue and call any professional heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX as immediately as possible.

Furnace Blower

Furnace blowers are responsible for air supply to the heat exchanger and then to the entire house through ductwork. The blower motor is moved through a belt, which wears out with time. In case, you notice that rooms are not getting required heating amid functioning furnace, then it might be due to a slipped or worn out belt. Shrieking sounds from the furnace is a telltale sign that the blower belt is derailed or broken down.  By maintaining regular inspection and tune-uproutine from any good heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, you can ensure that your furnace doesn’t face this avoidable problem.

Besides the belt, the blower can also experience one serious problem and that can lead to breaking down its entire assembly. We are talking about broken ball bearings here. Like any electric motor, blower motor also operates with well-oiled and smooth ball bearings. If you notice screeching sounds like two metals are being crushed against each other coming out of the furnace, immediately call any good heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX. They’ll look at the issue before it becomes expensive maintenance expenditure.

Limit Switch

Every furnace is affixed with a limited switch that acts as a safety valve. It cuts off the gas supply when furnace temperature exceeds a preset limit.  Limit switch of the furnace can also go out-of-work after frequent use. In case furnace continues to blow warm air even after the temperature set on the thermostat is reached,you might be facing the issue of a broken down limit switch.

Apart from costing you extra energy bills, it can also shorten the functional life of the furnace and can also result in a mishap if not taken care of in time.  Call any trustworthy heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to pin down the issue when furnace activity is not matching with the set temperature.

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