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When you need an HVAC service company in the Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas area, you want a company you can trust to provide professional air conditioning installation. Minuteman Heating & Air has one of the highest return customer ratios in the area. This is because we provide an honest assessment of your home’s HVAC issues, and offer skilled, and certified experts trained to deliver the highest standards of the industry. You can count on our quality of services for AC Installation, AC repair in Fort Worth, and other services we provide.

How Efficient is my Air Conditioner

It isn’t unusual for homeowner’s to be unaware of the inefficiency of their air conditioning system. Contact a Minuteman Heating & Air professional about a new AC installation if any of the following are occurring:

Poor Dehumidifying

Improper dehumidifying can result in excessive moisture, and a sticky clamminess. The air conditioner removes moisture from the air during the cooling cycle. If increased moisture is a problem there is a problem with the system such as a dirty coil, low refrigerant or an oversized HVAC system While AC repair in Fort Worth can potentially take care of the repairs, you should consider a new AC installation for oversized or worn systems.

Irregular Cooling

When your home is receiving irregular cooling with some rooms being hot and others too cool, it is likely due to a worn or inefficient air conditioning system. AC repair in Fort Worth or replacement with a new efficient air conditioning installation may be required. A Minuteman Heating & Air technician will evaluate the system, locating the source of the problem and provide you with repair or replacement options.

Increased Energy Bills

If you are experiencing elevated electrical bills without explanation, it is likely the air conditioning system is experiencing a problem. A Minuteman Heating & Air certified technician can identify the source of the air conditioning issue, and provide you with a solution.

The Advantages of a New Air Conditioning System

In addition to the money you will save on energy with a new efficient air conditioner, there are further advantages of the investment in your home’s comfort with a new AC installation.

Increased reliability – If your system is aging and requiring numerous repairs you will appreciate the increased reliability of a new air conditioning installation. The peace of mind is priceless when expecting soaring temperatures that previously resulted in a broken AC, and the need for AC repair in Fort Worth.

Costly Repairs – When an aging system requires frequent repair the costs can add up. A new air conditioning installation should provide comfort around the clock, while saving on the costs of energy.

Environmentally Friendly – Older AC systems use refrigerants that are damaging to the ozone layer. Furthermore, as the supplies of these refrigerants continue to decrease; the costs of recharging a leaky, worn system will continue to rise. Newer refrigerants are not as damaging to the environment, the ozone or your wallet. New refrigerants provide greater efficiency and comfort, effectively reducing our contribution to greenhouse gases.

Other Advantages – A new air conditioning installation provides a quieter home environment in which to relax, typically offers a longer life span and provides a warranty and greater peace of mind.

Additional Cooling Services

  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Air Conditioner Installation
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance

Contact Minuteman Heating & Air today for a free estimate on air conditioning installation. You will find our technicians to be skilled, knowledgeable professionals providing heating and air conditioning services for all of your needs, including AC installation, maintenance, and AC repair in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Air Purifier
Fort Worth Air Purifier

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