Heating Repair

When a problem occurs with your home’s heating system, you want heating repair to be promptly provided. Minuteman Heating & Air’s technicians can provide a prompt diagnosis of the system’s problem, and the professional repair with the least possible interruption of your daily routine. Minuteman Heating & Air technicians’ come prepared with the tools, equipment and common parts needed to provide your system’s heating repair.

Minuteman Heating & Air’s technicians can take care of any HVAC repair that you need, from a simple system breaker replacement to replacing a dangerous burner chamber. Our certified professionals have the experience to service all makes, models and types of heating equipment, and you can depend upon us to repair it correctly the first time, and every time.

You can count on the honesty and integrity of Minuteman Heating & Air’s technicians. Our technicians will be honest with you whether heating repair or replacement is the recommended solution.
Knowing the facts regarding your heating system can assist you in the decision to repair or replace it:

  • The age of the heating system: In general, the lifespan of a furnace is 8-12 years. With proper maintenance and service, furnaces may last significantly longer. However, when older furnaces break down frequently, it’s to your advantage to have it replaced. With age, parts become less available and more costly. Routine maintenance by a qualified technician will extend its lifespan, and maintain performance.
  • System efficiency: Increased energy costs are typical when the heating system has to work harder to maintain your comfort. The problem may be as simple as a loose electrical connection or a dirty air filter, or a more serious issue such as a worn compressor. The purchase of a high-efficiency heating system will save you money on energy costs, and when you purchase Energy Star approved equipment you may qualify for tax credits and/or rebates from federal, state, local or utility providers.
  • The system’s condition: You should consider how often you are having problems with the furnace and the cost of each heating repair. When problems are occurring routinely, it will be more cost effective to install a new system. However, if the heating system is generally reliable with few repairs and it receives routine maintenance, you will likely benefit more by having heating repair.

Additional Heating Services

  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Heat Pumps
  • Zone Systems

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You don’t have to suffer a broken furnace on a cold winter’s day. When your home’s heating leaves you sitting in the cold call the reliable professionals with Minuteman Heating & Air. We will send a skilled, professional to your location as quick as possible and restore your home’s heat and your family’s comfort.

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