5 HVAC Rules that Every Homeowner Should Know and Must Follow

5 HVAC Rules that Every Homeowner Should Know and Must Follow

Heating, Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) units consume 6% of the total energy generated in the US and are responsible to keep our homes cool, yet they are the ones that are mostly neglected. One reason could be that they are concealed and anyone barely notices it in their day-to-day busy life. Only when something goes wrong with the cooling of the HVAC unit, you and other members of your family call air conditioning repair services in Arlington and Fort Worth Area to get the problem fixed.

Here in this blog we will enlighten you about your HVAC and will ask you to follow some simple rules that we have mentioned below. Adherence to these rules will make your HVAC unit operate efficiently for a longer period of time.

Rule # 1 – Periodically Inspect the Ducts of the HVAC for Any Leakages

The air, conditioned by the exterior unit of your HVAC unit, is transferred to the rooms of your house not through a magic portal but via ducts. These ducts are concealed above the ceiling and are present in your basement and are thus not visible. That’s one reason why they are neglected. After some years of negligence, leaks can be formed in the ducts through which the cold air can escape thereby, reducing the amount of cold air transferred to the rooms. Furthermore, mold and other harmful pathogens can also grow in the ducts of the HVAC system because of moisturized air, thereby, polluting the internal atmosphere of the house and posing health hazard to your household. If you are unable to inspect the ducts yourself then you should avail the air conditioning repair services in Arlington and Fort Worth Area, they would clean your ducts and will ensure that there are no leaks in the ductwork.

Rule # 2 –Insulate Your Home

The cool air that is produced by your air conditioning unit is soon lost. That’s because the windows and the walls of your house is not insulated. This is why they are ineffective in keeping the cold air into your house. Thus, your HVAC unit has to work continuously in order to cool your home. This continuous operation of an HVAC unit dramatically increases the electricity bill of a house. The service to insulate your house is mostly provided by the air condition repairers in Arlington and Fort Worth Area so avail their services now!

Rule # 3 – Replace Manual Thermostat with a Programmable One

A manual thermostat is the thing of the past and now it’s the era of digital programmable thermostat. In a programmable thermostat, you can input the timings and days during which no one is at your home. This will make your HVAC unit turnoff during that duration and restart again automatically before you arrive at your home. This will significantly decrease the energy consumption of your home and the carbon generated by your HVAC unit. Most air conditioner repairers in Arlington and Fort Worth Area offer this service of replacing your old manual thermostat with a new programmable one, so you can simply contact them ask them to install a new thermostat in your house.

Rule # 4 – Honor Thy HVAC Manufacturer’s Warranty

This commandment is for a homeowner who is either installing a new HVAC unit in his house or is repairing it. Never ever, hire a contractor or a repairer that is not certified or licensed to repair an HVAC. Services provided by uncertified repairers often cost less but the problem is that if an uncertified repairer who is not licensed to handle an HVAC unit repairs or installs your HVAC unit, the warranty of the air conditioner becomes void. So you better not try to cut corners and only avail professional air conditioner repair services in Arlington and Fort Worth Area.

Rule # 5 – Clean the Air Filters of Your HVAC Unit Twice a Year

The quality of air in your house largely depends upon the air filters. This is because air filter is responsible to filter out any dust particles and harmful pathogens from the conditioned air before it is transferred to your rooms via ductwork. If the air filters gets dirty and are not cleaned, they will be unable to filter out dust particles and will make the internal atmosphere of your house unhealthy. Cleaning air filters is a super easy task and you should do it on your own. However if you are a busy yuppie then you can hire air conditioner repairers in Arlington and Fort Worth Area and they’ll do the job for you in no time.

We hope that you’ll follow all the aforementioned rules so that your HVAC unit keeps performing efficiently for many years. But if any problem arises then, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you should contact a licensed HVAC repairer who have vast experience in repairing air conditioning units and is also popular among people. ‘Minuteman Heating and Air’ is one of the trustworthy and professional air conditioning repairers in Arlington and Fort Worth Area. To get in touch with them, dial 817-284-2569. They have been providing their air conditioning repair services in Arlington and Fort Worth Area for the past X years. They are certified and are licensed to provide their services in Texas. For more information about Minuteman HVAC Services, visit their official website or visit their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can ask for a free quote by clicking here.