5 Radiant Floor Heating System Issues That Require Heating And AC Repair | Arlington, TX

5 Radiant Floor Heating System Issues That Require Heating And AC Repair | Arlington, TX

Homeowners who want a more sophisticated and efficient heating unit can opt for radiant floor heaters. Unlike forced air and baseboard heaters, they operate quietly and more proficiently for warmth. The radiant heating systems installed in walls, ceilings, or floors by experts from a heating and AC repair and installation company, use infrared radiation technology to transfer heat from the hot stovetop element to your space for guaranteed temperature-related comfort.

They are the best option for homeowners with family members with allergic reactions, upper respiratory infections, or frequent asthma attacks because of the significantly low risk of supplying air contaminants. HVAC specialists can also recommend hot water or gas-filled radiant heating equipment for people in places with excess infiltration loads, high bay spaces, and loading docks.

Radiant floor heating systems can either be radiant air-heated floors, electric radiant floors, or hydronic, installed in concrete slabs, wooden subfloors, or lightweight concrete floors. Despite the type of radiant floor unit you have, you are susceptible to face problems if you fail to call heating and AC repair and maintenance technicians for periodic tune-ups. Other issues can stem from the faulty installation of complicated radiant heaters. Below are some frequent radiant floor heating system issues that most homeowners encounter.

Damaged Cables

When installing radiant floor heaters, HVAC contractors use cables, tape, primer, and foam roller to connect them to different floor types to ensure it operates at their peak. Amazon has diverse electric cords, including a 50 sq ft cable with plastic cable guides, a digital programmable thermostat, electric floor heat warming systems, and floor sensors.

The equipment requires correct installation for it to run seamlessly for longer. If the hired technicians from a nearby heating and AC repair company in Arlington, TX, are not keen, they might damage the cables as they connect them under rough flooring or between the subfloor and the finished floor.

The underfloor radiant floor cables are also prone to break, fray, or get damaged due to floor drilling, leading to numerous issues and affecting their optimal performance. Damaged insulated electric wires increase the risk of electrical hazards such as shocks, electrocution, and fires.

You call certified and qualified experts to carefully install the radiant floor heater cables to prevent electrical accidents and loss of property or lives. If the damage happens due to drilling or shifting of expansive soils, get a professional HVAC contractor for quality heating and AC repair services for safety.

Lack of Sufficient Heat

Homeowners can also notice their underfloor radiant floor heating systems are not providing adequate heat to warm their space. It is an issue that might force you to switch the unit off and then back on to gauge if its performance will remain the same.

If the room remains cold, it is wise to call for urgent HVAC repair services to identify, diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible to avert cold-related illnesses such as frostbite and trench foot.

The HVAC specialist can trace the issue to the heating mat, thermostats, cables, relays, or kits. The underfloor heating mat has double-sided tape for sticking in between floors to supply heat to your room for warmth for comfort.

Finding the root cause of the insufficient heat requires the hired heating and AC repair contractor to test the electric flow in the system and pinpoint the exact issue for quick repairs or replacement of worn-out parts.

Faulty Thermostat

Another frequent issue people in Arlington, TX, with a radiant floor heater experience is a malfunctioning thermostat that hinders the regulation of temperatures. The faulty thermostat can overheat your home when it gets stuck at high temperatures, leading to discomfort that will compel you to call for emergency services after switching the heating system off.

It can also fail to warm your house, forcing you and your loved ones to endure the cold conditions as you wait for an insured and qualified heating and AC repair professional to fix the issue.

The malfunctioning device can turn the radiant heater on and off at the wrong times, surging your energy bills. Fortunately, an HVAC expert can replace the broken thermostat with a new and more advanced programmable or smart type for peak performance of the system.

Corroded and Damaged Pipes

You can also have radiant floor heaters with damaged or rusty pipes stemming from a lack of maintenance. Skipping tune-ups of heating systems is one way of exposing your unit to numerous issues due to increased wear and tear.

Neglected pipes that go for months or years without inspections, repairs, and maintenance can corrode and erode, leading to multiple problems that need emergency heating and AC repair services.

Water Leaks

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems use hot water tubes to get hot water from the boiler to supply heat throughout your house. The pipes are prone to leak due to poor installation, exposure to high temperatures, damages sustained when soils shift, or corrosion. You cannot afford to ignore the leakage as it might affect the structural integrity of your floor, especially wooden floors.

Signs of water leaks in hydronic radiant floor heaters include noise production, lower warming capacity, and high energy bills. Luckily, heating and AC repair experts from a reputable HVAC company can fix the mess and replace the leaking tubes by using leak detectors to identify the leaking parts for precise repairs.

You might spend more on time-consuming repair services because of the need to remove part of the flooring that covers the leaking pipes for proper replacement.

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