5 Ways to Reduce Your HVAC Bills | Air Conditioning Repair in Mansfield, TX

5 Ways to Reduce Your HVAC Bills | Air Conditioning Repair in Mansfield, TX

In Texas, summer sun can be really unforgiving.  There is no other way to deal with the scorching heat of Texas summers without a working air conditioning system in the house. Temperatures in Mansfield during the most part of summer linger around 100-degrees Fahrenheit. It is a must to have a fully working air conditioning system in your abode to maintain complete indoor comfort.

However, this comfort comes literally at a high cost. Households need to run air conditioning units for the most part of the day during the peak season, which results in hefty utility bills. Air conditioning units that are designed to provide temperature treatment for the entire house consist of components that consume a lot of power and there is no way around it.

Nevertheless, there are some practices and precautions that can help you in cutting down the energy expenditure to a certain level.  Different certified contractors of air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX suggest homeowners tokeep these things in check to avoid budget restraints due to heavy energy bills.

1.   Timely Replace Air Filters

Let’s start with the simplest thing that you can do to keep your energy bill in control i.e. replace the air filter of the air conditioner in time. This simple component is responsible for the provision of clean air. However, with overuse, which is the obvious scenario during summers, air filters are clogged more quickly than usual.

A clogged filter doesn’t just result in compromised quality of indoor air. Its blockage also put a strainon the evaporator coil to function harder to get to the set temperature, which means dropped efficiency and hiked up bills.

A reputable air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX advises homeowners to install new air filters before the start of the season and then replace them halfway through theseason for uncompromised air filtration. Air filter is not an expensive component but it can save you a significant amount on the bills.

2.   Take Care of the Condenser Unit

An air conditioner operates through a refrigeration cycle. This thermodynamic phenomenon entails the transfer of heat from one medium to the other. A condenser unit of any air conditioning system takes care of the last phase of the refrigeration phase. This is where all the heat collected in the refrigerant is blown to the outside and the recycled refrigerant is sent back to the evaporating unit.

Trustworthy contractors of air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX are in agreement that the majority of homeowners don’t take care of condenser units the way they care for other components of their HVAC systems.

It is important to mention here that taking regular care of the condenser unit is not just important for optimally working air conditioner, but overlooking the condenser unit can also increase your energy expense. Let’s have a look at how you can take care of the condenser unit and how it affects your energy bills.

a.        Keep the Condenser Unit in Shade

Condenser units are often installed outside of the house. This means they could be directly exposed to the sunlight. As mentioned earlier, a condenser unit has to blow the hot air outside of the system. Amid scorching sunrays, the performance of the condenser unit dips because it can’t effectively remove all the warm air.

Expert service providers of air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX has estimated that a condenser unit working without a shade under the sun might lead to a 10% loss of overall air conditioning efficiency. In fiscal figures, it can mean hundreds of dollars more in energy bills every year. In addition, a shaded condenser unit won’t need frequent overhauls from any air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. With a single shade, you can save both energy and maintenance costs.

b.       Keep the Shrubs and Weeds Away

Many times, a condenser unit is placed amid shrubbery in the backyard or pavement. The fallen leaves, stems and other rubble can stick in the vent of the condenser unit to obstruct the flow of warm air. This simple issue can also eventually bog down the efficiency of the air conditioning system. For that matter, any good air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX always recommends homeowners to place condenser units where their air flow can’t be restricted by any outside obstruction.

3.   Shut Down Some Vents

If you have a conventional HVAC system in your house, then all reputable contractors of air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX would recommend you to manage the air conditioning vents in a better manner. In other words, just close down the vents in those portions of the house where you and your family don’t spend more time.

With few vents open, an air conditioner will be able to cool off space in less time and energy. Professional contractors of air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX testify that this simple act of diligence can result in reduced annual energy cost.

4.   Change Thermostat Settings

It is another free and easy way to keep your energy bills in a certain limit. Just increase a couple of degrees on the thermostat during the peak season. This change in thermostat setting won’t have any considerable effect on the cooling. However, it can lower your energy bills by 4-5% as estimated by some seasoned contractors of air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX.

5.   Use Fans

You can maintain the pleasantness of indoors through ceiling fans during moderate weather. They can also provide you a utility during peak summers by circulating conditioned air around the interior. You don’t need to run your air conditioner for extended hours if you are using ceiling fans for spreading the cool air to every nook and corner of the house. Ceiling fans consume considerably less energy than a heavy-duty air conditioning assembly.

Last but not least, maintain a regular routine of professional checkups and services from any good air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX like Minuteman Heating and Air. An air conditioning unit that goes through regular maintenance performs efficiently thus offering energy conservation and smaller energy bills. Minuteman Heating and Air provides expert HVAC services of every kind in Mansfield and other Texas cities.