6 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

6 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

Air conditioning systems are no longer expensive luxury machines that only a few fortunate souls can afford. They are significantly cheaper and accessible than they were a few decades ago. Because of this, they are one of the most common household items in all of the country. They are also a necessary equipment to have if you live in a region with high temperatures such as Arlington, TX.

But as every other electromechanical device, air conditioners also require proper care and maintenance to function efficiently. Experts recommend that an annual checkup for your air conditioning unit is necessary in order to for it to last long without any problems. If you ignore this regular maintenance then you should be ready to face the consequences in the form of upcoming problems.

Here are 6 signs that might indicate that you need an air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX:

1.   Sky High Energy Bills

It is true that air conditioning systems have a significantly bigger impact on your energy bills. But the efficiency and energy consumption of these big cooling machines has improved over the years. If you have been using the air conditioning system for a while now, then you might be aware of how much impact it has on your bill. Therefore, if you notice that the amount on your bill is increasing, then there is definitely something wrong with the air conditioner and it’s time to call the best air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

The air condition unit can increase electricity bills for a number of reasons. It could be a malfunctioning thermostat or even a clogged air filter. It is better to seek professional help to get rid of this issue and save your money.

2.   Weird Noises

Anyone who installs an air conditioning system at their home is looking for a comfortable environment. This is why the manufacturers try to limit the noise levels of these cooling machines. Most of the modern air conditioners almost have no noise when they operate, which is amazing blessing. However, if you hear weird noises coming out your air conditioner, then something is definitely not right.

Rattling, clicking, and banging sounds are the most common. Usually these noises are an indication of a broken mechanical part, such as the fan. But other problems such as a defective compressor can also cause clicking sounds. It could be difficult to diagnose the problem by just detecting the noise, so the best thing you can do is call an air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, to take care of it.

3.   No Cool Air

The basic purpose of an air conditioning system is to lower indoor temperature to a comfortable level. To accomplish this desired environment, it blows refreshing cool air inside while it sucks out the stale warmer air. If you notice no cool air coming out of the vents of your air conditioner, then this is an obvious sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired.

Issues that cause lack of cool air from an air conditioner are usually defective compressor, thermostat, or even dirty air filter. It is wonderful to know how a dirty air filter can cause so many problems, yet most people tend to ignore it. Anyway, to determine the actual problem, you need to call the best air conditioning repair service in Arlington, TX.

4.   Nasty Odors

A bad smell is powerful enough to ruin a good mood. Having a horrible odor at home is worse. This nightmare situation can be a reality if you do not take proper care of your air conditioning system through frequent maintenance checks.

Bad odors from an air conditioning system can a result of many things.  But most commonly it’s the mold developing inside the air vent that causes this stench. The mold is relatively easy to get rid of because you just have to access the air vent and simply clean it.

However, if you smell a pungent odor that makes you feel a little hallucinated or dizzy, then you should immediately turn off your air conditioner. This unbearable odor is a sign of a refrigerant leak—a toxic gas that can seriously injure anyone who inhales it. The best thing to do at this point would be to not use the air conditioner at all and call for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

5.   Liquid Leaks

Air conditioners are air cooling machines, and they use the condensation process to accomplish their main task. Condensation creates moisture which is produced around the compressor coil of an air conditioner. However, air conditioners are properly equipped with a drainage system. It is through this that the water drains. If you spot moisture in a place where it shouldn’t be, then its time call for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

One of the most common causes of liquid leaks is a clogged drain pipe. It is better to examine the drain pipe and to clean it if you find it clogged than to call for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX.

6.   Freezing Temperatures

Air conditioners are controlled through a small unit known as thermostat. A thermostat is also said to be the brain of an air conditioning system because it controls every operation of the cooling system.

If you notice the cooling of the room going out of control even though the temperature you set it at is quite normal, then there is definitely something wrong with the thermostat. This faulty thermostat is unable to detect the desired temperature, and the air conditioner continues to lower down the temperature. You should call air conditioning repair in Arlington, TXin this situation and get the defective thermostat replaced.

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