6 Signs You Should Call A Furnace Repair Service | Mansfield, TX

6 Signs You Should Call A Furnace Repair Service | Mansfield, TX

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Winters in Mansfield, TX are milder than in other areas of the country; however, it does get cold. The average temperature on winter days is 59 degrees. Winter nights are much cooler, and the temperature can drop to 36 degrees, and you will need to turn on the heat to keep your home warm and comfortable. On a cold winter night, the last thing you want is for your furnace to fail to turn on. If your furnace doesn’t turn on, it will get very cold in your house.

The best way to prevent a complete furnace breakdown is to identify issues early so that you can call a furnace repair service. If you can detect problems early, you can avoid a full breakdown.

If the furnace in your home is experiencing any of the following issues, you should call a professional right away.

#1 Strange Sounds

The furnace in your home isn’t going to be whisper quiet when it is running; however, it shouldn’t sound like it’s possessed. If the unit is making a groaning, banging, or rattling sound, you should immediately call a furnace repair service.

A few problems can cause strange sounds, such as a broken or loose belt, an ignition problem, or a component that is ready to fail. A licensed HVAC tech can inspect the furnace to determine the cause of the sound so it can be repaired.

#2 Turning Up the Thermostat Doesn’t Help

When it starts to get chilly in your Mansfield, TX home, your first instinct will be to turn the heat up. In many cases, this will solve the problem. However, if turning up the thermostat isn’t helping, and it is still cold in the house, you should schedule an appointment for an emergency furnace repair service.

This issue can occur if your thermostat isn’t working correctly. It could also be due to leaking ducts, a faulty pilot light, or the furnace has reached the end of its lifespan.

During a repair call, a tech will inspect the furnace to figure out why your furnace isn’t heating your home correctly so that they can resolve the problem.

It is best to call a professional as soon as the problem begins. The sooner you make the call, the sooner your home will be warm and toasty again.

#3 Your Winter Electric Bills Have Increased

If you have lived in your home for at least one winter, you should have an idea of what your average winter electric bill will be. If your bills have increased significantly, your furnace could be to blame, and you should call a furnace repair service.

Higher than average energy bills often signify that the furnace isn’t functioning as efficiently as possible. This can occur if your system needs a tune-up or if there’s a broken component or the furnace may have reached the end of its lifespan.

You will need a professional from a furnace repair service to inspect the unit to figure out why your energy bills have increased. When the problem has been solved, your energy bills will decrease.

#4 The Pilot Light Is Yellow

When the pilot is lit, it should burn with a blue light. If the pilot light is yellow, you should schedule an appointment for an emergency furnace repair service. A yellow light may not seem like a big deal, but it can put your family’s health and lives at risk.

A yellow pilot light indicates that the gas combination is in poor condition, and the furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that can be deadly if your family remains in the home. Because a yellow pilot light indicates a potentially fatal problem, you should immediately call a furnace repair service.

#5 The Furnace Struggles To Start Up or Stay On

When you turn on the heat in your home, your furnace should fire up immediately and remain on until you turn it off. If the furnace doesn’t start up right away or kicks off on its own, you should call a furnace repair service immediately.

Several issues can cause these issues, such as a broken thermostat, a faulty pilot light, faulty wiring, or a broken fan motor. Because so many issues could be causing the problem, it is best not to troubleshoot the problem yourself. An HVAC tech can inspect the unit and repair the problem, allowing your furnace to function properly.

#6 Ice Or Chilly Spots

If there are constant drafts and cold spots in your home, you should call a furnace repair service. This often signifies your furnace cannot heat your entire home and needs to be repaired or replaced. In addition, you should call a professional if ice has built up on your roof. The ice forms when the heat in the home leaks up through the attic, rather than staying in the living area where it needs to be to keep your home warm.

An HVAC tech can determine why you are experiencing these issues and determine if the problem can be repaired or if a furnace replacement is necessary.

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