7 Factors to Consider Before Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX

7 Factors to Consider Before Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX

In a city like Arlington, TX, you cannot survive the summers without an air conditioning system at your home and at your workplace. That’s because summers in Arlington, TX are too hot to bear without an air conditioner. Owing to that, air conditioners have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Not in Arlington, TX only, but in almost all those countries that experience excruciatingly hot summers.

Come to think of it, there are a number of benefits associated with having an air conditioner installed at your home or your workplace. It makes the living and working conditions more suitable for us by lowering the temperature and altering the humidity levels in the indoor air. Moreover, air conditioners filter the air in the process of cooling it, which improves the quality of the air we breathe.

When it comes to calculating the average useful life of an air conditioner, keeping in mind the kind of climate it’s running in, you can’t really predict the exact number of years an air conditioning unit will work for. According to the best air conditioning services in Arlington, TX, the average useful life of an air conditioner is not more than 10 years. However, there’s no precise way to tell when exactly you would have to replace your air conditioner. What we mean to say is that you never know when your air conditioner will stop functioning. It can fail at any time and it’s the worst when it breaks down during the hot months of a scorching summer.

Since air conditioners can stop working at any time without any prior warning, it’s best that you opt for a periodic maintenance to repair the small faults on time before they turn into big and costly ones. Just by having a professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX check your air conditioning system can add a couple of years to its useful life. But a regular maintenance cannot always save your air conditioner. There are times when a major fault occurs and the repair cost is only a little less than the cost of replacement. Most of the times, the best thing to do in such a situation is to replace your air conditioner.

If replacing your air conditioner is the most sensible thing to do, then there are a few factors that you must consider first. This article will highlight several factors that you must take into your consideration before a new air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

1-  The Size of an Air Conditioner

Some of the key benefits of an air conditioner are associated with its size. Thus, you need to make sure you buy the right size of an air conditioner in order to get the desired level of comfort and efficiency. A new air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX depends on the usage. If an air conditioner runs for long hours at your home during summers, then a small air conditioner won’t be able to cool your house properly. If an air conditioner is used only intermittently at your home, then a large unit will consume excessive electricity. Consulting an air conditioning service in Arlington, TX is the best alternative to ensure that you buy an air conditioner that’s the appropriate size for your home.

2-  Inquire About the Air Quality

The indoor quality is the single most important thing for your health, comfort, and well-being. Thus, when you replace an air conditioner, you also need to make sure that the existing ductwork supports it. An air conditioning service in Arlington, TX will be able to help you in that regard. And if necessary, it’ll make the much-needed adjustments in the ductwork that’ll improve both the airflow and indoor air quality.

3-  Check the Ductwork

There really is no point in replacing an air conditioner when the existing ductwork is not fit for a new one. Thus, Air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX is the best time to get the ductwork in your home checked for any leaks.

4-  Consider the Price of the Coolant

Considering the increase in the price of Freon, it’s better to replace your air conditioner rather than replacing the coolant. A professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX will tell you what the best alternative is.

5-  Take All Alternatives into Consideration

Make up your mind about what kind of air conditioner would be the best for your home. As it turns out, there are a couple of options available to choose from. For instance, you can opt for a ductless split air conditioner instead of the same old full-house systems that require vents. Installing split ACs does not require renovation in your home, except for a small hole in the room’s wall to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor one.

6-  Programmable Thermostat

Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat if you want to save money in the long run and don’t want to bother yourself with adjusting the thermostat every day. This option must be considered before a new air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX. Ask your HVAC retailer for more information.

7-  Repair or Replace – Give Both Options a Final Thought

Before replacing your air conditioner, try to figure out what is more feasible – a replacement or repairs. Just do the math! The best way to deduce whether you should opt for repairs or a replacement is to multiply the repair cost by the age of your air conditioner in years. If the product exceeds $5,000, it’s time to replace the unit. And if the product is less than that amount, go for the repairs. You can discuss your case with an air conditioning service in Arlington, TX for further clarification.

If your air conditioner has stopped working and you’re looking for a reliable air conditioning service in Arlington, TX that can advise you on whether you should opt for repairs or a replacement and install the new air conditioner if that’s the best alternative, then get in touch with Minuteman Heating & Air today!