7 Problems You Will Face With Old Air Conditioning Units | Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington,TX

7 Problems You Will Face With Old Air Conditioning Units | Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington,TX

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Ever think that your air conditioning unit may be calling out to you for a repair or replacement? Air conditioners become a basic necessity as soon as the summer season arrives. You cannot think of uninterrupted supply of cold air, can you? If you live in Texas, you will have an idea how even the slightest issue with your air conditioners can be devastating.

With that said, the important thing is that, as a homeowner, you should be aware of the problems and signs that your air conditioner is giving you. Since air conditioners don’t last forever, older units can become a pain. And when you feel your air conditioner has given enough signs, maybe you should consider replacing the unit altogether.

Until you can do that, here are some of the problems that you will face with older units that call for an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, not a replacement.

1.  Little or No Cooling

If your air conditioner is older than 7 years, you will start noticing that the cooling intensity has changed. Older air conditioning units have lesser power to convert warm air into cool air and thus you will notice a significant change in the cooling. No matter how much you try to clean the fan or change the coils, little or no cooling is a sign you need an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

2.  Bad Quality of Air

An old air conditioning unit naturally starts giving you more technical issues. The reasons for this may be lack of regular cleaning, rusted coils, or growth of mold or mildew. Old units don’t have the strength to take a lot of pressure which is why the results aren’t too great. The poor quality of air that these old air conditioning units give out is not only a waste of energy and electricity bill, but it is also bad for health. It can cause several respiratory issues for you and your family. Call an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, if you feel your unit is giving out air of poor quality because of dust or dirt.

3.  Issues with the Fans

Your air conditioning unit has two fans; indoor fan and outdoor fan. The indoor fan is the one that blows air present inside your home and sends it to the evaporator coils to cool it down and convert into cool air. The outdoor fan is the one that discharges the warm air. If either of the fan stops working or gives problems, you need to call an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

The reason why the fans stop working can be damage to the motors, excessive dirt piled up, worn out belts, or blocked air filters. If you feel there is a blockage, do not ignore it or try to fix it yourself. If the indoor fan stops working, the air conditioner with release air of poor quality and the cooling ability of the air conditioner will also be affected. If the outdoor fan stops working, it may be because of a problem in the breaker or fuse box. Call an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, to fix the problem or else you will have to go for a replacement.

4.  Wear and Tear

Every electronic item will go through the natural process of wear and tear. This process will speed up if you haven’t been giving your air conditioner regular maintenance or cleaning. And even if you have, at times you cannot control this natural process. Every electronic item has a life. The humidity, weathering, dirt, dust, natural chemicals, and impurities in the air eventually get to the mechanics of the unit. The best way to control the wear and tear process or slow it down is to regularly call for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, and take care of your unit inside out.

5.  Ice Buildup

Ice buildup is becoming a common problem for old air conditioners given the extreme heat in Texas. It happens when the evaporator coil is exposed to extremely hot air, which is unable to circulate due to the dirty air filters. This eventually starts causing ice buildup. Not only will these cause problems in the functioning of the air conditioner, but also for you as water will start dripping from the unit onto the carpets or cause seepage in the walls as it melts. If you see ice buildup on your units, call an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

6.  Risk of Electrical Failure

Since an air conditioner unit takes a lot of electricity load, and especially if it’s an old one, it can become a burden on your electrical system. This may also increase the risk of electrical failures. An old air conditioning unit may not be the best option in the Texas heat and humidity. The load on the unit may result in severe electric failures, frequent tripping, and failing capacitors. If you don’t call for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, on time, your air conditioning unit can also get overworked and either break down completely, or burst into flames.

7.  Leaking Ducts

Air conditioner ducts inside the walls carry cool air and release it inside your rooms. With the passage of time, the ducts may start acting up or leaking, which can cause damage to your walls and also your unit. If ducts start leaking and are not repaired, they may crack and burst open. Ducts leak due to several reasons including dirty filters, lack of maintenance, debris buildup, or overall load on the unit. Higher pressure on the ducts will also lead to increased energy costs. If you notice leaking ducts, call for an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, immediately or get your unit’s ducts replaced altogether. If your electrician tells you that your unit cannot take the pressure, replace the unit and do yourself a favor.

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