7 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

7 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

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In the blistering summer sun, the last thing you want is a faulty air conditioner. More heat and humidity coming into your home can cause a lot of discomforts, particularly for kids and the elderly. To prevent these problems, be sure to give your unit the care and attention it deserves to ensure you have a happy, stress-free season.

At Minuteman Heating & Air, our professional technicians understand the importance of having a functional air conditioner. We are your most reliable company for all your air conditioning repair needs. Apart from being certified, our contractors are up-to-date on all current techniques and can handle any air conditioning system.

Here are seven warning signs that will tell you it’s time to call a specialist to look at your air conditioning unit:

Insufficient airflow

This is a clear sign that you need to seek air conditioning repair services. In most cases, the system experiences poor airflow because there is a blockage inhibiting air from passing through the ductwork. Worse still, it could be due to a broken motor, a leak in your Freon line, or a clogged air filter. Whatever the reason, you should call a repair expert to inspect it right away.

Moisture on your system

If you notice moisture or leaks on your air conditioner, don’t assume! While the culprit might be minor, like a blockage to the drain tube that leads the condensation out of the system, there could be a more significant internal issue like a refrigerant leak. Besides, this moisture can eventually lead to mold growth or rusting of some components.

Bad odors

Your home should be a comfortable place to rest after the day’s work. However, this will not be possible if unpleasant smells are disturbing your peace. If your HVAC unit is releasing a foul odor that resembles the scent of vinegar or urine, this is a clear sign that you have mold/mildew growth or dead animals inside the unit or ductwork. Irrespective of the source, you should call an air conditioning repair professional to clean it ASAP.

Professional contractors will perform a thorough cleaning of the internal system and use ultraviolet (UV) lamps to eliminate microbial growth in the air conditioner.

Strange noises

An AC that’s in good condition will run smoothly without producing any strange noises. So, if your HVAC starts to make unusual sounds, it’s time to seek reliable air conditioning repair services in Arlington, TX. Failure to properly handle these noises may eventually force you to replace the entire unit. Some of the noises that you should pay attention to include:

  • Whistling Noises: If your air conditioner starts to produce whistling noises, this indicates that the air filters are dirty or clogged. When air filters are dirty, airflow is restricted, and once it enters the system, it compresses to produce a whistling sound.


  • Thumps and Clangs: If your HVAC unit’s bearing or belt is worn-out, you’ll hear thumping and clanging noises inside the system. The noises are caused by the loose parts, including the rod, piston, or fan blade.


  • Loud Screeches: If you hear loud screeches emanating from the duct, don’t hesitate to seek air conditioning repair services. Loud screeches are caused by excessive airflow, pressure variations, and undersized ducts, all of which can result in severe wear and tear of your HVAC system. This sign simply means that the unit’s compressor is failing, and you’ll have to buy a new unit sooner than later.

AC blowing warm air

Many different variables could lead to warm air blowing out of your air conditioner. However, some of the most common culprits include a malfunctioned compressor, dirty condenser unit, dirty filters, or low refrigerant. Sometimes, it’s a sign of a duct problem where the air is being pulled from the outside rather than from the AC system. When that happens, it’ll cause your air conditioner to struggle to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Without professional knowledge and expertise, it may be quite tricky for you to ascertain the problem. You need an experienced air conditioning repair tech to pinpoint the root cause of the problem and offer a lasting solution.

High humidity

During the summer and spring, it’s normal to experience sticky weather outdoors. Once you get indoors, you expect your air conditioner to fulfill its promise by moderating the air. However, if you still experience high humidity in the house, then there could be a problem with your HVAC system.

As your air conditioner ages, most parts wear and may fail to regulate humidity as it used to. That tendency is increased when the unit hasn’t been regularly maintained. An air conditioner repair contractor will diagnose the problem and determine if your system needs a quick re-calibration or a full-house dehumidifier.

A spike in utility cost

It’s not unusual for your utility bills to fluctuate a little each month or rise significantly during the summer due to high temperatures and the AC system working extra hard to keep your home cool. However, in normal circumstances, a crazy spike in your energy bill may mean that there is a problem with the thermostat. It could also mean that the refrigerant is leaking or the air filters are dirty, forcing the system to run for a lengthier time to cool your home.

Need Air Conditioning Repair Services? We Can Help You!

If you’ve experienced one or more of the tell tale signs that your HVAC unit is faulty, don’t hesitate to contact Minuteman Heating & Air. We are indoor comfort experts who are committed to solving all your air conditioning repair needs in Arlington, TX, and the surroundings. Besides, our air conditioner repair specialists are insured. This means that should anyone get injured in the line of duty or damages occur, our company will be fully responsible for the cost.

For more information about our air conditioning repair services, call us today at 817-284-2569, and we will gladly be at your service!