8 Factors to Consider Before Air Conditioner Installation in Mansfield, TX

8 Factors to Consider Before Air Conditioner Installation in Mansfield, TX

As the heat hikes up in Mansfield, TX, it becomes difficult to stay indoors without an air conditioner. The hot summer forces us to consider buying a new air conditioner or replacing the old one for improved cooling.

Do you also plan to bring this room temperature regulator in your house or office? Alternatively, do you plan to replace the old one with a more modern system?

If your answers to these questions are yes then hold on! First, go through the factors that are essential to consider before air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX.

Air Conditioner Cost

It has been observed that people usually opt for air conditioners that are less expensive to save a few dollars. Although the selection is based upon the budget, it should be considered that the less costly systems usually increase your expenses in the future as they lack energy efficiency. Furthermore, they tend to malfunction more often and a large amount is utilized in their repairs.

On the other hand, expensive systems are more efficient in terms of both service and energy. They utilize less electricity and your energy bills go down. However, no matter which system you choose, it is always wise to hire a technician for air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX to avoid risks and achieve efficient installation of all the components.

Equipment Size

The air conditioner size is an important factor to consider before buying a new unit because improper size will result in reduced comfort, longevity and efficiency. The air conditioner will run continuously if it is too small for the designated space that needs to be cooled. As a result, it will consume more energy and hence, increase your electricity bill.

Similarly, a too large AC is also not feasible because the cycle will turn on and off frequently. This will also result in increased energy consumption and your energy bill will go up. This situation can be avoided by having your house or workplace analyzed by a technician before air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX. He/she will help you in identifying the right size of the unit and you will be saved from paying extra dollars in terms of electricity bills.

Air Conditioner Quality

Quality is another essential factor to consider before air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX. It determines the amount of energy your unit will consume and that how often it will require repair or maintenance. Less pricey systems are usually prone to more faults and have less longevity as compared to expensive ones. They also require frequent maintenance and consume high amounts of energy.

On the other hand, expensive air conditioners are usually high quality. Their components are usually well manufactured and they seldom get malfunctioned. Their build is such that they consume less electricity, which has a positive impact on both your electricity bills and the environment because less energy consumption reduces carbon footprint.

Condenser Placement

The outdoor condenser unit of your central air conditioning system desuperheats, condenses and sub-cools the air to ensure the required temperature is maintained throughout the house or workplace. Before air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX, you should consider two factors to ensure that your condenser functions in an efficient manner.

First, you have to find a place that is properly shaded. If the condenser is subjected to excess sun rays then it will overheat and get damaged. It will be unable to cool the place and will require frequent maintenance. Secondly, you should ensure that it is placed at a location that allows sufficient airflow because blockage can lead to other malfunctions in the system.

Efficient Ductwork

Before air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX, you should ensure that you have ductwork that can carry cool air throughout your house or office. If it is already installed then make sure that it is clean and in good condition. Furthermore, seal the joints so that the cool air stays inside. Studies have found that inefficient or old ducts result in up to 20% air leakage into the environment. Once you have completed these tasks, you can contact an HVAC technician for air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX.

Programmable Thermostat

Are you replacing your old air conditioner with a new one? Is your old thermostat working adequately? If yes, then you do not need to waste your hard-earned money on replacing it for the new system. However, if the old thermostat requires replacement then it is wise to replace it with a programmable one rather than a conventional one. They will not only reduce the cost but they will also save you from the hassle of daily thermostat adjustment. They will provide more comfort as compared to the conventional equipment in the long run.

Electricity Needs

Another major factor to consider before the air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX is the determination of electricity needs. The HVAC installation technicians often find themselves in situations where the circuit breaker box is unable to handle the electricity load and trips repeatedly. In such a case, you will have to upgrade the electrical wiring system of your house or workplace so that it is able to handle the load of a new air conditioning unit. Once the system is upgraded, you can hire a technician for air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX.

Type of Heating System Installed

The type of air conditioner required also depends upon the type of heating system installed. You can install an inexpensive unit if your house or workplace has a forced air heating system. However, if you utilize boiler or baseboard heat then you will require a more expensive and sophisticated system.

Have you considered all these factors and are ready for an air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX? If yes, then all you need is a skilled technician from Minuteman Heating and AC. Contact us today and benefit from our vast experience in the efficient installation of air conditioning systems.