8 Reasons Behind the AC Not Cooling Properly | Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

8 Reasons Behind the AC Not Cooling Properly | Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

Has your AC stopped blowing cool air in the scorching heat of Arlington, TX? Is your air conditioner not cooling properly and you are left sweating in the heat? If yes, then you must be frustrated and searching for reasons behind its decreased efficiency.

Air conditioners are complex systems that require a balanced combination of temperature, airflow and pressure to work in an efficient manner. Therefore, their inability to cool your house or workplace as per your requirement could be due to multiple reasons. It could be because of technical faults, lack of maintenance or dirty components among many other reasons.

Following are a few common glitches that were observed during air conditioner repairs in Arlington, TX:

Frozen Air Handler

Sometimes, the evaporator coils present behind the air filter get frozen and as a result, the air heats up. The ice present in the coils blocks the contact of the air present inside your home or office with the refrigerant of the evaporator coils. This prevents the air from getting cool and your AC fails to dehumidify it.

This situation can be countered by keeping your air conditioner off for a time span of 24 hours. However, if the problem pertains than this indicates that the evaporator coils require cleaning. It is always better to contact an HVAC technician in such a situation for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX because they have special chemicals that can easily remove the dirt and other debris.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat of an air conditioner is a sensor that identifies the room temperature and directs the compressor to stop or start the cooling cycle accordingly. Thermostat malfunctions are a common cause of inconsistent or improper cooling of air conditioners. If its display is blank then this indicates that something inside has gone faulty and you require HVAC professional for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

These faults could be anywhere from dead batteries to malfunctioned circuitry. The first remedy that you should do in case of a malfunctioned thermostat is to change its batteries. If this does not solve the problem then it is time to call HVAC technician for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX. He/she will be able to identify the problem accurately.

Faulty Compressor

The compressor is an essential component of an air conditioning system and is responsible to cool your house or workplace. It compresses the coolant or refrigerant and circulates it through the condenser and evaporator coils. One of the reasons behind the insufficient cooling of an air conditioner could be a faulty compressor.

If the compressor malfunctions or does not start then the cooling cycle will also not start and the air conditioner will be unable to acquire your desired temperature. Call HVAC technician for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX to avoid inconvenience in the raging summer.

Dirty Coils

Another reason behind the inefficient performance of your house or workplace air conditioner can be the accumulation of dirt and other debris inside the condenser coils. The condenser is a radiator that dissipates the removed heat. If it is not clean, then the heat will not be dissipated outside and this will reduce the overall efficiency of the system. As the efficiency decreases, it becomes harder for the air conditioner to cool the premises. If your unit’s coils are dirty then you should hire a technician for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX to increase the AC efficiency.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If your house has a window or split air conditioner which is not cooling as per your requirement then this indicates that the refrigerant levels are lower than required. Refrigerant or coolant is a liquid that circulates through the evaporator coils and cools the air flowing in it. This cooled air is then sent in the room to attain the required temperature.

The refrigerant levels can decrease due to two common reasons. First, there is a coolant leakage problem and second, its levels have decreased over the span of usage. Both these cases require a professional technician for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

Undersized Air Conditioner

People usually make a common mistake of neglecting the size of their house or workplace while choosing an air conditioner and buy it based on their budget. As a result, they purchase an air conditioner that is not sufficient to cool the intended place during hot summers. To avoid this you should always consider all the sizing parameters before selecting an AC unit.

These parameters are not just limited to the size of your workplace or house but they also involve consideration of the climatic conditions of the area in which the place is located. An HVAC technician can guide you to choose the correct air conditioner size to counter the higher temperatures and humidity in Arlington, TX.

Degradation of Air Conditioner with Time

Like all other electrical equipment, the performance of the air conditioner also degrades over the span of their usage. It starts to utilize more electricity and its cooling ability also decreases.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has found that a 7% reduction in the efficiency takes place during the first year, 5% during the second year and 2% every year in the remaining lifespan. This reduction can peak between 20-30% depending upon the quality of the air conditioner. This efficiency drop can go as high as 40% for air conditioners that are 20 or more years old.

However, frequent maintenance and repair of minor faults can slow down this aging procedure. If you notice any problem in your air conditioner than you should contact HVAC technician for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX to avoid any major malfunction or drop in the performance of the system.

If your AC has called it quits on complying with your cooling requirements then contact Minuteman Heating and AC. We will send one of our experienced professionals for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX and your AC will soon be back in the fighting position!