8 Warning Signs Your Air Ducts Aren’t Clean | Duct Cleaning Service in Mansfield, TX

8 Warning Signs Your Air Ducts Aren’t Clean | Duct Cleaning Service in Mansfield, TX

When your HVAC system fails to maintain the desired indoor temperature, you may acquire the services of an HVAC technician for the maintenance work or replace the unit for your comfort. But you may not be aware that the efficiency of the system might be affected due to unclean air ducts.

Air ducts are a crucial part of your heating and cooling system. They transfer cool or hot air throughout your home. However, dust and debris may accumulate in ducts over time that affects the indoor air quality. As a result, you may experience various health issues such as allergies, headaches or dizziness.

Hiring a professional duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX improves the indoor environment and keeps you fit and fine. If you don’t clean air ducts on a regular basis, here are a few signs you shouldn’t delay the task anymore:

1.   Dirt and Debris Accumulation

If you notice dirt and debris deposits on the surface of vents, it’s a telltale sign you should hire a duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX. Moreover, you may also notice a puff of dust as soon as air starts to flow through the ductwork.

Dust can fill air ducts in your house before you know it. It leads to the growth of mold that is extremely harmful to your health. If your air ducts are filled with allergens, mold spores, and pest droppings, you may fall ill quite often.

Air ducts must be cleaned on a routine basis to eliminate dirt and debris. But if you try to clean them on your own, you may end up damaging the ductwork. So, it’s recommended to hire a professional duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX for this purpose.

2.   Inconsistent Temperature

Ducts are installed with HVAC units to deliver hot or cold fresh air as well as exhaust air. It maintains consistent temperature throughout your home so that you can stay comfortable. If your heating and cooling unit fails to maintain the desired temperature throughout your home, it may indicate your air ducts need cleaning.

When ducts are dirty or damaged, they restrict airflow. Consequently, your HVAC unit won’t be able to work at its best. If you notice certain areas in your home have an inconsistent temperature, you should contact a professional duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX to effectively clean air ducts and improve airflow.

3.   Unpleasant Smell

Dirt and debris accumulation in air ducts leads to an unpleasant smell that negatively affects the indoor air quality. If you’ve checked every other possible place to find the source of this odor including drain pipes, then it’s time you should check the air ducts.

You can test air ducts by getting close to them and giving them a good sniff, but the safe and more effective way to get rid of this unpleasant smell is to hire a professional duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX.

The professionals are trained and experienced at what they do. So, they can clean duct pipes and improve indoor air quality in no time.

4.   High Energy Bills

While many factors can contribute to high energy bills, unclean or damaged air ducts are usually the major reason why there has been a steady rise in your utility bills. To be on the safe side, hire a duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX.

When air ducts aren’t in good condition, they fail to deliver hot or cold air in every room. So, the HVAC unit will have to work for longer to maintain the desired temperature within the premises. It leads to a significant increase in your utility bills.

So, keep an eye on energy bills and contact professionals to repair and clean ducts if your energy bills are too high.

5.   Mold Growth

If you live at a place where humidity levels are high, it’s likely that your ductwork may come across moisture problems. You may notice black or grey-brown colored mold outside air ducts, but it usually goes unnoticed until there’s an extensive problem.

If mold is growing within the duct pipes, you can eliminate the problem by vacuuming, sanitizing, and deodorizing air ducts.

However, keep in mind that exposure to mold leads to various health problems. In order to stay safe, it’s best to contact a duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX and they can carry out the task for you in a safe way.

6.   High Humidity

Do you feel that the indoor humidity level is quite high? It may indicate that your duct pipes aren’t in good condition and need maintenance or cleaning.

When ducts are unclean or damaged, they allow moisture to enter the system. This moisture makes your rooms feel humid. Check humidity levels with the help of a hygrometer and call a duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX accordingly.

7.   Respiratory Problems

If you or your family members are experiencing unexplained sinusitis or respiratory allergies, it’s time you should get your ductwork checked.

Dirt and debris accumulation ruins the quality of indoor air. You can improve your health and provide your family with a clean and safe indoor environment by keeping ducts clean. For this purpose, you should call a duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX today.

8.   No Prior Record of Duct Cleaning

Air ducts should be cleaned once every 2 to 5 years. But you can clean them more often to improve air quality. If you’ve recently bought a house and there’s no prior record of duct cleaning, it’s in your best interest to get them cleaned before you move into your new residence.

Duct cleaning keeps dirt and debris at bay and enhances the indoor air quality. It protects you from various health issues as well as helps you cut down on utility expenses. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a duct cleaning service in Mansfield, TX today to clean the duct work.

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