A Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

A Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

The team at Minuteman Heating & Air in Arlington, TX knows how critical it is for the HVAC system to have routine maintenance and how important it is to give your home or workspace regular HVAC service.

Living in Arlington, TX means you are familiar with how hot and humid it can get during a sweltering Texas summer. Temperatures often climb past 100 degrees and sometimes with humidity levels to match.

During these hot summer months, it is not unusual to have the air conditioner on around the clock for months at a time. The constant use of your air conditioning unit puts more pressure on the appliance and may break down and need repair. Minuteman Heating & Air recommends that you have your HVAC system reviewed at least once a year unit from one of our expert technicians.

A routine service means that your HVAC system is less likely to stop working. This prudent choice will make your HVAC system run more efficiently and reduce your electricity and gas bills in Arlington, TX.

Routine maintenance of your HVAC system includes the inspection of the ventilation and air duct network in your home. Our highly trained team catches the growth of mold and cleans the dirty ducts. Considering the average family of four produces approximately 50 pounds of dust a year, cleaning the vents is crucial to the air quality in your home.

Services Performed During Regular Maintenance

Many tasks are completed during routine maintenance from Minuteman Heating & Air. All the air filters, evaporator coils, compressor, condenser, and furnaces will be thoroughly evaluated for any signs of potential problems.

Each component will be cleaned. All of your HVAC systems will be spruced up. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Coolant levels will be replaced in the air conditioner. The pilot light will be inspected to make sure it lights and is ready for action. Routine maintenance allows you to find problems and allows you to prevent a costly repair.

We inspect the air ducts and joints if you have any. The levels of dust and dirt in the ducts along with any damage that has occurred to the ducts and joints will be reported back to you. Over time the joints could have loosened and left gaps allowing any warm or cool air to escape. The same will be true for any holes left by damage. Studies have found that up to 30 percent of the air conditioner or HVAC’s energy output gets lost in this way. You are wasting 3 in every 10 dollars and all you are doing is heating or cooling the crawl spaces. The bill for repairing damaged ducts is not cheap but will be recovered in lower energy costs. You may also want to consider having a duct cleaning service after any repairs are completed.

Is a Duct Cleaning Service Necessary?

The air filters remove dust, allergens, and dirt from the air that you breathe in your space. It’s suggested that you inspect your air filters regularly and replace them every month. How often you will need to change your air filters depends on many factors, but a home with many people, smokers, or pets will have to replace air filters much more frequently.

Dirty air ducts affect how often you will need to replace air filters and impact the cleanliness of the air in your home. If you find you are replacing them more and more often, it is necessary to perform a duct cleaning service.

Cleaning the ducts is important because there could be anything from dust to mold, to rodents living or dead in the ventilation system. If you smell something weird when your air conditioner or heater kicks on normally it is time to think about calling Minuteman Heating and Air for duct cleaning service.

Why It Is Important to Have A Duct Cleaning Service

A duct cleaning service improves the air quality in your house due to the removal of dust and dirt in the vents that the hot and cold air blow through into your home. Clean air ducts increase the efficiency of HVAC appliances and the air in your home will be much cleaner.

Clean vents mean the air filters are cleaner too, allowing more warm air to blow over the evaporator coils in your air conditioner. The coils absorb more heat from the warm air, increasing the cooling capabilities of your unit while less debris collects onto the coils reducing the grime.

This helps the efficiency of the air conditioner because dirt is an insulator. The dirt reduces the transfer of indoor heat between the coils and the air passing over them. Another benefit is the lack of humidity in your home because the evaporator coils are obstruction-free and more efficiently remove heat and moisture from the air.

Maintaining a healthy HVAC system means that all your climate control and air quality systems will last longer and perform more efficiently than those who do not undergo routine maintenance faithfully. In comparison, a regular service can extend the life of any HVAC appliance by years while reducing the amount of energy necessary to run the units.

A duct cleaning service means a cleaner house. Cleaner air means increased well-being for everyone living in your home or working in your environment.

What Happens During a Duct Cleaning Service?

The ventilation system in your home or office is kind of industrial looking and is often hidden under the floor, in the walls, or even in the ceilings. A trained professional will use a specialized camera on the end of a lengthy tube to examine the vents throughout the building looking for obstructions, holes, or other issues that may be lurking in the walls.

After the assessment, a portable negative air machine is attached to the vents, forcefully sucking out any dust or obstructions. A lodged obstruction will be removed by a rotary brush made specifically for ductwork.

The Most Trustworthy Duct Cleaning Service Company in Texas

Minuteman Heating & Air has been providing HVAC expertise for decades. If you haven’t been consistently taking care of all of your HVAC give us a call and find out just how affordable regular maintenance can be!

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