A History Of Air Conditioning Service And How It Has Greatly Improved Our Lives | Mansfield, TX

A History Of Air Conditioning Service And How It Has Greatly Improved Our Lives | Mansfield, TX

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It’s hard to imagine a world where we aren’t in control of our home’s temperature. The hot summer sun brings heatwaves and an instance of intense sweat and discomfort at the time. Having fun in the sun is no big deal when you have a nice cool home to go to after the fact. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air for air conditioning service to ensure you do indeed have a cool space to relax in during the heat waves.

The History of Air conditioning and Air Conditioning Services

Most people don’t even think about their air conditioning. You usually just flip on a switch and cool air instantly starts pouring out of your vents. Since humankind discovered fire we have had no issue staying warm. Escaping the heat and smoldering hot temperatures was a whole other story. The air conditioner has gone through many transformations over time and will continue to do so. In the year 2000 air conditioning and refrigeration were named one of the top 10 greatest mechanical engineering achievements of the 20th century based on a survey conducted by the members of ASME.

Many believe the air conditioner originated in second-century China. An inventor named Ding Huan created a rotary fan that had to be powered manually. Humans have been trying to stay cool since the beginning of time. The history of attempting to cool down the air through means of creativity and invention can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Air conditioning services from Minuteman Heating & Air can help bring your home and lifestyle up to date. Visit the website for more information.

The Egyptian Era

Experts speculate that ancient Egyptians had an understanding of basic cooling techniques such as evaporation for cooling purposes. They would wet clothes or rags and hang them from their entryways in order to cool down the air. When the breeze would blow through them the breeze created would be cooler and more refreshing. This basic understanding of evaporation for air cooling purposes was the start of using cooling techniques to escape extremely hot temperatures. Ancient Egyptians knew the benefits of cooling air and used this technique to stay cool and comfortable in the hot Egyptian sun. If you have an issue with your air conditioning system be sure to contact blank for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. There is no need to suffer this summer or use a wet rag to bring in the cool air. Even though this technique has worked for the ancient Egyptians, having your front door open with a wet towel hanging from it isn’t the safest thing to do nor is it necessary with Minuteman Heating & Air conditioning services. Contact this air conditioning service company to ensure your systems are operating smoothly.

Ancient China

After Ancient Egyptian’s began cooling themselves with the vapor from wet cloths people from Ancient China invented the rotary fan in 180 AD. The manually operated fan actually produced a breeze. This was a huge improvement from the ancient Egyptian method and has inspired other air conditioning cooling devices.

The Mediterranean Empire

In ancient Rome inventions created by the intelligent people that lived there were known to make life easier and more luxurious for the Romans. The Ancient Romans created aqueducts to circulate water and cool air in the homes of more wealthy Romans. Aqueducts are defined as an artificial channel for moving water, usually in the form of a bridge, valley, or another type of opening. Once we reach this era of air condition progress we are getting closer and closer to the modern design of air condition. Modern air conditions today are more complex and are also full of many moving parts that are pushing cool air through the use of vapor, fans, and canals. Contact blank in Mansfield, TX for excellent air conditioning service.

The 1700’s

Benjamin Franklin, one of the fathers of the invention, presented findings in an investigation he had conducted with his colleague John Hadley in 1758. Their findings concluded that inconstant liquids, such as alcohol could cool an object to the point of freezing by evaporating it. This was one of the first studies done on the cooling effects of evaporation. This finding helped lead to the modern air conditioning systems we enjoy today. If you have an air conditioner system that doesn’t seem to function as it should, contact blank in Mansfield, TX, for air conditioning service.

In 1820 an English inventor by the name of Michael Faraday invented an experiment similar to Benjamin Franklins and John Hadley that utilized the same methods. Instead of alcohol Michael used ammonia as the inconstant liquid needed. Ammonia went on to be the liquid used to power the first-ever real air conditioning unit. 10 years later in 1830, an American physician by the name of John Gorrie invented the first cooling machine that utilized mechanics. The machine blew air through a wet cloth, soaked in ice water. The machine was extremely bulky. This large engineering masterpiece wasn’t actually functional on a daily basis due to the amount of ice needed to operate the machine. Although it wasn’t very practical it was able to cool a room by 20 degrees. Nowadays our Air conditioning unit hides in our walls and requires little to no effort to use. If your Air conditioning unit begins to cause you any grief it’s time to seek professional assistance from blank, they provide air conditioning service to residents in and around the Mansfield, TX, area.

By 1851 a Dr. Gorrie had released his patented ice-cooling machine that was mainly used in hospital rooms. This invention allowed hospitals to facilitate healthier environments to treat patients suffering from ailments such as fevers. Air conditioning has tremendously improved and revolutionized our lives and continues to do so. Blank air conditioning service is on a mission to ensure you and your residents are able to reap the benefits of this invention by ensuring your AC unit is operating effectively and efficiently.

The Modern Air Conditioner and Modern Air Conditioning Services

The closest thing to our modern air conditioner was first invented in 1902. A man by the name of Willis Carrier. The invention was driven by the need for a cooling process for certain manufacturers. While Willis Carrier worked for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Co., there was a need for a sufficient cooling process for printed paper. Willis Carrier then invented air conditioning, the reminiscent machine that was equipped with cold coils that produced a cooling effect when air blew over them. The machine was able to rid the air of humidity, while simultaneously cooling the area in order to ensure the ink would stay fresh and the paper would cool down significantly after printing. This machine was a huge improvement from the previous designs in the way that it was able to lower the heat by various degrees and lower the humidity levels by over 50 percent. The Air conditioning units we use today are very similar to this design. Although the design is similar it has grown to be a bit more complicated and requires a skilled professional to repair and service them. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air in Mansfield, TX for air conditioning service that’s affordable and reliable.

In 1911 Willis Carrier invented the Rational Psychrometric Formulae which is the science behind the air conditioning technology we use today. Over 100 years later we continue to use this science to power air conditioners. Willis Carrier went on to found Carrier Corp in the 1900s, which provides air conditioners, and refrigeration appliances to this day. This formula is able to read a room temperature and humidity level in order to provide a comfortable environment for living and manufacturing. Without this formula regulating temperatures could not be as seamless. If you notice and issue with our cooling system or thermostat contact Minuteman Heating & Air for professional air conditioning service.

Carrier also created the first in-home air conditioning machine in 1914. Before 1914 air conditioners were almost strictly used for hospitals and manufacturers. The first in-home air conditioner was quite large. It stood seven feet tall and was 20 feet wide. In 1915 is when Carrier joined a group of engineers to start his company, Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. This company mainly created air conditioning units for other companies involved in manufacturing projects.

It turns out the use of ammonia was actually toxic, so in 1920 Willis Carrier replaced the ammonia with a coolant known as dyeline which proved to be much safer. The units were also made to be much smaller and compact in order to be used in other establishments such as railroad cars and office buildings. By the 1930s Air conditioning was becoming an everyday household object with the start of the white house and other executive office buildings installing this revolutionary invention. One year later the first window air conditioning unit was made available to the public. Due to its extremely high price only the wealthy were able to afford such a luxury.

By the time the 1950s rolled around air conditioning units had grown in popularity. Nearly 74,000 air conditioners were installed at this time. If you are behind the times and don’t have a proper air conditioning unit installed you should contact Metro Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX. This company will assist you by identifying your AC issues, fixing the issue, providing all air conditioning service types you may need, as well as make suggestions on best maintenance practices.

By 1953 the demand for air conditioning was much higher than the supply. Air conditioners were still going through changes at this time and by 1957 an air conditioner was invented that didn’t make quite as much noise as its predecessors. The invention responsible for this change was the creation of rotary compressors. This made the air conditioners work more efficiently and quietly, all the while producing the same effect, conditioned air. If you notice strange noises stemming from your AC unit, it’s time to contact a professional air conditioning service to inspect the unit and determine what the issue may be. Minuteman Heating & Air professionals in Mansfield TX may discover the total air conditioning unit must be replaced depending on the age and issue at hand. If the cause of the problem is small a simple patch up or preventive maintenance should deter the issue from occurring again.

By the time the 1970s rolled around central air condition was being installed in several commercial properties. The demand to service these air conditioning systems was growing and companies like Minuteman Heating & Air, in Mansfield, TX, were needed too much to provide air conditioning services. By the ’90s energy consumption for the air conditioning system was growing at rapid rates and nearly doubled over a span of 10 years. This realization made it a necessity to produce energy-efficient use in efforts to help save the environment and stay within the environmental law requirements of the time.

In the 2000s air conditioning became a common household appliance. Similar to how everyone has a fridge, everyone has an AC unit. By 20-7 86 percent of all US homes began using air conditioning. Some homes air conditioning units have been installed earlier than that are in desperate need of an upgrade. Air conditioning service provider, Minuteman Heating & Air can help you do just that. Fast-forwarding to 2015 there were over 100 million US homes with air conditioning systems, all of which need a trained and professional eye to perform inspections at least once a year to ensure you have an up to date and efficiently working AC unit.

Air conditioning service is important to utilize for several reasons. If your AC isn’t working properly you will suffer. The AC unit could be on and nothing could be coming out or the system could be so weak that all of our AC units’ efforts will be in vain. You will still have to pay for the AC unit but you will not reap the benefits if you don’t hire a trusted and trained professional air conditioning service provider such as Minuteman Heating and Air to service your system. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air for excellent and reliable air conditioning service and get more information on how you can ensure your AC unit is running efficiently and properly.