AC Repair: Common AC Problems and How to Prevent Them | Arlington, TX

AC Repair: Common AC Problems and How to Prevent Them | Arlington, TX

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Air conditioning systems play a profound role in helping homeowners to relax and find comfort in their residential premises. However, they contribute significantly to the huge electricity consumption as shown by the EIA survey, which estimated the average electricity consumption per Texas home in 2009 standing at 26% higher than the national average. Homeowners are privy to humid weather conditions in the area hence frequent AC repair services are inevitable once the units break down or malfunction. Below are some of the common causes of AC problems and mitigation measures to help you optimize your air conditioning experience at home.

Leaking and blocked ducts

An air conditioning unit supplies purified, cooled, or warmed air, depending on the season, to various rooms in your house via a series of interconnected tubes known as air ducts. At times, these ducts are subject to wear and tear emanating from rodents or human activities, for instance, when workers repair your ceiling or other parts of the house.

The resulting holes and breaks in the ducts may cause a leak in the system. Consequently, the air from the surrounding mixes with purified air inside the ducts leading to inefficient air cooling during summer. Blockages may arise from debris accumulating along the ducts due to faulty air filters or entry through broken duct sections, and this may cause restriction to airflow.

You may remedy this scenario by choosing a flexible, fiberglass, and insulating material for your ductwork during installation or replacement in place of metallic tubes. Also, you can contract dependable AC repair service providers, who use a pressure gauge coupled with specialized techniques to detect and repair leaking ducts as well as clean any blockages in your ducting pathway to restore optimum airflow and quality.

Dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils form part of your air conditioner’s outdoor unit meaning that they’re located outside your house. They remove the heat extracted from the air during purification by blowing it outside your premises thus ensuring that only fresh air is in circulation inside the house. With time, the condenser coils are bound to accumulate dirt and grime. This impedes heat transfer in your air conditioning unit causing it to work harder to keep your room cool.

As a result, there is increased resistance to airflow in the condenser coils and other parts of the AC unit that may lead to total failure and a reduced lifespan. Also, you’ll most likely incur higher energy bills since your AC unit will be overworking. Not to worry though. You can carefully remove large particles embedded in the coils regularly before they develop into a risk factor for your AC system causing the need for AC repair services.

Additionally, it’s recommendable that you clean the area surrounding your outdoor unit to get rid of trees, tall grasses, weeds, vines, and shrubs that may interfere with air circulation. In case of the total malfunction of the condenser, you can always look for an AC repair professional to clean the coils and inspect the other parts of your air conditioning unit.

Low refrigerant

A refrigerant is a combination of heat transfer fluids without which there would be no air conditioning and other forms of freezing technologies. It runs in the refrigerant line between the inside and outside units of your air conditioning system. It transits between the liquid and gaseous states, in a repeating cycle, by absorbing heat from the air making way into your home through evaporation, and then releasing it outside through condensation.

A refrigerant in an air conditioning system remains at the same set level known as its charge and can only be lost through leaks. Changes in pressure due to low refrigerant cause a decline in cooling efficiency and damage to the compressor that can lead to burning out if you delay AC repairs. As a responsible homeowner in Arlington, TX, ensure that you look out for any hissing sounds coming from the indoor unit, frozen coils, loss in cooling power, and elevated energy bills, which could indicate the presence of low refrigerant.

If that’s the case, hire an AC repair company to seal up the leaks in the refrigerant line and recharge it to an optimum level.

Fan problems

A fan or a blower in your AC unit propels air over an evaporator coil in the indoor unit for cooling and then supplies to different parts of your house. It also blows air over the condenser in the outdoor unit to get rid of absorbed heat, thus keeping you comfortable during hot days. A fan is prone to the wear and tear effects of friction, faulty motors, and accumulation of debris, resulting in poor airflow and hampering its ability to condition the air in your home. If your AC unit operates in this state for long periods, it’ll cause damage to your compressor, which is an expensive component to replace during a repair. You can lubricate the moving parts of your AC units, including the fan, using a suitable lubricant as outlined in the manuals or advised by a professional repair service provider for prevention purposes.

Faulty thermostat

A thermostat in an air conditioning system regulates the temperature of a house by allowing the cooling system to operate according to a set degree of desired temperature conditions. There are two types of thermostats namely mechanical and digital or electronic thermostats. Incorrect calibrations on the thermostat are a common problem, especially in the mechanical type, and this causes the control system to send wrong instructions regarding temperature to the evaporator and condenser coils. This issue could be resolved easily by recalibrating or replacing your thermostat with the help of a qualified repair technician.

Also, you should be conversant with the type of thermostat in your AC unit and consider upgrading to the smart digital models that allow you to configure varying temperature settings for the different times of the day. Smart thermostats are beneficial in lowering energy bills, reducing instances of AC repair, and increasing the lifespan of the AC unit since you can turn it off remotely when not in use.

A reliable AC repair company

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