AC Repair: Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Breakdowns | Arlington, TX

AC Repair: Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Breakdowns | Arlington, TX

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If you live in Arlington, TX, your air conditioners must be one of the most important appliances in your house or business, particularly during summer when the weather can become uncomfortably hot. Unfortunately, the air conditioner is not a machine that you can just install and forget. Indeed, it requires routine maintenance and timely repairs to ensure that it is always running optimally. If you are not careful, your air conditioner could break down on a hot summer afternoon when you need it the most, making it necessary for you to call an emergency AC repair company, such as Minuteman Heating & Air. But what exactly could go wrong? For you to appreciate the importance of routine air conditioning maintenance, you need to understand why your air conditioner might fail when you need it the most. Below are some of the most common causes of air conditioner breakdowns.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most important components of your home’s HVAC system. This device basically automates your HVAC system. It ensures that your air conditioner is running only when needed in order to keep your energy bills low. For instance, during summer, your air conditioner will run until the desired temperature range has been achieved, after which the thermostat will turn off the air conditioner until the indoor temperature goes above the desired range again. Therefore, if your thermostat is malfunctioning, your air conditioner may fail to go on or off when needed. Therefore, to avoid the need for urgent AC repair in the middle of summer and keep your home’s energy consumption low, the thermostat should be checked regularly and repaired or replaced promptly.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coil is located in your AC’s outside unit. Its job is to release the heat collected from your house into the outdoor air. Due to its location, the condenser coil is susceptible to getting covered with dirt and debris. Unfortunately, when this happens, its ability to release heat is severely reduced, and therefore, your home’s temperatures might remain hot even when your air conditioner is working overtime. Unfortunately, overworking your air conditioner will cause extensive wear and tear and make it necessary for you to call an AC repair expert more often. It may also reduce your AC’s lifespan and force you to replace the unit sooner than the manufacturer intended. The good news is that you can avoid such an eventuality by subjecting your air conditioner to timely repair and maintenance.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner relies on its refrigerant to cool your house. Therefore, if the refrigerant is leaking, your air conditioner could be on its way to a major breakdown. If the refrigerant is leaking, your home’s indoor temperature and humidity will increase and consequently cause your home to become uncomfortable. The good news is that this is an issue that can be repaired. But to avoid calling expensive emergency AC repair services due to refrigerant leaks, you will need to subject your air conditioner to routine checkups and maintenance. During routine maintenance, your repair expert will check your unit for any refrigerant leaks and ensure that they are fixed on time.

Electrical Issues

Your air conditioner is an electrical appliance like any other, and therefore, it is not immune to electrical issues. Some common electrical problems that affect air conditioners include tripped circuit breakers and bad capacitors, among others. In the event of a tripped circuit breaker, you can fix the issue by simply flipping the circuit breaker switch. However, if the circuit breaker is tripping frequently, you may need to call an AC repair services provider to determine the fix and fix it accordingly.

The work of capacitors is to power the motors that run the fans. Therefore, if your AC’s capacitor is bad or weak, the fans will not run as they should, and therefore, your AC will not run efficiently. In some cases, your AC might not run at all if it has a bad capacitor. This issue is not necessarily hard for AC repair experts, such as Minuteman Heating & Air, to fix. However, to avoid the need for emergency repairs due to a bad capacitor, you need to seek timely HVAC maintenance services to ensure that deteriorating capacitors are replaced before causing emergency AC breakdowns.

Clogged Drainage Line

In addition to cooling your house, your air conditioner is also responsible for removing excess humidity from your indoor air. The humidity is usually condensed and drained out as liquid water. However, your AC’s drainage might become clogged. When this happens, the drain pan will fill up, and eventually, water might start backing up, and if nothing is done to fix the issue on time, the water might damage your air conditioner. The good news is that by subjecting your air conditioner to routine maintenance, you can ensure that any drain clogs are unclogged on time before they can lead to a serious air conditioner breakdown.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that like any other appliance, your air conditioner can break down and cause serious inconveniences in your house. The good news is that most AC breakdowns that may call for expensive AC repair services can be avoided by simply ensuring that your AC is checked and serviced by a professional AC repair expert, such as Minuteman Heating & Air. If you are looking for a dependable AC company to help you take care of your air conditioner in Arlington, TX, Minuteman Heating & Air is an excellent HVAC contractor to consider. We have been helping business owners and homeowners maintain their air conditioners for many years, and we are a household name in Arlington, TX. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and AC repair and maintenance services.