AC Repair in Arlington, TX — Furnace Tune-Up

AC Repair in Arlington, TX — Furnace Tune-Up

AC Repair in Arlington, TX – When a furnace becomes dirty its energy efficiency will decrease along with the possibility of the service life for the unit also. A furnace that is not routinely maintained will eventually need an increase in AC repair in Arlington, TX. Professional HVAC technicians recommend that routine service should be provided for furnaces at least once per year. Next, to vehicles heating and cooling systems tend to be the most expensive item for homeowners. Yet, most people tend to take care of their vehicles by providing it will preventive maintenance to ensure they get the most out of their vehicles. HVAC systems are not that different and by providing routine maintenance you can increase the service life greatly.

Neglecting maintenance to a furnace can sometimes prove hazardous to you and your family’s health and in some cases it can even be deadly. A gas furnace that is not provided with annual maintenance can possibly leak deadly carbon monoxide gases into the home. By providing a furnace with annual maintenance this risk is mitigated along with unnecessary AC repair in Arlington, TX.

Furnace Checklist

Below are the parts of the furnace that will be maintained during an annual inspection:

The Filter – The filter is one part of the furnace that will need attention more than once per year. Typically the filter will be exchanged every month, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. You should use the type of filter that is recommended by the manufacturer, and do not assume a filter that has better filtration will work with your furnace just because it fits. An improper filter can place strain upon the heating and cooling system, possibly causing damage and requiring AC repair in Arlington, TX. You should always follow the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for a filter.

The Blower – A common problem with blowers tend to deal with the cage housing having debris build-up. With an annual furnace tune-up, the debris build-up can be cleaned before it gets out of hand, causing problems and potentially requiring AC repair in Arlington, TX. When the blower is properly cleaned it not allows it to operate more efficiently but also safer. When dirt and debris is removed it will decrease the cost to operate the furnace but more importantly it prevents excessive heat building up around the area of the motor.

The Motor – The type of care that is provided for the motor will depend on the specifications for the motor itself. Motors that can be lubricated will receive oil about once per year with a special type of oil that is specified for that type of motor. Requiring as little as just a few drops of oil, it will assist the motor to last for many more years.

Ventilation – The ventilation system should be inspected once per year for any signs of blockage and / or leakage. This will include the outside termination and the inside connections as well as the internal area of the furnace.

Combustion Gases and/or Coils – If the furnace is gas operated, then combustion gases must be analyzed to make sure that they meet the unit’s specifications.

Heat Exchanger and Burners – In as gas-powered furnace, the heat exchanger and burners are inspected annually for signs of rust and corrosion. Extensive wear and tear can result in the possibility of deadly carbon monoxide gases leaking and spreading throughout the home. Burners are also inspected for proper ignition, burner flame and flame sensor.

In an electric-powered furnace, the heating coils are inspected annually for wear and tear, damage and signs of corrosion.

Drainage – If the furnace is part of a cooling system then the drainage will be inspected annually for signs of possible blockage and / or leakage. This will also include the internal hoses found in the furnace. The condensate drain and trap will be thoroughly cleaned and water replaced in the trap. Static air pressure, gas pressure, and temperature rise tests will also be performed as required during an annual inspection.

Minuteman Heating and Air’s certified and professional heating specialists will be more than happy to setup and provide you with an annual inspection for your home’s furnace. Routine maintenance will provide the best operation for the greatest efficiency possible for the furnace and it will also ensure not only a safe operation but increase the life cycle for the furnace also.

Do not take unnecessary risks with your furnace this upcoming winter when it comes to you and your family’s safety and health. Minuteman Heating and Air’s dedicated heating and cooling specialists will provide you with superior AC repair in Arlington, TX, that you can count on every single time. If you need assistance, repairs, installation, service or would like to establish a yearly routine maintenance tune-up for your heating and cooling and / or furnace then give Minuteman Heating and Air a call today to schedule an appointment.

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