AC repair in Arlington, TX — Insulation

AC repair in Arlington, TX — Insulation

Having the right amount of insulation is one of the most cost-efficient methods of saving on the costs of electricity and reducing the waste of energy leakage. When you invest in adequate insulation for proper weatherization for your home, you can increase the comfort levels while saving as much as thirty percent or more on your home’s heating and cooling needs in the Arlington, TX area.

Insulation is used not only in the attic, but in the walls, floors, basements and even crawl spaces of a home. Inspect your home’s insulation in these areas to determine if they meet the recommended levels for your region. Insulation is measured in R-value and the higher the R-value, the better your home will be insulated from the temperatures of the outdoor elements.

Insulation is manufactured from many different materials, but typically it comes in four different types. These types are batts, rolls, blown loose-fill, and rigid foam boards. Batts are made to fit in between the studs in your walls, or between the ceiling or floor joists. Batts are typically composed of fiberglass or rock wool material. Batts are one of the most common forms of home insulation in homes across the United States and it is also one of the least expensive solutions.

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Rolls or blankets are typically composed of fiberglass and they come in three different types. These types are faced, unfaced thermal and sound insulation. It is also available in different densities and thicknesses so that it can conform to the various-shaped spaces and desires of the homeowner.

Loose-fill or blown insulation, is made of fiberglass, mineral wool or even cellulose, and it is blown into the attic or the walls. These materials are made from recycled waste materials. Cellulose is mostly composed from recycled newspaper. Fiberglass will contain anywhere between twenty to thirty percent of recycled glass and mineral wool is usually produced from seventy five percent of post-industrial recycled content.

Rigid foam boards are lightweight, provide structural support, and usually have an R-value of 4 to 7 for every inch of thickness. It is made to be used in confined areas such as cathedral ceilings, concrete slabs, foundations, basement and exterior walls. Some manufacturers recommend it is used under metal roofing and behind the siding of a home.

Some signs your home may be under insulated are as follows:

  • Uncomfortably hot in the summer and cold in the winter;
  • If you have noticed excessive noise from the outside intruding into your inner home;
  • Excessive cost of energy bills;
  • If your home was built before 1980 it probably is under insulated.


In order to determine if your attic has enough insulation, you will need to measure the thickness of the insulation. If there is less than R-19 it will be 6 inches for fiberglass or rock wool and 5 inches for cellulose, then you will benefit by adding more insulation. Adding additional insulation is one of the simplest ways to add cost effective solutions in order to help further insulate your home and decrease the energy related costs.

Insulation in the crawlspace is recommended only if the crawlspace is dry year round, the floor above is not insulated and there is no ventilation in the crawlspace. Additionally, a vapor barrier of polyethylene film should also be installed on the ground in order to prevent moisture from intruding into the crawl space.

Windows and doors are another area that can produce a significant loose in energy. Look for energy star products and consider the directions that the windows and doors face. Depending on where you live, north facing windows will receive more cold exposure and south facing windows will receive more heat exposure during the summer.  When you are planning on remodeling your home, adding an addition, or even building a new home, it is beneficial to use energy efficient products in order to save on the costs of energy in the long-run.

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