AC Repair in Mansfield, TX – Tripped Breaker

AC Repair in Mansfield, TX – Tripped Breaker

AC Repair in Mansfield, TX – Have you been having problems with an air conditioner that is constantly tripping a circuit breaker in your home? If so, you have a serious and even potentially dangerous problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. A circuit breakers purpose is to help prevent the possibility of an electrical fire, shock and electrocution by terminating the flow of electricity to the affected area in the home when there is a short, or too much electrical current going through that section of the home or building.

An example would be whenever an external surge happens. The circuit breaker will detect the incoming excessive voltage and the breaker will trip itself shutting off the circuit and preventing that excessive amount of voltage from entering the home’s electrical system, possibly destroying some appliances and electronics in the process.

There are multiple reasons why a circuit breaker may trip, instances such as, a circuit breaker becoming defective, power surges or a short for example. If your AC is tripping the breaker when you flip it back on then you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed by professional AC Repair in Mansfield, TX.

Electrical Problems – If there are electrical problems with the air conditioner this can cause a circuit breaker to trip. There could possibly be a loose wiring inside of the AC that is causing the problem or even a damaged wire somewhere between the AC unit and the circuit that is between the main panel and the air conditioner.

Although uncommon, a tripped breaker can be due to the breaker itself becoming faulty. Like most things, breakers will wear out over time, or a breaker can become damaged due to excessive power surges or a nearby lightning strike.

What Causes the Circuit Breaker to Trip?

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when the circuit is overloaded. Overloaded means that there is more draw for amps than the circuit breaker is rated for. For example, if the circuit breaker is rated for 30 amps and the connected appliances, electronics and other devices are drawing more than 30 amps then the circuit breaker is designed to trip in order to prevent the possibility of an electrical fire occurring.

An overheated air conditioning unit that is drawing more amps than it should could be due to a refrigerant leak or even a component that has shorted or become defective. These problems will require professional assistance with AC Repair in Mansfield, TX. When replacing a circuit breaker the exact same amperage rated for the new circuit breaker should match the older one. A breaker with a lower amp rating may trip more often than it should, whereas, a breaker that is higher than the older one’s amp rating could possibly start an electrical fire in the home or building.

What are Other Causes for a Circuit Breaker Tripping?

Air Filter – An excessively corroded and dirty air filter that obstructs the air flow through the AC system can cause the system to overheat. If the air filter is excessively dirty it should be exchanged and the homeowner should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and change the air filter as suggested, which is usually on a monthly basis.

Coils – The coils are critical for the performance of the air conditioning unit. The first thing you should do is inspect the outside condensing unit and see if it is clogged with dead leaves, grass, soil and / or other debris. If so, this could be the reasoning behind the tripped circuit breaker and it will need to be professionally cleaned. If the outside unit is fine, check the interior evaporative coil for any signs of corrosion. If this is the problem, then it is most likely due to not changing the air filters as often as they should be changed and the system will need a tune-up in order to clean the evaporative coils. Call Minuteman Heating and Air for AC Repair in Mansfield, TX.

Low Refrigerant – If the system is blowing warm air, then it could be possibly due to a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system. The refrigerant will need to be topped off but before that can be done the leak will need to be found and the component replaced or repaired to stop the leak.

Wires – Over time, wires will expand and contract from heat, they may become loose, surges and / or rodents could be the cause of damaged wires also. Due to the dangers associated with electricity and the fact that an AC system is high voltage then this should be taken care of by a professional technician by calling in for AC Repair in Mansfield, TX.

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