AC Repair Service | Arlington, TX

AC Repair Service | Arlington, TX

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With a population of nearly 400,000 Arlington, TX is the seventh-most populous city in the state of Texas. Temperatures can sometimes rise above 100 degrees during a long hot summer. With temperatures as high as this it is not unusual for heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration to affect people particularly the young and the old. Many businesses have valuable merchandise that needs to be kept at constant low temperatures, so it is not only families that need a reliable AC Repair service.

If you are looking for an AC repair company in the area that has many satisfied customers and plenty of five-star reviews, then chances are that company will be Minuteman Heating and Air. Minuteman understands that people’s health is at risk and business livelihoods are threatened when an AC unit breaks down and they’re in need of AC repair. Whenever you need us can depend on us to help you.

Warning Signs That You Need an AC Repair

We at Minuteman Heating and Air would strongly advise you to have your AC unit regularly serviced by one of our highly skilled technicians. Often any underlying problems can be dealt with before they become serious issues. There are many parts in an AC unit that could go wrong necessitating an AC Repair. Here are some signs that you should look out for.

Restricted Airflow

The evaporator coil can freeze if the airflow is restricted over it. Dirty air filters and a blocked air return grill can all restrict airflow. If the coil starts to freeze it leads to components like the condenser having to work much harder and overheat. If you discover that the coil has started to freeze you should turn off the AC unit immediately to prevent further damage.

The condenser also needs plenty of air to flow over it so that the excess heat from the house is transferred to the outside. Any obstructions such as plants, grass, and weeds need to be removed from around the condenser and cooling fins.

Dirty Components

Any dirt and grime on a component will act as an insulating layer reducing the transfer of heat. Accumulated dirt on the evaporator coil will lead to it freezing. You face a similar problem with the condenser if any dirt or grime is not cleaned regularly the condenser will have to work harder so increasing its wear and tear. Cleaning these components is part of a regular service from Minuteman. Failure to regularly clean these components can lead to expensive AC repair.

Coolant Leak

The coolant in your unit gets rid of the excess heat and humidity from the air in your house. Any leak will reduce the efficiency of the AC unit as less coolant will mean less cooling effect. Low coolant levels will mean serious problems will occur. For one there will be less cold air coming from the unit. Your energy bills will increase as the AC unit will need to work harder to maintain the temperature. This extra effort will damage the AC unit in time by causing some components to overheat and burn out. An AC Repair from one of our skilled technicians will be needed to locate and fix any leaks.

Leaking Ductworks

A system of ducts is used to transport cold air around many people’s homes. However, damage to the ducts and joints over time will allow cold air to escape into crawl spaces and be wasted. Up to 30 percent of an AC unit’s energy has been calculated to be lost in this way. The ductworks need to be frequently inspected and cleaned. You could do this job yourself, but you must be careful not to injure yourself as the ducts are often located in hard to access areas. You may also dislodge mold and mildew releasing allergens into the air. If you are in any doubt why not leave this job to the professionals at Minuteman.

Fans Not Working Properly

The fans in your AC unit either blow warm air over the evaporator coil or outside air over the condenser to cool it. Any issues with the fans could cause the evaporator coil to freeze or the condenser to overheat. Either way, you are going to need AC repair. You should call us if you hear strange noises from the fans.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostats need calibrating periodically. A badly adjusted thermostat will measure the temperature incorrectly and either make your room too hot or too cold. This leads to higher bills and your AC unit overworking. Recalibrating a thermostat is a bigger problem for an old-style dial-type and it may be better to replace it with a new programmable one.

Your AC Unit Is Constantly Needing Repair

If you are having to repair your old AC unit more often it may be more economical to replace it with a newer more energy-efficient one. If you have moved into an old house, the AC unit may only have one thermostat and so all your rooms will be at the same temperature. A modern Zoning AC system will deliver different conditioning for each room that better reflects the needs of you and your family.

A Revolutionary AC Repair Company

Like the militiamen of old we are ready “at a minute’s warning.” If your AC system breaks down, we are ready at a minute’s notice to come to your aid. It will not be the British we are fighting but the dangerous built up of heat in your home on a hot summer’s day. We have families too and understand that your and their safety is our top concern.

Our skilled technicians are NATE certified and are kept up to date with ongoing education and training. They carry spares for most of the popular AC systems and will usually fix the problem in one visit. They will not leave until the job is safely done. All our technicians undergo rigorous background checks and have a drug test before we employ them. They will all wear masks on the job and will use hand sanitizer before they enter your home.

Minuteman Heating & Air have been serving the community of Arlington, TX for many years and they trust us with their safety.