AC Repair Top 10 | Arlington, TX

AC Repair Top 10 | Arlington, TX

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AC repair is typically required a few times throughout the average 10-15 year lifespan of most air conditioning systems. Knowing this is the case, it’s best to be prepared and aware of the most common air conditioning issues your system might face. As soon as you experience the dreaded symptoms of an air conditioner fault, you can contact the professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air to avoid costly delays.

If your AC requires minor repairs every year, or every couple of years, this is an indicator that your system is functioning abnormally and needs an in-depth inspection, repair, or replacement. An air conditioner that’s well maintained can easily last several years without issue. Our experts at Minuteman will help you to turn your AC into less of a problem and more of a delight.

Here are the most common AC repairs that we deal with in the Arlington, TX, area:

1) Filter cleaning and replacement.

One of the most common reasons an AC repair is scheduled is because a clogged or dirty filter is resulting in the system not working correctly. Each manufacturer has a recommended lifespan for its filters. Some filters are recommended to be changed monthly, while others are quarterly. In some modern AC systems, the filters are actually reusable and simply need a cleaning whenever they’re dirty before being placed back into the air conditioner. Dirty filters can reduce the flow of air and may also cause the unit to freeze up.

2) Thermostat issues.

The thermostat is the component that controls the temperature setting in your home. For an air conditioner to work efficiently, the thermostat needs to be turned on, level, out of direct sunlight, and clean on the inside. If these basic checks have been completed, a repair service may be needed to investigate whether a thermostat component needs to be replaced or if there’s another underlying cause to your home not being heated or cooled to the correct temperature.

3) Worn contactors.

In all modern AC units, there are contactor components for the condenser fan motor, blower motor, and for the compressor. A contactor is a part that creates the electrical connection that starts up each of the motors and the compressor. If the contactor is worn, causing electrical arcing, or there is pitting on the contactor, it becomes difficult for the electrical current fed into the unit to start the air conditioner unit’s motors, resulting in the need for professional AC repair.

4) Drainage issues.

Much like the filters in your air conditioner, the drain line can easily become clogged with dirt, debris, dust, and lint. If the drain line becomes clogged, the drainage pan fills up and can overflow. The water overflowing from the drainage pan can cause damage not only to your air conditioner but also to whatever surrounds your drain pan. Clearing out the drain line as part of an AC repair service can help to stop this from happening.

5) Refrigerant leaks.

When coolant starts leaking in your air conditioner, you’ll find your unit stops working as expected, and you’ll begin to notice temperature fluctuations. Refrigerants are tasteless and mostly odorless, so it can be challenging to know if your unit is experiencing a leak without a professional inspection. Limited exposure is only mildly harmful, but excess exposure to leaking refrigerant can be detrimental. The location and size of the leak have a bearing on the cost of the AC repair service, so it’s best to have your unit’s refrigerant checked by a trained air conditioner technician at least once a year.

6) Compressor faults.

The compressor is the component that applies energy to the refrigerant and propels it through the coils to perform the heat exchange that cools your home. If the compressor has stopped working, the AC unit won’t cool your home and will result in wasted AC use. One common cause of compressor faults is a lack of refrigerant. Without adequate coolant, the compressor will run hot and seize up. If there is too much refrigerant, the coolant can flow back towards the compressor and cause a failure that needs to be addressed by an AC repair technician.

7) Tripped breakers and fuses.

Breakers and fuses safeguard the motor and compressor from overheating. If your unit’s motor has stopped working altogether, a common cause is a tripped breaker or burnt-out fuse that requires replacement. Minuteman technicians will always check this for you as part of our comprehensive AC repair service.

8) Burnt capacitors.

Without working capacitors, the motor in your AC unit won’t work correctly. Start capacitors are responsible for sending the initial jolt to activate motors, while the run capacitor sends shocks to keep the motor running. If either of these burns out, the AC unit will need repair.

9) Condenser coil cleaning and replacement.

As condenser coils are located outside alongside the compressor, they can become dirty thanks to their exposure to the elements. Coils that have become corroded due to continued element exposure will require replacement. Cleaning the condenser coil once a year with water can help to avoid issues, but in severe cases, a qualified HVAC technician will need to use a chemical cleaner to clean the coil safely.

10) Evaporator coil replacements.

Like condenser coils, the evaporator coils in AC units can become corroded and require replacement, especially if they become frozen. They’re used to absorb the heat in the air and send it through the house as cold air by utilizing a series of air ducts. However, if they’re located inside, they require less maintenance.

Fortunately for you, Minuteman Heating & Air is ready to assist you with AC repair. Whether it’s a worn-out contactor, compressor fault, or evaporator coil issue that’s causing your air conditioner to stop working as it should, we’re here for you. Our experienced technicians will get your Arlington, TX, air conditioner promptly working again. Contact us online or give us a call at any time to book an inspection or repair appointment.