AC Repair: When To Get It Done | Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

AC Repair: When To Get It Done | Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

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Living in the Texas heat is impossible without a good air conditioning unit at your home.

Not only does it need to perform well but it needs to perform well pretty much throughout the year. The summer heat can get particularly intense in Texas and it results in AC units working 24/7 round the clock. This is immensely taxing and exhausting for your AC unit. In light of such conditions, AC units also need consistent servicing on a regular basis to ensure they are kept working at their fully optimum levels.

This is what many people neglect to do or forget to do and the result is malfunctioning AC units or various problems developing in the units. This calls for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

Normally we at Minuteman Heating and Air would recommend you have routine AC service but if you spot these signs, then give us a call immediately.

1.  Loud Noises

One of the first signs that something is wrong with your AC and it needs air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX is the presence of loud noises.

Noises like banging or churning or objects striking together can mean many things. Maybe some part has broken inside which is now colliding with the other mechanisms of the AC, maybe parts have rusted or stuck and are getting jammed and not moving or maybe it is the buildup of ice.

Whatever the reason, this is a serious concern and can completely damage your AC unit beyond repair so it is necessary to immediately call for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX after turning the AC off.

2.  Leakage

Water leaking from the AC unit sounds like an innocuous enough issue but if left untreated for long can cause immense water damage to the wall on which the AC is mounted.

Water will continue leaking and inundating the wall and this can in time cause various forms of water damage from wood rot to mold growth which are all expensive to treat. Calling for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX promptly is how a leaking AC should be tackled.

The leak is mainly due to a tear forming in the water pipe of the AC which channels water outside or melting ice. It can also corrode and rust your AC and in time render it unusable so air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX is your best chance at treating the problem.

3.  Bad Smell

If your AC unit creates a bad smell then in the majority of cases this means a gas or coolant leak.

This coolant is what is actually responsible for producing the cold air of the AC and it has a particular odor. Without this coolant, your AC will not operate and cool properly and will only consume electricity.

The leak is almost always in the pipes or storage of the coolant gas. Call for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX which will identify the source of the leak and patch it up.

It will also refill the coolant so your AC continues working and cooling properly.

4.  Burning Smell

A more rare problem but one which does present itself. If you smell a burning smell like burnt plastic when you turn your AC on then immediately turn it off.

The most likely cause for this is a problem in the power supply to your AC and its electrical plug. If not detected in time, it can cause sparks in the electrical wiring of your AC and cause them and the AC to catch fire.

This is particularly dangerous since an AC unit is mounted on a wall so the fire can quickly catch on the wall. An AC unit which smells like this presents a danger to your life and house so turn it off and have it collected for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX immediately.

5.  No Cooling

The most common problem for most incidents of air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX is that of no or inadequate cooling in AC units.

This makes sense since they have to work round the clock the whole week so their capacities can get exhausted after some time. There are numerous reasons for why your AC unit might stop cooling properly.

One is the problem of gas leaks which we have already covered. A second reason could be a problem in its power supply and the correct amount of power and voltage not being provided to it which we have also covered.

A third and more common reason is neglecting cleaning duties. AC units have air filters which help to catch dust and other particles in the air. They filter them before throwing the cold air out. These filters can get choked over time and need regular cleaning which is as simple as a shower with a toothbrush.

If they are not cleaned for a long period of time then the cold air of your AC can get blocked and this can permanently damage your AC. You will need to call an air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX to get it resolved.

A major problem which can be avoided entirely with some diligent and timely preventive care.


If your AC unit is not working properly and you determine any of these signs then call Minuteman Heating and AC for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX. Our team of experienced professionals routinely gets such calls and is particularly adept at handling and resolving most cases of AC repair.

You can trust in the quality of our work and commitment and we will soon have your AC unit back to you working right as rain.

You can contact us at 817-284-2569 and our team will be present in only a short time to help and serve.